The Androids of Tara, Part Two - Recap

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The Doctor wakes up at the hunting lodge to find Farrah holding a sword on him. Farrah believes the Doctor helped Grendel take Reynart, but Zadek points out the Doctor wouldn’t have drugged himself and stayed behind. With time running out until the coronation, the Doctor suggests they use the android to replace Reynart and temporarily place him on the throne. The swordsmen insist it wouldn’t be honorable but the Doctor points out that Grendel isn’t honorable either. The older Zadek gives in to the realities of the situation over Farrah’s objections, but insists at swordpoint that the Doctor remain at the android’s side to make sure his repairs hold up. The Doctor summons K-9 using his ultrasonic dog whistle. When K-9 arrives, it confirms that Romana hasn’t returned to the TARDIS. he sends it to Castle Gracht to determine if Romana is there.

When Romana wakes up from the anesthetic 12 hours later, Grendel and Lamia take her to the dungeon to meet his other “guest”: the Princess Strella, who is an near-exact duplicate of Romana. Grendel explains that he plans to marry Strella and then kill her so he has sole claim on her lands and her title. So far Strella has refused to marry him, so now Grendel plans to use Romana as necessary. He then takes her to Reynart, who was injured during his abduction. He has Lamia chain her in the cell with Reynart and then leaves for the coronation.

Zadek and Farrah take the Doctor and the Reynart android to the secret tunnel into Castle Tara that Reynart planned to use while the android provided a distraction. Farrah knocks out a guard and they enter the tunnel. As they go, Zadek explains that the tunnels were used to protect the royal family when a plague wiped out 90% of the population, forcing the people to switch to android labor.

Intrigued by the fourth segment, Lamia tries to scratch it but finds it impervious to any cutting tool she possesses. She orders Romana brought out of the dungeon.

Grendel is at the coronation as everyone awaits the arrival of Prince Reynart at the appointed hour. He slips into the throne room to try the throne out and laughs in triumphant. He then slips out and checks with his man Kurster, making sure that all the “peasants” in attendance are actually his own men-at-arms.

Grendel’s men discover the unconscious guard and go down the tunnels in pursuit. Zadek and Farrah hold them off while the Doctor tries to open the doorway to the castle above. The lever is stuck and all looks hopeless until it starts to move.

The Archimandrite talks with Grendel, noting that Reynart is running late and he may have to offer Grendel the throne. Grendel tells him that his men are in attendance as the Royal Guard are “indisposed.” Realizing which way the wind is blowing, the Archimandrite suggests he might just get on with it and offer Grendel the throne immediately. Grendel demurs, insisting they must wait for the proper time… just as the clock strikes the hour.

The doors to the throne room are opened and Grendel, the Archimandrite, and the assembled royalty enter. They discover that Reynart is already on the throne, with the Doctor, Zadek, and Farrah behind him. The Archimandrite orders everyone to kneel before the new king, and even Grendel is forced to bend one knee. The android Reynart is crowned and with a minor adjustment from the Doctor, gives a brief acceptance speech. The first noble approaches to swear fealty to the new king: Princess Strella. Or Romana, although she shows no sign of recognizing the Doctor. She approaches the king but the Doctor grabs Reynart’s staff and smashes in the woman’s head…