Bad Wolf (1) - Recap

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100 Years After “The Long Game”

The Doctor wakes up in a closet. He falls out and a girl, Lynda, picks him up and explains that he’s suffering from the after effects of transmat, including amnesia. The Doctor is in an elaborately decorated house with remote cameras and security locks on the door. Two other residents, Strood and Crosbie, aren’t happy to see him. A faceless voice tells him to go to the Diary Room and that he’s on Channel 4400.

Rose wakes up in a spotlight in a darkened a room. A stranger, Rodrick, tells her she’s suffering temporary amnesia due to the shock of transmat. He tells her to do whatever the android says. Rodrick guides her over to a lit series of podiums, including one with Rose’s name on it. They’re told to take their places and Rose begins to recognize the set. A female android appears: Anne Droid of The Weakest Link.

Two gynoids, Trin-e and Zu-Zana, greet Jack when he wakes up. They tell him he’s there for a makeover and use a defabricator ray to remove his clothing. Jack is more than happy to hear that he’s being broadcast to millions of viewers.

The Doctor is unable to penetrate the locks on the house doors. Lynda wonders how she’s doing among the viewers but the Doctor has no idea and lies, telling her everyone thinks she’s “sweet.” The Doctor notices a wall where a garden should be and Lynda informs him there are no gardens. He mentions the TARDIS and then starts to remember how he was traveling with Jack and Rose when a brilliant beam penetrated the walls. After that, the Doctor woke up in the house. He realizes that someone deliberately directed a vastly powerful transmat beam, sucking him out of the TARDIS. He tells the cameras and whoever’s watching that he’ll escape.

In a broadcast control room, two programmers watch and wonder how Jack, Rose, and the Doctor entered the game.

Anne Droid begins directing questions to the contestants. Rose knows very few of them and refuses to take the situation seriously. The programmers wonder why she’s laughing and wonder if the game is running itself.

The two gynoids start choosing Jack’s clothing, overriding his choices. He’s unaware that they’re preparing cutting tools for his face.

Anne Droid pauses the game to interview Rose, insulting her and noting she’s unemployed. The contestants vote to eliminate one of their own and they choose Fitch. Anne Droid informs her she is the weakest link… and disintegrates her. As they cut to break, Rodrick tells Rose that whoever loses, dies. Another player breaks and runs for the door and Anne Droid disintegrates him as well.

The Doctor refuses to participate until Lynda and the others tell him that they’ll be punished if he doesn’t help. The announcer informs them that Crosbie has been voted out. She’s directed to the exit, a white corridor. The Doctor, Lynda, and Strood watch on a monitor as Crosbie is disintegrated, and the Doctor realizes that it’s no game: Crosbie has been evicted from life.

The male and female programmers discuss how something is hidden in the upper floors. The Female Programmer notes that the Controller would know, but she’s no longer human or capable of human error.

In a hidden chamber, the Controller, a woman wired into the system, watches everything simultaneously.

Lynda and Strood explain how the game works: everyone on Earth is a potential contestant and the games are run non-stop. The winners’ only reward is they get to live. The Doctor learns that destroying property gets a houseguest evicted and destroys one of the cameras.

The gynoids remove Jack’s current clothing and announce it’s time for the face-off: they approach him and prepare to remove his face. The naked Jack produces a weapon from… somewhere and destroys them.

Only three contestants are left in Rose’s game: Agorax, Rose, and Rodrick. Rodrick votes to keep Rose in the game so he can have her as an opponent in the final round. He notes that the Badwolf Corporation is in charge. Rose wonders why they’re called Badwolf and Rodrick has no idea. She remembers that she and the Doctor have heard the words everywhere they’ve gone since she joined the Doctor. Rose figures she isn’t there by mistake and someone has been planning the entire thing.

Big Brothers evicts the Doctor who eagerly runs into the disintegration chamber. Lynda and Strood watch and the Programmers have no choice: the process is automatic when property is destroyed. The countdown goes to zero… and the disintegrator shuts down. He figured that whoever brought him there wouldn’t casually kill him after all that effort. He opens the outside door and invites Lynda to come with him. The Doctor promises to get her out alive and she goes with him. They emerge out into a large area and the Doctor realizes it’s Satellite Five. The Doctor explains he was there a hundred years ago and dealt with a problem upstairs. He determines there’s plenty of power, too much, and starts checking doors. Lynda explains there are hundreds of games and Jack and Rose could be anywhere. She wonders if she could go with the Doctor when he leaves and he says it’s possible once they manage to escape. When he wonders who is in charge of the situation, Lynda turns on a sign revealing the Badwolf Corporation sign.

The Male and Female Programmers try to access Archive 6 to monitor the transmat logs. The Male Programmer goes to see the Controller and tells her there’s a problem. She assures him there’s a problem and he should continue working. The Controller insists they are no one. The Female Programmer tries to enter Archive 6 but the Controller senses her presence and tells them both to go to work.

Jack converts the defabricator ray into a blaster and breaks out of the room. He detects the Doctor’s two hearts on a bio scanner and heads up the elevator. Meanwhile, the Doctor and Lynda find a port and Lynda explains that the planet is covered in pollution and all they can do is sit around and watch TV. The Doctor insists he put history on track a hundred years ago, but Lynda explains that it was a hundred years ago that Satellite 5 shut down. Without information, the entire planet froze.

Agorax is killed and Rodrick tells Rose that she’s on her own now.

Jack finds the Doctor as he taps into the satellite’s computer. They can’t find Rose because the rooms are shielded. Jack provides the Doctor with a scanner tuned to Rose’s signal but the Doctor determines the station is incredibly complicated, much more than it needs. They manage to find Rose and Lynda realizes the danger she’s in. They head to the Weakest Link studio while Rose gradually loses. They burst in just as Rose is declared the Weakest Link and is disintegrated. The guards capture them but the Doctor can only stare at the pile of ash where Rose stood.

The guards demand to know how the Doctor and Jack got on board the station. The Doctor can’t or won’t respond and the guards sentence them to imprisonment on the lunar penal colony. The Doctor and Jack escape, knocking out the guards. the Programmers realize what’s happened and activate the alarms, realizing the Doctor is on the way. They tell the Controller, who ignores them and warns them of approaching solar flares. The Doctor and Jack arrive and order the Programmers to stand aside. The Doctor demands answers from the Controller but she ignores them. The Male Programmer explains that the Controller doesn’t recognize the Doctor or receive input from anyone except a Programmer. Jack seals the doors to keep the guards from gaining access, while the Male Programmer admits that he thinks there’s something suspicious going on for years. He takes them to Archive 6 over the Female Programmer’s objections. Inside the archive is the TARDIS. Jack checks the scanners and stares in astonishment at what he’s detected.

The station goes off-line as the solar flares sweep over it. The Controller suddenly talks to the Doctor directly, explaining that due to the interference from the solar flares, her “masters” can’t sense her thoughts. She explains she brought the Doctor there and hid him inside the games to oppose her masters. They have been hiding in darkness and guiding humanity for hundreds of years. She tells the Doctor that they fear him. Before she can identify them, the solar flares fade and the Controller reverts to her mindless self.

Jack returns and tells them that the TARDIS has worked out what happened to Rose. Using Lynda, he demonstrates that the “disintegration beam” was actually a secondary transmat system. Someone teleported Rose and all the other victims of the games away and made it appear that they died.

Rose wakes up and finds herself in a metallic alien chamber. Something approaches her.

The Controller tries to give the Doctor the coordinates but is teleported away. She wakes up in the same chamber as Rose. The Controller dares her “masters” to kill her, and informs them that she’s brought their destruction. The unseen masters kill her with a negative electronic beam.

Jack and the Male Programmer track the transmat signal while the Doctor realizes that the masters have been playing their game for centuries. The signal leads to the outer edges of the solar system but it’s cloaked. The Doctor jams the cloaking signal and reveals an alien floating base surrounded by two hundred saucers. The Doctor and Jack recognize the saucers and realize there are a half million creatures aboard : a half million Daleks.

The Daleks realize they’ve been detected and the Doctor is responsibility. They open a communication signal and force Rose to stand in plain sight. The Daleks tell him not to intervene or they will kill Rose. The Doctor says one word: “No.” The Daleks don’t understand and the Doctor explains that he will rescue Rose, save the Earth, and wipe every Dalek out of the sky. The Daleks point out he has nothing but the Doctor promises he’ll get Rose. The Daleks prepare for the invasion of Earth and the destruction of the Doctor.