Doctor Who

Ep. # Air Date Title Images
1x02 02/Apr/2005 The End of the World 8
1x11 04/Jun/2005 Boom Town 9
1x12 11/Jun/2005 Bad Wolf (1) 12
2x03 29/Apr/2006 School Reunion 9
2x08 03/Jun/2006 The Impossible Planet (1) 7
2x00 25/Dec/2006 The Runaway Bride 10
3x01 31/Mar/2007 Smith and Jones 7
3x03 14/Apr/2007 Gridlock 8
3x04 21/Apr/2007 Daleks in Manhattan (1) 8
3x05 28/Apr/2007 Evolution of the Daleks (2) 7
3x07 19/May/2007 42 8
3x08 26/May/2007 Human Nature (1) 9
3x09 02/Jun/2007 The Family of Blood (2) 7
3x10 09/Jun/2007 Blink 9
3x11 16/Jun/2007 Utopia (1) 4
3x13 30/Jun/2007 Last of the Time Lords (3) 8
3x00 16/Nov/2007 Time Crash : Children In Need 2
3x00 25/Dec/2007 Voyage of the Damned 10
4x01 05/Apr/2008 Partners in Crime 9
4x02 12/Apr/2008 The Fires of Pompeii 7
4x03 19/Apr/2008 Planet of the Ood 9
4x04 26/Apr/2008 The Sontaran Stratagem (1) 9
4x05 03/May/2008 The Poison Sky (2) 8
4x08 31/May/2008 Silence in the Library (1) 10
4x11 21/Jun/2008 Turn Left (1) 6
4x12 28/Jun/2008 The Stolen Earth (2) 4
4x13 05/Jul/2008 Journey's End (3) 6
4x00 25/Dec/2008 The Next Doctor 13
5x13 26/Jun/2010 The Big Bang (2) 6
5x00 18/Mar/2011 Space (1) 3
5x00 18/Mar/2011 Time (2) 3
6x02 30/Apr/2011 Day of the Moon (2) 9
6x03 07/May/2011 The Curse of the Black Spot 8
6x04 14/May/2011 The Doctor's Wife 11
6x05 21/May/2011 The Rebel Flesh (1) 9
6x07 04/Jun/2011 A Good Man Goes to War (1) 7
6x09 03/Sep/2011 Night Terrors 7
6x11 17/Sep/2011 The God Complex 10
6x13 01/Oct/2011 The Wedding of River Song 8
6x00 25/Dec/2011 The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe 11
7x02 08/Sep/2012 Dinosaurs on a Spaceship 8
7x03 15/Sep/2012 A Town Called Mercy 9
7x04 22/Sep/2012 The Power of Three 9
7x05 29/Sep/2012 The Angels Take Manhattan 9
7x00 25/Dec/2012 The Snowmen 12
7x07 06/Apr/2013 The Rings of Akhaten 5
7x09 20/Apr/2013 Hide 6
7x10 27/Apr/2013 Journey to the Centre of the TARDIS 7
7x11 04/May/2013 The Crimson Horror 6
7x12 11/May/2013 Nightmare in Silver 10
7x13 18/May/2013 The Name of the Doctor 9
7x00 14/Nov/2013 The Night of the Doctor 3
7x00 23/Nov/2013 The Day of the Doctor 12
8x01 23/Aug/2014 Deep Breath 11
8x02 30/Aug/2014 Into the Dalek 6
8x03 06/Sep/2014 Robot of Sherwood 8
8x04 13/Sep/2014 Listen 7
8x05 20/Sep/2014 Time Heist 8
8x06 27/Sep/2014 The Caretaker 8
8x07 04/Oct/2014 Kill the Moon 6
8x08 11/Oct/2014 Mummy on the Orient Express 9
8x09 18/Oct/2014 Flatline 5
8x11 01/Nov/2014 Dark Water 7
8x00 25/Dec/2014 Last Christmas 8
9x01 19/Sep/2015 The Magician's Apprentice 6
9x02 26/Sep/2015 The Witch’s Familiar 8
9x03 03/Oct/2015 Under the Lake 8
9x04 10/Oct/2015 Before the Flood 7
9x05 17/Oct/2015 The Girl Who Died 7
9x06 24/Oct/2015 The Woman Who Lived 8
9x07 31/Oct/2015 The Zygon Invasion 7
9x08 07/Nov/2015 The Zygon Inversion 4
9x09 14/Nov/2015 Sleep No More 7
9x00 25/Dec/2015 The Husbands of River Song 6

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Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Type: Scripted
Genres: Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Status: On Hiatus
Airs: Saturdays at 07:35 pm
Runtime: 45 Minutes
Premiere: March 26, 2005
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