Boom Town - Recap

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Six months after the events of “World War Three”[/img]

Nuclear advisor Mr. Cleaver meets with the mayor of Cardiff and warns that the nuclear power plant is highly unstable. The lord mayor is Margaret Blaine. She assures Cleaver that she’ll take care of everything and makes sure that he isn’t told anyone else. Once she is sure, she removes her skin suit to reveal the body of a Slitheen, and then kills Cleaver.

Mickey Smith arrives in Cardiff and goes to the town centre where the TARDIS is waiting. He goes inside Jack greets him. Mickey barges in and gives Rose the passport that she called him. He concludes that Rose is staying with the Doctor. They explain that there is an invisible time-space rift in Cardiff and they’ve stopped to refuel the TARDIS. It will take 24 hours to finish refueling. They decide to take a break and tour Cardiff.

Margaret is giving a press statement about the Blaidd Drwg Power Station and insists that the press not take any photos of her. She assures them that everything will be fine Cathy Salt from the Cardiff Gazette approaches her and asks if she knows about the curse. Margaret dismisses her concerns but Cathy notes that there have been a number of deaths associated with the project. Cleaver posted some of his findings on the Internet and Cathy is following up. Margaret asks for a word in private with her. However, when her stomach rumbles, she detours to the lady’s room and brings Cathy in with her. Margaret goes into a small and removes her skin suit in preparation of killing Cathy. However, Cathy talks about how she’s engaged and three months pregnant. Margaret considers, and explains that her own family is dead. She tells Cathy to leave and sits quietly in the stall… alone.

Jack is telling stories from his past at a café when the Doctor notices a local paper with a photo of Margaret on the cover. They go to city hall and move in to capture Margaret. The Doctor goes to Margaret’s and her secretary delays him long enough for Margaret to slip out the window. The Doctor notifies the others and tries to go after Margaret, but her secretary Idris Hopper delays him. Mickey tries to get in position but stumbles. The others manage to cut her off in an alleyway but Margaret uses a portable teleporter to escape. The Doctor just smiles and uses his sonic screwdriver to reroute her back. Margaret finally despairs and surrenders to them.

They take her back to her office where she claims that the nuclear power station is a philanthropic gesture on her part. The Doctor and Jack realize the plant is designed to blow up, and that an extrapolator board is hidden in the plant. It allows someone to ride a massive explosion out of the solar system. The Doctor is intrigued by the name of the plant, “Blaidd Drwg.” Margaret says she choose it at random, and the Doctor notes it’s Welsh for “Bad Wolf.” He and Rose realize they’ve heard those words before, but the Doctor dismisses it as a coincidence. He tells Margaret he’s going to take her home to Rexicoricophalvitorious. However, she points out that they have the death penalty and the Slitheen Family were tried in their absence. The Doctor says it’s not her problem.

Back in the TARDIS that night, Margaret admires the technology while Jack rigs the extrapolator to speed up the refueling time. Margaret taunts them, insisting that they’re her executioners. She points out they’re no better than she is and dares them to look her in the eyes. None of them can.

Later, Rose and Mickey step outside and Rose admits she didn’t need her passport. She just wanted Mickey there. They go for a walk and a drink. The Doctor watches them go on the TARDIS. Margaret figures that they don’t always have to wait and that the Doctor is always the first to leave regardless of the consequences. She asks the Doctor for a final wish: a last meal at a restaurant she came to like in her human form. The Doctor insists she won’t change his mind and thinks it’s too dangerous. Jack gives them a pair of handcuffs that will electrocute Margaret if she moves more than 10’ away from the Doctor. The Doctor asks her to come with her.

At the restaurant, Margaret gives her full name of Blon Fel Fotch Passameer Day Slitheen and continues to talk of her death. She points out her apartment to the Doctor and tries to poison his drink when he isn’t looking. He switches glasses and she shoots a poison dart from her finger. He catches it and she tries to exude poison gas, but he defeats it with a breath spray.

Rose describes to Mickey some of the places she’s been. He interrupts to tell her he’s dating another girl., Trisha Delaney He notes that she’s been away and that asks for more details on the planet.

Margaret describes public execution on her homeworld. The Doctor insists he isn’t responsible but she points out he’s the one delivering her to death. Margaret asks for mercy but the Doctor points out that she killed the real Margaret Blaine to take her skin. She promises that she’ll change but he doesn’t believe her.

Mickey suggests they check into a hotel but Rose points out that Trisha might not be too thrilled. She insists that Trisha isn’t right for him and Mickey snaps, saying that Rose left him and all he can do is sit around waiting for her.

Margaret talks about how the reporter know too much about her but she was able to stop herself from killing. The Doctor believes her but says it doesn’t mean anything: Margaret lives with herself by letting someone live at a whim. She points out that the Doctor always moves on and refuses to look back and see the lives he’s destroyed. Margaret admits that sometimes, you do let one go, and asks him to do that for her.

Mickey asks Rose for some kind of promise that she’ll come back for him. Rose hears something but realizes it’s not thunder.

Margaret explains that the Slitheen raised her to kill. However, the Doctor hears something and tells her to shush. He notices the glasses vibrating and then the window shatters. The ground starts to shake and Rose runs back to the TARDIS. The Doctor and Margaret go to investigate and Margaret convinces him to remove the handcuffs. They get to the TARDIS and discover that the rift’s opening… and discharging energy into the TARDIS. Inside, the TARDIS is shorting out and Jack is avoiding energy blasts.

The Doctor gets inside with Margaret and concludes that time and space are ripping apart and Cardiff is in danger. Rose arrives as Jack determines the extrapolator is tapping into the TARDIS. Margaret grabs Rose and threatens to kill her if the Doctor and Jack don’t give her the extrapolator. The Doctor agrees and Margaret explains that she planned for someone with advanced technology to track her down. The extrapolator was planned to lock on to the nearest alien power source and open the rift. Margaret steps onto the extrapolator and prepares to leave, but the TARDIS console opens. The Doctor explains that opening the rift will rip apart the TARDIS, but the TARDIS is alive and she’s opened its soul. Margaret stares into the emerging light and admits its beautiful. Mesmerized, she releases Rose and smiles, and then looks up at the Doctor who smiles back. She thanks him… and disappears.

The Doctor seals the console and has Jack and Rose shut everything down. They manage to reseal the rift and the Doctor explains that the TARDIS is telepathic. It translated her thoughts, sensing what she thought. Going through her skin suit, the Doctor finds an egg.. He explains that Margaret can start her life from scratch, raised with a new family.

Rose remembers Mickey and runs to find him. She speaks to the rescue teams but is unable to find him. She’s unaware that Mickey is safe… and walking away. Rose returns to the TARDIS and the Doctor says that they’ve recharged the TARDIS. He wonders if Rose wants to find Mickey, but she says he’ll be fine and he deserves better. They depart for Rexicoricophalvitorius to drop off Margaret and give her a second chance.