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Season 2

11 :02x01 - The Birthday Present

Tripp and Letitia Darling throw Nick a lavish birthday party on a yacht, despite the fact that the day before, Nick and his wife, Lisa, had been planning to celebrate privately. That was before Tripp called Nick to broker a reconciliation between himself and his eldest son, senatorial candidate Patrick, who's going through a rough patch in his own marriage as he searches for his missing transgendered mistress. Meanwhile youngest son Jeremy reveals his feelings for Lisa to the lovely and mysterious Nola Lyons; the relationship between Karen and Tripp's nemesis, Simon Elder, enters a new level of intimacy; the de-frocked Brian is reunited with his illegitimate son; the whole Darling family is dealt a blow by the death of one of their own, and someone is arrested for murder.
Guest Stars: Tamara Feldman as Natalie Kimpton | Sheryl Lee as Andrea | Bellamy Young as Ellen Darling | Alex Nesic as Kai
Director: Jeff Melman

12 :02x02 - The Family Lawyer

The newscasts report and speculate on the fiery demise of the Darlings' Valhalla estate, as well as a Darling's death in the fire. At the same time, the family must also deal with funeral arrangements and the aftermath of the arrest of an unforeseen suspect in the murder of Dutch George. Brian recommends to Tripp that, in order to restore confidence in Darling Enterprises, a successor be named - a role Simon feels that Karen deserves.
Meanwhile, a smitten Jeremy learns Nola Lyons' true profession, Nick and Lisa discuss having another child, and recording artist Kenny G performs.
Special Guest Stars: Kenny G as Himself |
Guest Stars: Bellamy Young as Ellen Darling | Alice Krige as Judge Alexis Wyeth | Madison Mason as Terry Deramian | Jordan Feldman as reporter #1 | Kathe Mazur as Connie Dallamuir | Chloe Moretz as Kiki George | Roxana Brusso as Maria | Lolita Davidovich as Flavia Carozzi | Bella Thorne as Margaux Darling |
Co-Guest Stars: Natasha Goss as press #3 | Tisha Terrasini Banker as press #1 | Kent Shocknek as channel 10 reporter | Brian Jones (1) as reporter #2 | John McDonnell as deputy #1 | Emily Happe as receptionist | John Burke as anchor | Jamal Thomas as reporter #1 | Kristin Holt as reporter #2 | Don Stark as Detective Moffett | Rick Scarry as minister
Writer: Craig Wright

13 :02x03 - The Star Witness

When Nick agrees to defend Letitia in the murder case of Dutch George, he is shocked to learn that his mother is on the prosecutor's witness list. Meanwhile, Jeremy plans a surprise concert for Nola; Patrick tries to clear his mind of his wife's death; and Brian heads to Brazil to kidnap Brian Jr.
Guest Stars: Ron Glass as Dennis Ford | Michael Lerner as Martin | Mary Linda Phillips as Hillary Type | Cari Champion as TV Reporter | Caroline Lagerfelt as Clare George | Chloe Moretz as Kiki | Laura Margolis as Kaisy | Sheryl Lee as Andrea Smithson | The Weepies as Themselves | Dan Rather as Himself | Candis Cayne as Carmelita | Will Shadley as Brian Darling Jr.
Writer: Yahlin Chang

14 :02x04 - The Silence

Tripp opposes Patrick's plan to make his relationship to Carmelita publicly known and Ellen's bother's demand to know how his sister died. Meanwhile, Nick and Lisa head to couples therapy; Jeremy works to lessen Lelita's house arrest restrictions; and Brian Jr. is suddenly missing.
Guest Stars: Elaine Kagan as Dr. Amy Wallace | Candis Cayne as Carmelita | Laura Margolis as Daisy | Sheryl Lee as Andrea Smithson |
Co-Guest Stars: Bruce French as doctor | Shawn Michael Patrick as Clark | Joseph Will as aide | Ken Rudulph as hospital reporter | Ron Butler as Severin | Michael FitzGibbon as Tripp's Assistant | Jim Moret as anchor
Writer: Jake Coburn

15 :02x05 - The Verdict

Nick faces an uphill battle as he defends Letitia in the murder case. However, the tides change when Nick uncovers a secret about Nola. Meanwhile, Karen asks Nick to tell Tripp that she's marrying Simon Elder.
Guest Stars: Thomas Kopache as Dr. Little | Isabella Hofmann as Judge Fey Powell | Laura Margolis as Daisy | Sheryl Lee as Andrea Smithson | Will Shadley as Brian Jr. | Joel Madden as Himself | Peter Krause as Nick George |
Co-Guest Stars: Ron Glass as Dennis Ford | Roxana Brusso as Maria
Writer: Craig Wright

16 :02x06 - The Injured Party

After Wrenn is injured on her bike by Letitia's car, Tripp offers her to recuperate at his mansion. While there she manages to make some new friends, and makes others suspicious. Lisa and Nick have a fight over Nick. Meanwhile, Nola Lyons, the new chief of staff impresses Patrick by being aggressive, but others are not. Brian is surprised to learn that Andrea is refusing to fight her cancer through a medical trial.
Guest Stars: John Rubinstein as Dr. Zwerling | Sheryl Lee as Andrea Smithson | Shawn Michael Patrick as Clark | Laura Margolis as Daisy | Sarah Carter as Wrenn |
Co-Guest Stars: Darcy Rose Byrnes as Kiki | Will Shadley as Brian Jr. | Ryan Lee as boy
Director: Dean White
Writer: Paul Redford

17 :02x07 - The Summer House

Nick is sent in to work his magic on Karen while she prepares for her fifth wedding, this time to Simon Elder which doesn't sit well with others. Meanwhile, despite Nola advising against it, Patrick hires Jeremy to his team; Brian finds himself growing closer to Andrea as she lays in bed getting sicker; and Letitia believes someone has overstayed their welcome.
Guest Stars: Sarah Carter as Wrenn | Sheryl Lee as Andrea Smighson | Ken Howard as Evan Connello |
Co-Guest Stars: Shawn Michael Patrick as Clark | Scott Alan Smith as Financial Executive | Rick Scarry as Minister | Marc Worden as D.J. Pillhead | John Rubinstein as Dr. Zwerling | Jim Moret as Anchor | Bella Thorne as Margaux Darling
Director: Jamie Babbit

18 :02x08 - The Plan

Patrick invites Carmelita to his inauguration despite warnings not to do so. Meanwhile, Chase threatens to go public; Simon blackmails his younger brother; and Karen is mugged.
Guest Stars: Richard McGonagle as Bishop Bascombe | John Rubinstein as Dr. Zwerling | Scott Holroyd as Chase Alexander | Candis Cayne as Carmelita | Sheryl Lee as Andrea |
Co-Guest Stars: Eric Curtis Johnson as patrolman | Briana Lane as receptionist | Daryl Keith Roach as chief of Police | Dean Napolitano as state trooper | Mel Fair as TV reporter | Dale Waddington Horowitz as attending nurse | Eddie Driscoll as cop #1
Director: Michael Schultz

19 :02x09 - The Organ Donor

The Darlings must deal with the aftermath following the inauguration, which leaves one person dead, one shot, and one with amensia. Meanwhile, Nick and Lisa discuss custody arrangements for their daughter.
Guest Stars: Richard McGonagle as Bishop Bascombe | Amy Stewart as Janine Alexander | Christopher Grove as Michael Collins | Ty Treadway as Pete Bradley | Scott Holroyd as Chase Alexander | Sheryl Lee as Andrea | Darcy Rose Byrnes as Kiki | Candis Cayne as Carmelita |
Co-Guest Stars: Bruce Nozick as Larry Brackman | Hannah Leigh Dworkin as Jillian Alexander | Rafael J. Noble as Judge Firestone | Roxana Brusso as Maria

20 :02x10 - The Facts

The Darlings go away, a reporter begins to dig into the truth regarding the rumors surrounding the family, and finds a chauffeur willing to talk. Meanwhile, the fashion show is held at the Darling mansion where one socialite confronts the Darling matriarch.
Guest Stars: Gina Torres as Ama | Donna Mills as Society lady | Samaire Armstrong as Juliet Darling |
Co-Guest Stars: Shawn Michael Patrick as Clark | Rena Sofer as news reporter
Director: Matthew Gross

21 :02x11 - The Convertible

Lisa takes Kiki out of town and Nick takes the Darlings' jet to go after them, but he has a surprise when Brian and Karen decide to go along for their own reasons.
Guest Stars: John Schneider as Congressman Skip Whatley | Shawn Michael Patrick as Clark | Michelle Krusiec as Mel Ling Hwa Darling | Darcy Rose Byrnes as Kiki | Deborah May as Sperm Bank Employee | Victor Browne as Edward Rollins |
Co-Guest Stars: Molly Gross as Cute Kid | Nathan Dana Aldrich as Teacher | Jean-Christophe Febbrari as Adrian
Director: Peter O'Fallon

22 :02x12 - The Unexpected Arrival

Karen and Nick profess their love for each other, and she reveals to him that she is pregnant with Simon's baby. Simon and Tripp plan to celebrate their new partnership and go public with their bio-fuel patent, with a party at the Darling mansion. Elsewhere, Simon chooses Jeremy to pull off his fake murder, but Nola believes he is being set up in a trap. She wants to save her bother, but fears Jeremy will be hurt by Simon. Meanwhile, Andrea learns of Brian's plans to cheat on her with his ex-wife and throws him out of the Imperial, forcing Brian to shack up with Nick. And Patrick meets again with with Congressman Whatley who hit on him, but this time it's Dana, the congressman's wife who is making moves on Patrick.
Guest Stars: John Schneider as Congressman Skip Whatley | Krista Allen as Dana Whatley
Writer: Paul Redford

23 :02x13 - The Bad Guy

Simon's stab wounds are healing and Nick discovers how Nola has been controlled by Simon. Meanwhile, begins penning a tell all book about the Darlings, and Nola heads to China in hopes of rescuing her brother.
Writer: Craig Wright
Warning: Dirty Sexy Money guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 26, 2007
Ended: August 08, 2009
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