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Season 2

14 :02x01 - Vows

A few months have passed, and some of the cracks in the Dollhouse's facade are becoming more visible. Paul has become a "client" of the Dollhouse. He has Echo helping to infiltrate a wealthy, charismatic merchant in "things", a man even the FBI couldn't touch, by becoming his bride. Echo, though, sporadically flashes past imprints, presumably due to Alpha's tampering. Whiskey/Dr. Saunders struggles with her newly conscious awareness of her status as an active and makes Topher the target of her confused responses. Meanwhile, Boyd personally interacts with Saunders in a risky fashion.
Special Guest Stars: Jamie Bamber as Martin Klar |
Guest Stars: Amy Acker as Dr. Claire Saunders | Liza Lapira as Ivy | Alexis Denisof as Senator Daniel Perrin | Zoran Radanovich as Hugo Taubman |
Co-Guest Stars: Ben Hermes as Handler | Jesus Ruiz as Justice | Eileen Gonzales as Reporter
Director: Joss Whedon
Writer: Joss Whedon
Songs: Rosi Golan -- Hazy, Earlimart -- The World

15 :02x02 - Instinct

Topher takes imprinting to the next step by making glandular changes to Echo to allow her to become the mother of a newborn child. However, the alterations soon have an unexpected side effect. Meanwhile, Adelle visits November and urges her to come in for a check-up, and Senator Perrin gains new information on the Rossum Corporation's activities from an unknown source.
Guest Stars: Alexis Denisof as Senator Daniel Perrin | Miracle Laurie as November | Kristoffer Polaha as Nate Jordan | Iris Bahr as Detective Donovan | Stacey Scowley as Cindy Perrin |
Co-Guest Stars: Sergio Enrique as Sanchez | John Kelly (5) as Captain | Geoff Burns as Medical Tech | James S.W. Lee as Uniformed Officer
Director: Marita Grabiak

16 :02x03 - Belle Chose

When an important client of the Dollhouse, who is also a significant shareholder in the Rossum Corporation, asks for help with a relative who has been struck by a car and lies in a coma, Adelle volunteers the services of the Dollhouse's technical people to attempt to revive him. However, they soon realize the client's relative is a serial killer, and has several intended victims imprisoned. An active is imprinted with the relative's personality but things go wrong. Meanwhile, Caroline is assigned to become a ditzy female student for a Medaeval Literature professor with a fantasy of being seduced by one of his students.
Guest Stars: Liza Lapira as Ivy | Arye Gross as Professor Gossen | Michael Hogan (1) as Bradley Karrens | Joseph Sikora as Terry Karrens (as Joe Sikora) | Matt Winston as Franklin |
Co-Guest Stars: Danielle Langlois as Aunt Shiela | Susan Ziegler as Mother | Deanna Douglas as Little Sister | Tara Holt as Big Sis | Ed Wordie as Male Handler | Keith Pillow as Doctor | Andrew Di Palma as Frat Boy (as Andrew DiPalma) | Sam Sabbah as Bo Peep Active
Director: David Solomon
Writer: Tim Minear
Songs: Little Boots -- Remedy

17 :02x04 - Belonging

How Sierra came to the Dollhouse is revealed as all the sordid details come to the attentions of Adelle, Topher, and Boyd. The moral dilemmas give each of them great pause as they struggle to deal with the wrongs done to her. Boyd also becomes aware that Echo is not as clearly wiped as she is supposed to be.
Special Guest Stars: Keith Carradine as Matthew Harding |
Guest Stars: Vincent Ventresca as Nolan Kinnard | Carlease Burke as Pam | Clyde Kusatsu as Dr. Makido |
Co-Guest Stars: Andrea Walker as Rich Woman | Alan Pietruszewski as Handler | Natalie Graziano as Attendant | Sean Solan as Soldier
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Songs: Bat For Lashes -- Travelling Woman

18 :02x05 - The Public Eye

November turns up as a guest of honor at Senator Perrin's press conference, denouncing what the L.A. Dollhouse 'did' to her. Echo is sent to collect incriminating evidence against Perrin, and Adelle and Topher travel to Washington, D.C., where they interact with the DC Dollhouse's director, and its genius programmer, Bennett Halverson, who has a less-than perfect past connection to Echo/Caroline.
Special Guest Stars: Keith Carradine as Matthew Harding |
Guest Stars: Alexis Denisof as Senator Daniel Perrin | Miracle Laurie as Madeline/November | Stacey Scowley as Cindy Perrin | Jillian Armenante as Grace | Nelson Franklin as Burt Styne | Summer Glau as Bennett Halverson |
Co-Guest Stars: Maurissa Tancharoen as Kilo | Jessica York as Reporter
Director: David Solomon

19 :02x06 - The Left Hand

Bennett's nature and motivation is partly revealed when Echo winds up in her hands, including part of her history with Echo/Caroline. At the same time, Adelle faces off against the powerful head of the DC Dollhouse. Meanwhile, Victor is imprinted with Topher's persona, to assist in Topher's personal espionage, under Adelle's direction, against the DC Dollhouse's plans.
Special Guest Stars: Ray Wise as Stewart Lipman |
Guest Stars: Alexis Denisof as Senator Daniel Perrin | Nelson Franklin as Burt Styne | Summer Glau as Bennett Halverson | Stacey Scowley as Cindy Perrin | Miracle Laurie as Madeline/November |
Co-Guest Stars: Matt Riedy as Senator
Director: Wendey Stanzler

20 :02x07 - Meet Jane Doe

Echo, still in a Doll state, flees, and innocently gets a young Spanish girl arrested. Three months later, Harding has taken over control of the House, reducing Adele to performing menial tasks as his assistant, while putting Topher onto R&D. In the course of performing the R&D, Topher has a flash of genius and realizes the dangerous technology Rossum is actually out to create.
Special Guest Stars: Keith Carradine as Matthew Harding |
Guest Stars: Philip Casnoff as Clive Ambrose | Liza Lapira as Ivy | Jonathan Del Arco as Mr. Caviezel | Kevin Linehan as Deputy Merrick | Glenn Morshower as Sheriff Rand | Ana Claudia Talancon as Galena | Jeff Doucette as Store Manager |
Co-Guest Stars: Ido Ezra as Talik Raj Amin | Denice J. Sealy as Myra (as Denice Sealy) | Leslie Stevens (2) as Cashier | Maurissa Tancharoen as Kilo
Director: Dwight Little

21 :02x08 - A Love Supreme

Alpha resurfaces, and the Dollhouse becomes aware of it as the body count of Echo's former clients rises. Alpha's deeper plan goes into effect, with disastrous consequences for one of the Dollhouse's staff as the Actives turn against their handlers.
Guest Stars: Brett Claywell as Matt | Patton Oswalt as Joel Mynor | Alan Tudyk as Alpha | David Lee Smith as Clay Corman
Director: David Straiton
Songs: M. Ward -- One LIfe Away, Greg Laswell -- Your Ghost

22 :02x09 - Stop-Loss

When his contract with the Dollhouse expires, Victor is released back into the world. There are forces at work in Rossum, however, which have other uses for a man with his extensive military background. Meanwhile, Adelle deals with her underlying personal issues which Victor had formerly provided an out for.
Guest Stars: Liza Lapira as Ivy |
Co-Guest Stars: Kate Comer as Attendant | Michael King (2) as Hagan (as Michael King) | Katrina Nelson as Bartender
Songs: Lady GaGa -- Bad Romance

23 :02x10 - The Attic

Adelle decides Echo is too dangerous, and arranges for her to be sent to the Attic. Once there, Echo must uncover the Attic's secrets in order to survive.
Guest Stars: Reed Diamond as Laurence Dominic | Liza Lapira as Ivy | Vincent Ventresca as Nolan Kinnard | Adam Godley as Clyde Randolph | Tzi Ma as Matsu |
Co-Guest Stars: Jeff Cole (2) as Male Attendant #2 | Greg Collins as Molester | Demir Gjokaj as Victor #2 | Jeremy Juuso as Male Staff Member | Evie Peck as Female Staff Member | Madison Russell as Little Girl | Keir Thirus as Meyers | Tanoai Reed as Dark Figure (Arcane)
Director: John Cassaday
Songs: Anna Ternheim -- No, I Don't Remember

24 :02x11 - Getting Closer

With the full knowledge of Rossum's strengths and weaknesses, and armed with the knowledge of the result if they don't stop it, Echo, Adelle, and the others begin to put into effect their plan to stop Rossum. Echo must imprint herself with Caroline, in order to get the final piece of information which she alone has, and must confront Bennett, while Paul must adjust to his status as a Doll. Whiskey (Dr. Claire Saunders) finally returns to the Dollhouse as things come to a head, but one final twist has yet to be revealed.
Guest Stars: Amy Acker as Dr. Claire Saunders | Philip Casnoff as Clive Ambrose | Reed Diamond as Laurence Dominic | Summer Glau as Bennett Halverson | Liza Lapira as Ivy | Miracle Laurie as Madeline/November | Jay Malone as Young Man | Rick Otto as Gabe | Katie Chonacas as Girl #1 | Megan Heyn as Girl #2 |
Co-Guest Stars: Billy Stone as Test Subject #2 | Rhashan Stone as Test Subject
Director: Tim Minear
Writer: Tim Minear

25 :02x12 - The Hollow Men

Echo and the crew head to Arizona for the final showdown with Rossum, with Echo drugged and disabled, and everyone unaware of the mole in their presence. Meanwhile, the mole's purpose in encouraging the development of Echo is revealed.
Guest Stars: Amy Acker as Dr. Claire Saunders | Miracle Laurie as Madeline/November |
Co-Guest Stars: Tank Jones as Security Guard #2 | Josh Latzer as Security Guard #1
Director: Terrence O'Hara

26 :02x13 - Epitaph Two: Return

It's 2020, and Topher's virus has eliminated the problem of broadcast imprinting, but the remnants of the blanking and imprinting still remain, creating the world seen in Epitaph One.

Topher has a fix, though... but it requires a return to the place where it all began, and may well cost some lives in the process.
Guest Stars: Felicia Day as Mag | Summer Glau as Bennett Halverson | Adair Tishler as Caroline | Alan Tudyk as Alpha | Zack Ward as Zone | Nate Dushku as Clive Ambrose | Noah Harpster as Matthew Harding | Christian Monzon as Romeo |
Co-Guest Stars: Brandon Dieter as T | Jim Lindsey as Active | Maurissa Tancharoen as Kilo
Director: David Solomon
Songs: Lissie -- Everywhere I Go
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Sci-Fi | Thriller
Status: Canceled
Network: FOX ( USA)
Airs: Fridays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: February 13, 2009
Ended: January 29, 2010
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