Season 14

33 :14x02 - An Asian-Inspired Family Room to Match a Couple's Incredible Garden

A couple who have a fantastic garden are helped by Candice when they transform their outdated family room into a Japanese inspired space which can include their gardening skills.

34 :14x03 - A Man's Living Room Needs a Woman's Touch Before His Fiancee Moves In

Patricia and Manny are engaged to be married, but she refuses to move into Manny's home until the living room is made female-friendly.

35 :14x04 - Candice Finds Inspiration in a Home's View of the Woods

Candice goes to work in John and Cindy's home, where she finds inspiration in a lovely view of the woods instead of the piled up plastic bins which exist now. She has her sites set on creating a fantastic great room.

36 :14x05 - A Girl's Bedroom, Inspired by Her Own Tales

Candice wants to create a bedroom for Christine and Norbert's, a budding writer, which is inspired tales of warrior princesses and happily-ever-after marriages.