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The Androids of Tara, Part Three - Recap

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The Archimandrite orders the guards to seize the Doctor, but Farrah reveals that “Strella” was an android sent to kill Reynart. Zadek suggests that Grendel might have sent the android but Grendel denies it. Grendel in turn suggests that he put his men in charge of the new king’s protection, but Zadek insists as head of Reynart’s bodyguard that it is his responsibility. Everyone turns to the android king, which remains silent. The Doctor quickly excuses it, noting that the stress has taken its toll on the king and they should finish the ceremony later.

The guards bring Romana to Lamia. The surgeon-engineer asks the Time Lady about the segment, but Romana claims ignorance. She tries to get Lamia to get it back and almost succeeds, but at the last second the suspicious Lamia decides to keep it. Grendel returns, furious at his plan’s failure. When he mentions the Doctor, Romana momentarily reacts and the prince notices. He tells Lamia to make another android.

The Doctor and the swordsmen take the android Reynart back to the hunting lodge for repairs, and K-9 returns to report that Grendel is holding Romana at Castle Gracht.

As Lamia takes Romana’s internal and external measurements to make a duplicate, she realizes that the Time Lady is an alien. Grendel, however, is unconcerned as long as it doesn’t affect his plans, and tells Lamia to complete the android… and program it to kill.

The Doctor has completed repairs on the android and Zadek tests him. Zadek notes that the android is more intelligent than the original. The Count’s servant Till arrives with a message from Lamia. Till talks to the Doctor in private, explaining that Lamia believes that Grendel will shortly be arrested for treachery. She wants a guarantee from Reynart’s men that Grendel will receive safe conduct out of the country. In return they will turn over Romana. The Doctor is well aware that it’s a trap but agrees to make the exchange with Lamia that night at the Pavilion of the Summer Winds.

Upon Till’s return, Lamia finishes building the new Romana android. Grendel produces a dummy with a recording of the Doctor’s voice, thanks to Till and a hidden recorded. When the dummy “speaks,” the android Romana opens fire with a concealed weapon and destroys it. With Grendel and Lamia distracted, Romana steals a small metal probe. Lamia takes her back to Reynart’s cell. Romana tries to turn Lamia against her master, noting that she’ll lose Grendel no matter what since she’s a mere peasant. Lamia remains loyal to her master. Once she’s gone, Romana uses the probe to unlock her chains. Reynart is too weak to escape but he lures in a guard who they renders unconscious. Romana escapes on horseback.

The Doctor and K-9 go to the Pavilion early. As he waits for Grendel, Grendel, Lamia, and the men-at-arms arrive outside. Grendel sends Lamia in first. She’s surprised to see the Doctor there so early. He assures her that the safe conduct guarantee is real and demands to see Romana. Lamia brings the android inside but K-9 detects the fact it’s an android. The android opens fire and the Doctor narrowly evades the beam, and K-9 destroys the android. Hearing the noise, Grendel tells his men to open fire. Lamia runs outside and is inadvertently shot and killed. K-9 cuts through the back of the Pavilion and the Doctor runs outside. Romana, having overheard Grendel’s plans, rides up and escapes with the Doctor while K-9 stuns the soldiers.

Back at the hunting lodge, Zadek prepares an attack on Grendel. An unarmed Grendel arrives under a flag of truce and asks to speak to the Doctor privately. The Doctor has Romana hide in an upstairs bedroom to avoid drawing attention. Grendel suggests that he and the Doctor destroy both Reynarts and put the Doctor on the throne with Grendel as his advisor. Amused, the Doctor informs Zadek of the offer. Grendel responds by throwing the flag of truce’s staff into the android Reynart, and the exploding warhead destroys the mechanisms. Grendel races upstairs and out the window to make his escape. Farrah prepares to open fire but the Doctor stops him: Grendel and Kurster have Romana and are taking her back to Castle Gracht…