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Doctor Who (1963)

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Which actor appeared in the series as a different character before being cast as the Doctor Medium Gus• Tom Baker
• Peter Davison
• Colin Baker
• David Tennant
The xenophobic military officer in "The Ambassadors of Death" is: Medium Gadfly• Carrington
• Carruthers
• Carstairs
• Gilmore
"Inferno" shows the destruction of a parallel Earth due to: Medium Gadfly• a solar flare
• a flaming meteor strike
• the igniting of the planet's atmosphere
• the cracking open of the planet's mantle
The Time Lord who joined forces with the War Lords is: Medium Gadfly• The War Chief
• The War King
• The War Lord
• The Warrior
"The Invasion" introduced which military officer Easy Gadfly• Bell
• Benton
• Lethbridge-Stewart
• Yates
The Dominators use these servants Medium Gadfly• The Monoids
• The Quarks
• The Krotons
• The White Robots
Which race has two hearts Hard Gadfly• The Dulkis
• The Kroton
• The Krynoid
• The Monoid
The seaweed creatures in "Fury From the Deep" are vulnerable to: Medium Gadfly• Jamie's Highland battle cry
• the Doctor's sonic screwdriver
• Victoria's scream
• radiation
Alisatair Lethbridge-Stewart first appeared in: Medium Gadfly• "The Dalek Master Plan"
• "The Web of Fear"
• "The Invasion"
• "Spearhead From Space"
Actor Nicholas Courtney first appeared in Medium Gadfly• "The Dalek Master Plan"
• "The Web of Fear"
• "The Invasion"
• "Spearhead From Space"
The enemy of the world in "The Enemy of the World" is: Easy Gadfly• Kent
• Lesterson
• Salamander
• Zaroff
The leader of the Ice Warriors in "The Ice Warriors" is: Hard Gadfly• Azaxyr
• Izlyr
• Turoc
• Varga
"The Tomb of the Cybermen" introduced: Medium Gadfly• Cybermats
• The Cybermen planet Telos
• All of the Above
• None of the Above
The Faceless Ones n "The Faceless Ones" are: Easy Gadfly• The Autons
• The Chameleons
• The Chameloids
• The Rutan
"The Evil of the Daleks" introduced the Doctor's companion Victoria, and her father... Medium Gadfly• Edward Waterfield
• Theodore Maxtible
• Anton Zaroff
• Jack Travers
The Cybermen's Achilles Heel in "The Tenth Planet" is: Medium Gadfly• Radiation
• Plastic Solvent
• Anti-Gravity
• Gold
The twin planet of Earth is: Medium Gadfly• Earth-2
• Gallifrey
• Mondas
• Skaro
The episode "The Traitors" saw the death of which companion Medium Gadfly• Susan Foreman
• Katarina
• Sara Kingdom
• Adric
What is the minimum number of moves to complete the Trilogic Game Hard Gadfly• 52
• 244
• 1023
• 2010
The first serial which did not use individual titles for each episode was: Medium Gadfly• "The Celestial Toymaker"
• "The Gunfighters"
• "The Savages"
• "The War Machines"
The Chumbleys are robot servants of: Hard Gadfly• The Autons
• The Menoptera
• The Rill
• The Sensorites
The shortest Doctor Who serial, in terms of a single story, is: Medium Gadfly• "The Edge of Destruction"
• "Mission to the Unknown"
• "The Sontaran Experiment"
• "Black Orchid"
The longest Doctor Who serial, in terms of a single story, is: Medium Gadfly• "The Dalek Master Plan"
• "The Invasion"
• "The Ambassadors of Death"
• "The Talons of "Weng-Chiang"
"The Wheel of Fortune" was an episode of which serial Medium Gadfly• "The Keys of Marinus"
• "Planet of Giants"
• "The Crusade"
• "The Celestial Toymaker"
What was purportedly dropped from the serial "The Daleks" due to budgetary constraints Hard Gadfly• A Crystal Dalek
• An Emperor Dalek
• A Mobile War Platform Dalek
• A White Dalek
The first Doctor Who serial to be novelized was: Easy Gadfly• An Unearthly Child
• The Daleks
• The Crusade
• The Zarbi
Among the exhibits at the Space Museum are: Easy Gadfly• A Cyberman
• A Zarbi
• A Sensorite
• A Dalek
The first member of his own race, not a relativel, that the Doctor met after leaving Gallifrey is: Medium Gadfly• The Meddling Mnk
• The Master
• Drax
• The Rani
"The Romans" portrays the Doctor as responsible for: Medium Gadfly• The death of Julius Caesar
• Brutus meeting Cleopatra
• The burning of Rome
• Caligula crowned as Emperor
Susan Foreman eventually left the TARDIS for: Medium Gadfly• Carl Tyler
• David Campbell
• Edmund Warick
• Larry Madison
The Doctor was once engaged to: Medium Gadfly• Autloc
• Cameca
• Ixta
• Tonila
"The Keys of Marinus" was written by: Medium Gadfly• David Whitaker
• Terry Nation
• Verity Lambert
• Dennis Spooner
The Doctor once lost the TARDIS in a game of: Medium Gadfly• Backgammon
• Chess
• Dominoes
• Draughts
The address of I.M. Foreman's junkyard is: Medium Gadfly• 76 Totter's Lane
• 10 Downing Street
• 1313 Mockingbird Lane
• 22 Buckingham Road
Warning: Doctor Who (1963) guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Action | Adventure | Sci-Fi
Status: Canceled
Network: BBC one ( United Kingdom)
Airs: Saturdays at 05:15 pm
Runtime: 25 Minutes
Premiere: November 23, 1963
Ended: December 06, 1989
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The Seventh Doctor (Sylvester McCoy)
The Sixth Doctor (Colin Baker)
The Third Doctor (Jon Pertwee)
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