The Time of Angels (1) - Recap

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A security guard aboard the space ship Byzantium suffers from hallucinations brought on by drugged lipstick. His employer, Alistair, quickly realizes what's happened and the woman responsible. Meanwhile, the woman responsible uses a gun to shoot her way into a vault and then burns writing into a box.

12,000 years later, the Doctor and Amy visit the Delirium Archive, the largest museum ever, and find the box, covered in writing. He explains that it's a home box, which is ejected from a crashed ship and flies to the home planet. The writing is in Old High Gallifreyan, and says, "Hello, Sweetie."

Dr. River Song finishes burning Gallifreyan words into the home box and emerges from the vault.

The Doctor and Amy steal the box and run into the TARDIS. He reads the recording, which shows River.

Alastair and his men find Dr. Song. She explains that the Byzantium won't reach its destination, and Alastair orders his men to kill River and make it look like an accident. In response, River responds by reciting off a set of coordinates. Watching the recording, the Doctor realizes what she wants and sets the TARDIS for the coordinates. Meanwhile, River tells Alistair and his men to hang on, and then opens the nearby airlock door. She's pulled out into space... into the waiting TARDIS seconds after it materializes. The Byzantium departs, and River tells the Doctor to follow it.

The ship goes into warp drive and the Doctor manages to follow it. With some help from River, who knows how to use the blue stabilisers, the Doctor manages to steady the TARDIS. River takes control of the TARDIS and locates the ship's destination, and then materializes next to it. When River wonders why the ship landed there, the Doctor explains that it crashed. Once River goes outside, the Doctor prepares to depart. When Amy wonders why, he explains that River is from his future and she's gotten to where she needs to be. Amy insists on seeing and seeing her first planet, and the Doctor reluctantly agrees.

Outside, the Byzantium is in ruins and has landed on an ancient temple. River and the Doctor confirm that she didn't cause the crash, and that a phase shift brought on by sabotage was responsible. The Doctor introduces Amy to River, and River explains that she knew the Doctor would eventually visit the museum. River tells them that there is an undying thing in the hold of the ship, attracting the Doctor's attention. She then contacts a ship in orbit and tells them to home in on her boosted signal. River then checks her diary, which contains the Doctor's future.

Four soldiers teleport nearby and their leader, Father Octavian, asks where the army she promised can be found. River introduces something better: the Doctor. Octavian explains that he has 20 men coming down and River has been working with them on a covert investigation. River asks the Doctor what he knows about the Weeping Angels.

As night falls, Octavian explains that he and his men are there to recover the Angel. There are a series of catacombs in the building and they plan to blow their way through the bottom because of the radioactive ship on top. The Doctor tells Amy she should go back to the TARDIS and warns that the Angels are the deadliest life form in the universe. In response, Amy wonders if River is his wife. The Doctor dodges the question.

River calls them into Octavian's command craft and shows them a video of the Angel from the ship's hold. They explain to Amy that Angels can only move if they're unseen, and are otherwise invulnerable in their stone form. The Doctor warns that the Angel will feed on the deadly radiation now flooding the temple, which was built by the Aplan, the indigenous life form. Now there are six billion colonists on the planet.

As the others prepare to enter the temple, Amy goes back inside and looks at the video. The Angel, which previously had its face covered, now has moved its hands. After checking with River to make sure there is only one clip, Amy returns to the viewscreen and discovers that the Angel has moved further. The time code shows that the clip is still showing the same few moments of time. When Amy glances back up, the Angel has moved closer to the camera on the film. When she turns off the monitor using the remote, the image comes back on its own. Next, Amy tries to pull out the power cord, and the Angel moves closer still. She calls for the Doctor but discovers that the door is sealed.

Outside, River has shown the Doctor an ancient book with the only information on an Angel. There are no pictures, and the Doctor discovers the text warns that anything that holds the image of an Angel becomes an Angel. He realizes that Amy is in danger and goes back, warning her not to blink. The Doctor tries to cut the power but the circuits are deadlocked. Meanwhile, the Angel has emerged from the screen and is approaching Amy. She manages to grab hold of the remote but is unable to turn off the power. The Doctor tells her to look at it but not its eyes, and Amy asks him to repeat the book's explanation. She gets an idea and freezes the tape just as the Doctor and River get in. There's a blip on the tape, and she froze it at the exact moment. The Doctor warns that the Angel is no longer dormant.

Octavian and his men blast into the temple wall. As the Doctor and River go, Amy rubs at her eye.

Inside the temple, they discover that the chambers are filled with one-headed statues. As the Doctor begins his search, Octavian notes to River that the Doctor doesn't know what she is, and warns that if he finds out, the Doctor won't help them. River assures him that she doesn't plan to let the Doctor know and go back to prison. Two of the Church soldiers, Angelo and Christian, go to investigate the auxiliary chambers. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Amy explore and Amy rubs at her eye. Stone powder seems to drift out, but it disappears and she assumes it's a hallucination. She doesn't mention it to River, who gives her an anti-radiation injection for when they get to the ship. The Doctor ignores them as Amy asks about the Doctor's future self, and River doesn't confirm or deny Amy's suspicion that River is the Doctor's wife.

Christian and Angelo explore and their flashlights flicker. Christian goes ahead and spots something, and calls back for Angelo. When Christian turns back, he's face-to-face with an Angel. Angelo then gets a radio call from Christian, saying there's something he needs to come see. The soldier moves forward and an Angel attacks him as well.

The Doctor, Amy, and River hear gunshots and run back. One of the soldiers, Bob, has panicked briefly and fired at a statue. The Doctor reassures him by noting that he's wise to be scared. Octavian sends Bob to guard the entrance with Christian and Angelo.

The Doctor, Amy, and River explore one of the main chambers and discuss the Aplans, which have two heads. The Doctor has River read the book again, including a reference to the Time of Angels. They climb upward and realize something is wrong, but can't identify what. They get to within 50' of the bottom of the ship, and the Doctor and River realize what's wrong. The Doctor apologizes for making a mistake and putting them in danger, and then explains that the Aplans have two heads... but the statues only have one. They get to the side and the Doctor has them switch off their torches for a moment. When they turn them back on, the statues have moved. They realize that they are surrounded by Angels.

Bob is looking for his comrades when Angelo calls him on the radio to tell him to see what they've found. Angelo insists that he come, and Bob reluctantly goes to see and an Angel attacks him.

The Doctor explains that the Angels on the planet were starving, but the Angel aboard the Byzantium caused the crash so the radiation would repower his comrades. Octavian calls his men on the radio and Bob responds. Bob tells them that Angelo and Christian are dead, and he's homing in on their signal. However, he then explains that the Angel killed him as well, snapping his neck. The Angel then took his cerebral cortex and reanimated his consciousness to communicate. They realize it's the Angel that's coming for them, and head for the wreckage. The Doctor remains behind and continues speaking to the Angel via the radio, and confirms the Angels aren't in the wreckage.

As the Doctor runs after the others, he finds Amy. She shows him her hand, which is stone and locked around a rock she rested it on.

Octavian, River, and the other soldiers get to the cavern beneath the Byzantium, but it's 30' up and there's no way to ascend.

The Doctor realizes that Amy looked into the Angel's eyes, and it's messing with her perceptions. He insists that her stone hand is just an illusion, and she has to concentrate. His torch flickers and they realize the Angels are closing in. When Amy is unable to overcome the illusion, the Doctor bites her hand to convince her and they run.

The Angels move in on Octavian, River, and his remaining four men. The Doctor and Amy arrive as the Angels drain the power from their flashlights. Angel Bob calls the Doctor on the radio and informs them that Angels want him to know that Bob died in fear, and the Doctor let him down. River realizes that the Angels are trying to make the Doctor angry. The Doctor vows that the Angels will be sorry and that he's found the mistake in their traps. He asks everyone if they trust him, and they insist they do. The Doctor then asks for Octavian's gun and tells them to jump on his signal. He then tells Angel Bob that he's made one mistake: putting the Doctor in a trap. He then fires the gun at the hull of the Byzantium, unleashing a flood of radioactive fuel.