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Doctor Who: The Almost People (2)

While the Doctor and his new companion get to know each other, the Gangers plot revolution against the humans who ruthlessly use them and discard them. Rory attempts to befriend them but discovers that not everything as it seems, with the Gangers or with his wife.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 6x6
Airdate: Saturday May 28th, 2011
Special Airtime: 06:50 pm

Guest Stars
Mark BonnarMark Bonnar
As Jimmy (Jimmy Wakes)
Marshall LancasterMarshall Lancaster
As Buzzer
Sarah SmartSarah Smart
As Jennifer (Jennifer Lucas)
Raquel CassidyRaquel Cassidy
As Cleaves (Miranda Cleaves)
Leon VickersLeon Vickers
As Dicken
Frances BarberFrances Barber
As Eye Patch Lady
Main Cast
Matt Smith (3)Matt Smith (3)
As The Eleventh Doctor
Karen GillanKaren Gillan
As Amy Pond
Arthur DarvillArthur Darvill
As Rory Williams


The Doctor/Ganger starts to suffer an overload of memories from past incarnations, and the Doctor tells his counterpart to hold on. The Ganger shoves him back and screams, his features going half-formed, and clutches at his head. Meanwhile, the Gangers cease their physical assault on the chapel doors and start burning through with acid. The Doctor/Ganger stabilizes and compares notes with its counterparts, and then the two of them step forward. Amy realizes that the real Doctor is wearing borrowed shoes since his were destroyed by acid. Both Doctors realize there must be a cable conduit ..

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Episode Notes
Tom Baker's voice (as the Fourth Doctor) appears to be dubbed when the Doctor/Ganger offers his counterpart a jelly baby.

Episode Quotes
The Doctor/Ganger: Rory and Amy, they may not trust both of us.
The Doctor: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
The Doctor/Ganger: Inevitably.
The Doctor: See, I'm glad we're on the same...
The Doctor/Ganger: Wavelength. You see, great minds...
The Doctor: Exactly. So, what's the plan?
The Doctor/Ganger: Save them all, humans and Gangers.
The Doctor: Tell you what, that sounds wonderful.
The Doctor/Ganger: Is that what you were thinking?
The Doctor: Yes. It's just so inspiring to hear me say it.

The Doctor andDoctor/Ganger: Hello. Sorry.
The Doctor/Ganger: But we had to establish...
The Doctor: ...a few ground rules. For later. Protocol.
The Doctor/Ganger: Protocol? Very posh.
The Doctor: Protocol between us. Otherwise...
The Doctor/Ganger: gets horribly embarrassing.
The Doctor: Potentially confusing.
Amy: Well, I'm glad you solved the problem of confusing.
The Doctor/Ganger: That's not helpful.
The Doctor: She's very good at sarcasm.

The Doctor: Yowsa! An escape tunnel. You know, I'm starting to get a sense of how impressive it is to hang out with me.
The Doctor/Ganger: Do we tend to say "Yowsa"?
The Doctor: That's enough, let it go. Okay? We're under stress.

Cleaves: Can you really get the power back?
The Doctor/Ganger: Oh, there's always some power floating around.
The Doctor: Sticking to the wires like bits of lint.
Amy: Would you stop finishing each other's...
The Doctor: Sentences.
The Doctor/Ganger: No promises.

Amy: Come on, okay, how can--how can you both be real?
The Doctor/Ganger: Well, because... we are. I'm the Doctor.
The Doctor: Yeah, and so am I. We both contain the knowledge of over 900 years of memory. And it's apparent we both wear the same bow-tie, which is cool.
The Doctor/Ganger: Because bow-ties are...
The Doctor: ...and always will be.

Amy: Hang on.
Cleaves: You can't let him go. Are you crazy?
The Doctor/Ganger: Am I crazy, Doctor?
The Doctor: Well, you did once plug your brain into the core of an entire planet just to hold its orbit and win a bet.

Dicken/Ganger: You don't look good.
Cleaves/Ganger: Monsters never do.

The Doctor: This place is going to blow sky-high.
Cleaves: Exactly how long have we got?
The Doctor: An hour. Five seconds. Uh, somewhere in-between.

The Doctor: This is going to overheat and fill the room with acid. Just as a point of interest.
Cleaves: And we can't stop it?
The Doctor: Just as a point of interest... no.

Jimmy: It'll never hold up.
The Doctor: If you have a better plan, I'm all ears. In fact, if you have a better plan, I'll take you to a planet where everyone is all ears.

The Doctor/Ganger: Ha! Hello. Adam, I'm the Doctor. Well, I'm the Doctor, or Smith. It's complicated and boring. Anyway, who cares? It is your birthday.
Adam: Yay!
The Doctor/Ganger: Yay! Now, have you been getting up very early and jumping on the bed?
Adam: Yes, really high.
The Doctor/Ganger: I expect chocolate for breakfast. If you don't feel sick by mid-morning, you're not doing it right.

Jennifer/Ganger: You tricked him into an act of weakness, Doctor.
The Doctor/Ganger: No, I've helped him into an act of humanity. Anyone else like the sound of that, act of humanity?

Amy: I never thought it possible.
The Doctor/Ganger: What?
Amy: You're twice the man I thought you were.

The Doctor: Dicken, remember, people are good. In their bones, truly good. Don't hate them, will you?
Dicken/Ganger: How can I hate them? I'm one of them now.

The Doctor: I needed to see the Flesh in its early days. That's why I scanned it, that's why we were there in the first place. I was going to drop you off for fish and chips first, but things happen and stuff, and... shenanigans. It's a beautiful word, "shenanigans."

Episode Goofs
As they discuss the acid overheating, there's a reaction shot of Amy standing with her arms crossed, and no one in front of her or to the side. There's a shot of a tremor, and the camera cuts back to Amy and her arms are instantly uncrossed, she's turned 90 degrees to her right (see the stretcher in the background), and Dicken is there to brace her.

Cultural References
Amy: You know, really, there can be only one.

In the Highlander TV show and movies, Immortals decapitate each other, fighting to the day when only one of their number remains. Such decapitations are often accompanied by the declaration, "There can be only one!"

Episode References
The Doctor tests his counterpart's memories by asking him about Cybermats. Cybermats are small metallic creatures, originally organic, that are used by the Cyberman for reconnaissance and covert assassination. They were seen in three original serials: "The Tomb of the Cybermen", "The Wheel in Space", and (in a more streamlined form, right) "Revenge of the Cybermen".

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerSteven Moffat  |  Beth Willis  |  Piers Wenger
ProducerMarcus Wilson
Associate ProducerDenise Paul
Production DesignerMichael Pickwoad
Line ProducerDiana Barton (2)
Second Assistant DirectorJames Dahaviland
MusicMurray Gold
Costume DesignerBarbara Kidd
Make-upAlison Sing  |  Vivienne Simpson
GripGary Norman
Camera OperatorJoe Russell
Set DecoratorJulian Luxton
Property MasterPaul Aitken
Production AssistantCharlie Coombes
Script SupervisorCaroline Holder
Production CoordinatorClaire Hildred
Assistant EditorBecky Trotman
Post Production SupervisorNerys Davies
GafferMark Hutchings
On-Line EditorMark Bright (2)  |  Jeremy Lott
Stunt CoordinatorCrispin Layfield
Production SecretaryScott Handcock
Assistant Production CoordinatorHelen Blyth
Post Production CoordinatorMarie Brown (2)
Production ManagementSteff Morris
Sound MixerJeff Welch
Script EditorCaroline Henry
Dubbing MixerTim Ricketts
Sound RecordistBryn Thomas
Third Assistant DirectorHeddi Joy Taylor
Main Title ThemeRon Grainer
Production AccountantDyfed Thomas (2)  |  Rhys Evans
Camera AssistantSvetlana Miko  |  Matthew Lepper  |  Simon Ridge
Best BoyPeter Chester
Assistant DirectorJanine H. Jones  |  Michael Curtis (2)
Production ExecutiveJulie Scott (2)
Graphic DesignerChristina Tom
Unit ManagerRhys Griffiths
Foley EditorJamie Talbutt
ColoristMick Vincent
ConductorBen Foster (3)
Focus PullerSteve Rees  |  Jon Vidgen
Casting DirectorAndy Pryor
Concept ArtistShaun Williams
Production BuyerBen Morris (4)
Supervising Art DirectorStephen Nicholas
Construction ManagerMatthew Hywel-Davies
Standby PropsPhill Shellard
Sound Special Effects EditorPaul Jefferies
Make-up DesignerBarbara Southcott
VFX EditorCat Gregory
Make-up SupervisorPam Mullins
Costume AssistantJason Gill (1)  |  Emma Jones (2)  |  Yasemin Kascioglu
Script ExecutiveLindsey Alford
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