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Doctor Who: The Day of the Doctor

As the Time War reaches its final days, the War Doctor steals a device from the Omega Vault on Gallifrey and contemplates using it to end the war by destroying both sides. Before he does, the weapon itself decides to show him the consequences of his actions... by showing him his Tenth and Eleventh incarnations.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 7x0
Airdate: Saturday November 23rd, 2013
Special Airtime: 07:50 pm
Special Runtime: 75 Minutes

Director: Nick Hurran
Writer: Steven Moffat

Alternate Airdates:

DE (Fox) Nov 23, 2013
US (BBC America) Nov 23, 2013

Guest Stars
David TennantDavid Tennant
As The Tenth Doctor
John HurtJohn Hurt
As The War Doctor
Billie PiperBillie Piper
As The Moment / Rose Tyler
Jemma RedgraveJemma Redgrave
As Kate Stewart
Ingrid OliverIngrid Oliver
As Osgood
Chris FinchChris Finch
As Time Lord Soldier
Ken BonesKen Bones
As The General
Aidan CookAidan Cook
As Zygon
Paul KaseyPaul Kasey
As Zygon
Nicholas BriggsNicholas Briggs
voiced Daleks & Zygons
Barnaby EdwardsBarnaby Edwards
As Dalek 1
Nicholas PeggNicholas Pegg
As Dalek 2
Peter de JerseyPeter de Jersey
As Androgar
Philip BuckPhilip Buck
As Arcadia Father
Joanna PageJoanna Page
As Elizabeth I
Orlando JamesOrlando James
As Lord Bentham
Jonjo OJonjo O'Neill
As McGillop
Tom KellerTom Keller
As Atkins
John GuilorJohn Guilor
As Voice Over Artist

Peter CapaldiPeter Capaldi
As The Twelfth Doctor
Tom BakerTom Baker
As The Curator
Main Cast
Jenna-Louise ColemanJenna-Louise Coleman
As Clara Oswald
Matt Smith (3)Matt Smith (3)
As The Eleventh Doctor


At Coal Hill School in London, Clara is teaching a class. As they file out, she gets a message that there's a call for her from her doctor, leaving her an address. Clara leaves on her motorbike and drives out to the country where the TARDIS is sitting by the side of the road. She honks her horn and drives straight into it as the doors open for her. As they prepare to depart on another tour of the universe, the TARDIS Interference Detector goes off. The TARDIS shakes as a helicopter picks it up in a crane and departs. ..

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Episode Notes
The episode begins with the original series title and music.

Peter Capaldi, the 12th Doctor, is briefly seen as all thirteen Doctors converge on Gallifrey.

Episode Quotes
The Eleventh Doctor: Fancy a week in in ancient Mesopotamia, followed by future Mars?
Clara: Will there be cocktails?
The Eleventh Doctor: On the Moon.
Clara: Moon'll do.

The Eleventh Doctor: Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, a word to the wise. As I'm sure your father would have told you, I don't like being picked up.
Clara: That probably sounded better in his head.

Kate Stewart: What's our cover story for this?
Osgood: Umm, Derren Brown.
Kate Stewart: Again?
Osgood: Well, we sent him flowers.

The Eleventh Doctor: He was there.
Clara: Who was?
The Eleventh Doctor: Me. The other me. The one I don't talk about.
Clara: I don't understand.
The Eleventh Doctor: I've had many faces, many lives. I don't admit to all of them. There's one life I've tried very hard to forget. He was the Doctor who fought in the Time War, and that was the day he did it. The day I did it. The day he killed them all. The last day of the Time War. The war to end all wars, between my people and the Daleks. And in that battle there was a man with more blood on his hands than any other. A man who would commit a crime that would silence the universe. And that man was me.

Rose Tyler: Now, look at you, stuck between a girl and a box. Story of your life, hey, Doctor?
The War Doctor: You know me?
Rose Tyler: I hear you. All of you. Jangling around in that dusty old head of yours. I chose this face and form especially for you. it's from your past. Or your future. I always get those two mixed up.
The War Doctor: I don't have a future.

The War Doctor: If you have been inside my head, then you know what I've seen. Suffering. Every moment in time and space is burning. It must end. I intend to end it the only way I can.

The Tenth Doctor: Ah, got ya!
Elizabeth I: My love?
The Tenth Doctor: One: the real Elizabeth would never have accepted my marriage proposal. Two: the real Elizabeth would notice when I just casually mentioned having a different face. But then, the real Elizabeth isn't a shapeshifting alien from outer space. And... (takes out device that goes "ding") Ding.
Elizabeth I: What's that?
The Tenth Doctor: It's a machine that goes "ding."

The Tenth Doctor: You're a Zygon.
Elizabeth I: A Zygon?
The Tenth Doctor: Oh, stop it, it's over. A Zygon, yes. Big red rubbery thing, covered in suckers. Surprisingly good kisser.

The Tenth Doctor: Run!
Elizabeth I: What's happening?
The Tenth Doctor: We're being attacked by a shapeshifting alien from outer space formerly disguised as my horse.
Elizabeth I: But what does that mean?
The Tenth Doctor: It means... we're going to need a new horse.

The Tenth Doctor: Oh, very clever. Whatever you've got planned, forget it. I'm the Doctor. I'm nine hundred and four years old. I'm from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous. I am the Oncoming Storm, the Bringer of Darkness, and you are... basically a rabbit, aren't you? Okay, just carry on. A general warning.

The Eleventh Doctor: Stone dust.
Kate Stewart: Is it important?
The Eleventh Doctor: In twelve hundred years, I've never stepped in anything that wasn't.

The Eleventh Doctor: Oy, you! Are you sciency?
Osgood: Oh, uh, yes.
The Eleventh Doctor: Got a name?
Osgood: Yes.
The Eleventh Doctor: Good, I've always wanted to meet someone called Yes.

Clara: Someday you could just walk past a fez.
The Eleventh Doctor: Never going to happen.

The Tenth Doctor: Compensating.
The Eleventh Doctor: For what?
The Tenth Doctor: Regeneration, it's a lottery.
The Eleventh Doctor: Oh, he's cool. Isn't he cool? I'm the Doctor and I'm all cool. Oops, I'm wearing sand shoes.

The Eleventh Doctor: It's not working.
The Tenth Doctor: We're both reversing the polarity.
The Eleventh Doctor: Yes, I know that.
The Tenth Doctor: There's two of us. I'm reversing the polarity, you're reversing it back again. We're confusing the polarity.

The War Doctor: You're me? Both of you?
The Tenth Doctor: Yup.
The War Doctor: Even that one?
The Eleventh Doctor: Yes!
The War Doctor: You're my... future selves?
Tenth and Eleventh Doctors: Yes!
The War Doctor: Am I having a mid-life crisis? Why are you pointing your screwdrivers like that? They're scientific instruments, not water pistols. You look like you've seen a ghost.
The Tenth Doctor: Still, loving the posh, gravelly thing, it's very convincing.
The Eleventh Doctor: Brave words, Dick Van Dyke.

The War Doctor: Oh, the pointing again. They're screwdrivers, what are you going to do, assemble a cabinet at them?

The Eleventh Doctor: It's a, a, timey-wimey thing.
The War Doctor: Timey-what? "Timey-wimey"?
The Tenth Doctor: I've--I've no idea where he picks that stuff up.

The Tenth Doctor: That is not the Queen of England, that's an alien duplicate!
The Eleventh Doctor: And you can take it from him, 'cause he's really checked.
The Tenth Doctor: Oh, shut up.
The Eleventh Doctor: Venom sacs in the tongue.
The Tenth Doctor: Seriously, stop it.

The War Doctor: Are you capable of speaking without flapping your hands about?
The Eleventh Doctor: Yes. (flaps his hands) No. I demand to be incarcerated in the Tower immediately with my co-conspirators, Sand Shoes and Granddad.
The War Doctor: "Granddad"?
The Tenth Doctor: They're not sand shoes.
The War Doctor: Yes, they are.

Kate Stewart: No one can know we have this, even our allies.
Clara: Why not?
Kate Stewart: Think about it. Americans with the ability to rewrite history. You've seen their movies.

The War Doctor: I don't know who you are. Either of you. I haven't got the faintest idea.
Rose Tyler: They're you. They're what you become if you destroy Gallifrey. The man who regrets and the man who forgets. The Moment is coming. The Moment is me, you have to decide.

(as Elizabeth I kisses the Tenth Doctor)
The War Doctor: Is there a lot of this in the future?
The Eleventh Doctor: It does start to happen, yeah.

(in the TARDIS)
The Eleventh Doctor: Look. The round things.
The Tenth Doctor: I love the round things.
The Eleventh Doctor: What are the round things?
The Tenth Doctor: No idea.

(seeing the new TARDIS interior)
The Tenth Doctor: Oh, you've redecorated. I don't like it.
The Eleventh Doctor: Oh. Oh, yeah, you never do.

Rose Tyler: You've seen the men you will become.
The War Doctor: Those men... extraordinary.
Rose Tyler: They were you.
The War Doctor: No. They are the Doctor.
Rose Tyler: You're the Doctor, too.
The War Doctor: No. Great men are forged in fire. it is the privilege of lesser men to light the flame. Whatever the cost.
Rose Tyler: You know the sound the TARDIS makes? That wheezing groaning? That sound brings hope wherever it goes.
The War Doctor: Yes. Yes, I like to think it does.
Rose Tyler: To anyone who hears it. Anyone, however lost. Even you.

The Eleventh Doctor: There isn't another way, there never was. Either I destroy my own people or let the universe burn.
Clara: Look at you. The three of you, the warrior, the hero... and you.
The Eleventh Doctor: And what am I?
Clara: Have you really forgotten?
The Eleventh Doctor: Yes. Maybe, yes.
Clara: We've got enough warriors. Any old idiot can be a hero.
The Eleventh Doctor: Then what do I do?
Clara: What you've always done. Be a doctor. You told me the name you chose was a promise. What was the promise?
The Tenth Doctor: Never cruel or cowardly.
The War Doctor: Never give up. Never give in.

The General: Do it, Doctor. Just do it. Do it.
The Eleventh Doctor: Okay. Gentlemen, we're ready. Geronimo!
The Tenth Doctor: Allon-sy!
The War Doctor: For god's sake. Gallifrey stands!

The War Doctor: I don't suppose we'll ever know if we actually succeeded. But at worse, we failed doing the right thing. As opposed to succeeding in doing the wrong.
Clara: Life and soul, you are.

(starting to regenerate)
The War Doctor: Yes, of course. Suppose it makes sense. Wearing a bit thin. I hope the ears are a bit less inconspicuous this time.

The Eleventh Doctor: I could be a curator. I'd be great at curating, I'd be the Great Curator. I could retire and do that. I could retire and be the curator of this place.

The Curator: And now you must excuse me. Oh, you have a lot to do.
The Eleventh Doctor: Do I?
The Curator: Umm.
The Eleventh Doctor: Is that what I'm supposed to do now? Go looking for Gallifrey?
The Curator: It's entirely up to you. Your choice, eh? I can only tell you what I would do. If I were you, oh, if I were you... Perhaps I was you, of course. Or perhaps, you are me.
The Eleventh Doctor: Yes.
The Curator: Congratulations.
The Eleventh Doctor: Thank you very much.
The Curator: Or perhaps it doesn't matter either way. Who knows? Who knows.

The Eleventh Doctor: Clara sometimes asks me if I dream. Of course I dream, I tell her. Everybody dreams. "But what do you dream about?" she'll ask. "Same thing everybody dreams about," I tell her. I dream about where I'm going. She always laughs at that. "But you're not going anywhere, you're wandering about." That's not true, not anymore. I have a new destination. My journey is the same as yours, the same as anyone's. It's taken me so many years, so many lifetimes. But at last I know where I'm going. Where I've always been going. Home. The long way around.

Episode Goofs
In the last scene between the Doctors in the Gallery, the Tenth Doctor's TARDIS (middle) alternates between an open door in one shot...

and closed in the next shot.

Episode References
The Coal Hill School sign at the beginning identifies former companion Ian Chesterton as the Chairman of the Governors.

Kate's request for the "Kromer Incident," refers to the events of "The Three Doctors," where the Doctor met his previous incarnations for the first time.

Among the items in the Black Archive are River Song's shoes.

Among the companions seen in the Black Archive files are:

Tegan, Nyssa, Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, Kamelion

Susan Foreman, Ian, Barbara, Mike Yates, Sara Kingdom, Polly, and Ben Jackson, and Sarah Jane Smith

Other Episode Crew

Executive ProducerSteven Moffat  |  Faith Penhale
ProducerMarcus Wilson
Production DesignerMichael Pickwoad
EditorLiana Del Giudice
Line ProducerDes Hughes
First Assistant DirectorFay Selby
Second Assistant DirectorHeddi Joy Taylor
MusicMurray Gold
Costume DesignerHoward Burden
Make-upJenny Jones (3)  |  Kathryn Newsome  |  Clare Golds
GripGary Norman
Camera OperatorJoe Russell
Set DecoratorAdrian Anscombe
Location ManagerIwan Roberts
Property MasterPaul Smith (2)
Production AssistantKatie Player
Script SupervisorSteve Walker (2)
Production CoordinatorGabriella Ricci
Assistant EditorKatrina Aust
Post Production SupervisorNerys Davies
GafferScott Napier
On-Line EditorGeraint Pari Huws
Director of PhotographyNeville Kidd
StuntsKim McGarrity  |  Cristian Knight  |  Tracey Caudle  |  David Newton  |  Rob Hunt  |  Annabel Canaven  |  Dani Biernat  |  Ian Van Temperley
Stunt CoordinatorJo McLaren  |  Crispin Layfield  |  Gordon Seed
Production SecretaryRachel Vipond
Assistant Production CoordinatorSandra Cosfeld
Post Production CoordinatorSamantha Price
Production ManagementPhillipa Cole
Script EditorRichard Cookson
Dubbing MixerTim Ricketts
Sound RecordistDeian Llyr Humphreys
Third Assistant DirectorMarie Devautour
Costume SupervisorClaire Lynch
Main Title ThemeRon Grainer
Production AccountantJeff Dunn
Set DresserIan Griffin  |  Jamie Farrell  |  Mike Elkins
Camera AssistantChris Johnson (6)  |  Meg De Koning  |  Cai Thompson
Best BoyColin Price (1)
Casting AssociateAlice Purser
Assistant DirectorLouisa Cavell  |  Gareth Jones
Production ExecutiveJulie Scott (2)
Graphic DesignerChristina Tom  |  Chris J. Lees
Unit ManagerNick Clark (1)
Foley EditorJamie Talbutt
ColoristMick Vincent
Assistant Costume DesignerCarly Griffith
ConductorBen Foster (3)
Music ArrangerDelia Derbyshire
Focus PullerJames Scott (2)  |  Julius Ogden
Assistant AccountantBethan Britton
Assistant Art DirectorRichard Hardy
Casting DirectorAndy Pryor
Sound Effects EditorPaul Jefferies
Dialogue EditorDarran Clement
Production BuyerSarah Frere
Supervising Art DirectorPaul Spriggs
Standby Art DirectorJim McCallum
Construction ManagerTerry Horle
Assistant GripOwen Charnley
Scenic ArtistClive Clarke
Make-up DesignerLin Davie
VFX EditorJoel Skinner
Make-up SupervisorSteve Williams (3)
Created ByKit Pedler  |  Gerry Davis  |  Terry Nation  |  Robert Banks Stewart
Costume AssistantLauren Kilcar  |  Gemma Evans  |  Katarina Capellazzi
ADR EditorMatthew Cox
Sound Maintenance EngineerTam Shoring  |  Chris Goding
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