The Family of Blood (2) - Recap

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The Family hold Martha and Joan hostage and demand the Doctor choose which one will die. Tim opens the watch, distracting them long enough fro Martha to grab the gun from Jenny/Mother of Mine and use her as a hostage. The Family stand back as Doctor Smith and Joan get everyone outside, but manage to disarm Martha and she flees outside. They run to the school while Baines/Brother of Mine opens fire on them. Mother of Mine accesses Jenny’s memories of Martha going to visit a shed and Clark/Father of Mine goes to investigate.

Doctor Smith and Joan sound the alarm at the school, getting the boys to mobilize for war after explaining things to Headmaster Phillips. Meanwhile, Martha tries to find the watch containing the Doctor’s consciousness, unaware that Tim Latimer has it and is hiding. Lucy/Sister of Mine sneaks into the school to find it.

Phillips goes out to confront the approaching Family, and Baines taunts him with the fact that his students will be dying in a few years in the Great War. Baines then kills Phillips’ assistant and tells the headmaster to bring him Doctor Smith. The students barricade the place while Lucy warns them that the Doctor has something planned. Martha searches for the watch and tries to explain to Joan that Doctor Smith isn’t who she thinks he is, but Joan is skeptical. Clark finds the TARDIS while Joan confronts Doctor Smith and tries to determine what his memories truly are of. When he can only relate the facts but not his experiences of them, she begins to wonder. When Doctor Smith is determined to send the boys to “war,” she notes that neither he nor the Doctor fro his dream journal would be in favor of it but he determines to go ahead with it.

Tim and Hutchinson prepare for the battle, but Tim refuses to participate and warns Hutchinson that they’re destined to die in the future during the Great War. He runs off and Lucy spots him and demands to know where the Doctor is. He shows her a flash of memory from the watch, causing her to run off in fear. Realizing something of the Doctor’s essence is on the grounds, Baines begins the attack and the boys mow down the scarecrows while Doctor Smith simply holds a gun and refuses to fire. The first wave of scarecrows go down and the boys realize they’ve only killed unliving mannequins. Lucy comes in and Phillips, believing her to be a normal human, tries to get her off the battlefield. She kills him and Doctor Smith tells the boys to run away. He runs away with Martha and Joan as the Family and their scarecrow soldiers march onto the grounds. They search the boys and then prepare to kill them but Tim draws them off by opening the watch..

Doctor Smith, Joan, and Martha hide in the woods but Clark calls out to them: he has the TARDIS heavily guarded and the Doctor has no choice but to come to them. Panicking, Doctor Smith refuses to go and Joan leads them to an empty cartridge belonging to the once-human Lucy, who killed her parents. The Family go to their ship and start launching a bombardment on the village.

Tim comes to Doctor Smith at the cottage and offers him the watch, but John doesn’t want to become the Doctor again and refuses to “die.” He’d rather simply give the watch to the Family, but Joan has read his dream journal and explains that if the Family gains immortality, they’ll go on a rampage across the universe. Joan asks Martha and Tim to step outside and then admits that to save them all, John must agree to “die” to bring the Doctor back. As he holds the watch, he catches a glimpse of his future as a human: marrying Joan, having children, dying in bed.

At the ship, the Family continue their bombardment when Doctor Smith arrives. They quickly sniff him to make sure he’s still human and then he gives them the watch so they’ll leave him and the others alone. Baines throws him into a control panel and laughs at the idea of letting him live, then opens the watch, only to reveal that it’s empty. The Doctor gets back to his feet and reveals that he’s disguised his Time Lord scent, and sabotaged the controls when he hit the panels. They all run out of the ship right before it explodes.

The Doctor gives each of the Family the immortality they sought, but not as they wanted. He binds Father of Mine with chains made of dwarf-star material, and tricks Mother of Mine into the event horizon of a black hole. He traps Sister of Mine within the reflections of a mirror… all mirrors. Finally, he immobilizes Brother of Mine and leaves him as a scarecrow to watch over the English countryside.

The Doctor returns to see Joan and ask her to join him, but she refuses. She fell in love with John Smith, and John is now dead. When she asks if any of the deaths would have occurred if he hadn’t come, he has no answer and simply walks away to the TARDIS where Martha is waiting. Tim comes to say goodbye and the Doctor leaves him with his now-empty watch.

On the fields of World War I, Tim uses the watch to figure out the time to save Hutchinson from an artillery bombardment and get both of them to safety. In the present, Tim is still alive but over a hundred, and at a memorial to the war. He looks up to see the Doctor and Martha, unaged, attending the ceremony as well.