Space (1) - Recap

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The Doctor is working on the TARDIS console, and Amy comes by to ask him a question. She’s surprised to see Rory beneath the floor, helping the Doctor with repairs as they fly into conceptual space. Amy complains that the Doctor never lets her have a go at it, and argues with Rory about passing her driving test first. The TARDIS suddenly goes dark when Rory drops the thermocoupling. Amy takes the blame, noting that she was wearing a skirt, Rory is her husband, and the floor is made out of glass.

The Doctor informs them that they’ve made an emergency materialization and activates the power, and they discover that there is another TARDIS in the console room. For safety, the TARDIS materialized inside of itself. The Doctor enters it and then comes in through the console room’s exterior doors. He explains that they’re stuck for all eternity because they’re caught in a space loop, which is far worse than a time loop.

As they start to discuss the situation, the exterior doors open and in comes... Amy. She warns that it’s going to get complicated.