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Dollhouse: The Hollow Men

Echo and the crew head to Arizona for the final showdown with Rossum, with Echo drugged and disabled, and everyone unaware of the mole in their presence. Meanwhile, the mole's purpose in encouraging the development of Echo is revealed.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 2x12
Production Number: 2APK12
Airdate: Friday January 15th, 2010

Alternate Airdates:

UK (Syfy) Mar 02, 2010
Australia Oct 08, 2012

Guest Stars
Amy AckerAmy Acker
As Dr. Claire Saunders
Amy AckerAmy Acker
As Dr. Claire Saunders
Miracle LaurieMiracle Laurie
As Madeline/November
Miracle LaurieMiracle Laurie
As Madeline/November

Co-Guest Stars
Tank JonesTank Jones
As Security Guard #2
Tank JonesTank Jones
As Security Guard #2
Josh LatzerJosh Latzer
As Security Guard #1
Main Cast
Eliza DushkuEliza Dushku
As Echo / Caroline
Harry LennixHarry Lennix
As Boyd Langton
Fran KranzFran Kranz
As Topher Brink
Fran KranzFran Kranz
As Topher Brink
Enver GjokajEnver Gjokaj
As Victor
Olivia WilliamsOlivia Williams
As Adelle DeWitt
Olivia WilliamsOlivia Williams
As Adelle DeWitt
Episode Quotes
Boyd: We like to keep the medical records of everyone who crosses our paths, especially the interesting ones. And, Caroline, you are definitely interesting. At least on the microscopic level.

Victor: And you know, no matter who I am, no matter what they put in my skull, I always remember you. That won't change. But if I turn evil... shoot me.
Sierra: I'm not going to kill you.
Victor: Well, seriously wound me, then.

Paul: Who the hell are you?
Adelle: Clyde Randolph. Cofounder of Rossum.
Topher: I thought Clyde was stuck in the Attic.
Clyde Randolph/Dr. Claire Saunders: Not anymore. My original got himself caught in a loop. This world is for people who can evolve.
Adelle: And does that include us?
Clyde Randolph/Dr. Claire Saunders: Isn't that what you're here to find out?

Victor/Topher: I had a camera installed. No one else knew about it. See? I was trying to catch a thief. I'm-I'm pretty sure Ivy's been stealing my turkey jerkies.

Victor/Topher: We've been betrayed! By my best man friend. Soft spoken, mild-mannered, Benedict Boyd. Although, I got to admit, I'm kinda impressed.

Boyd: What are you doing?
Topher: Boyd! Look around! They're going to weaponize the tech. My tech. Why? For weapons!
Boyd: Topher, think.
Topher: That's what got us here in the first place.

Clyde Randolph/Dr. Claire Saunders: I have enhanced weapon skills. Anyone care to see a demonstration?

Madeline/November: Tell me they taught you how to sabotage supercomputers at Quantico.
Paul: Right after the course on toppling evil corporations bent on world domination.

Adelle: Go ahead and shoot. I'm sure I'll be far more talkative with my brains splattered all over Topher.

Topher: I did all this. I'm the one who brings about the thought-pocalypse.
Adelle: Thought-pocalypse?
Topher: Is brain-pocalypse better? I figure, if I'm responsible for the end of the world, I get to name it.

Paul: So, did we save the world?
Echo: I guess we did.

Cultural References
Title: The Hollow Men

The title refers to author T.S. Eliot's 1925 poem of the same name, written about post-World War I Europe, but also possibly alluding to Eliot's own failed marriage. The poem is best known for it's closing refrain, "This is the way the world ends / Not with a bang with a whimper," which seems to allude to the apocalypse referred to throughout Dollhouse and seen in "Epitaph 1."

Victor/Topher: That is so Ripley of you, and supersexy.

Ellen Ripley is the primary female protagonist in the four Alien movies, starting with Alien in 1979. As played by Sigourney Weaver, Warrant Officer Ripley is a tough no-nonsense crew member and is the only survivor of the original crew. The character or a clone returns in the three sequels. Selected by the American Film Institute as the 8th greatest hero in American cinema, the role remains Weaver's signature role, and is credited with introducing strong female characters into science fiction and fantasy cinema.

Topher: I'm the Tin Man, she's the Lion, and you're the head of the Lollipop Guild who's a traitor.

Topher is referring to the classic novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, written by L. Frank Baum and published in 1900. It is best known for the movie adaptation made in 1939. In the movie, Dorothy Gale is transported to the fantasy land of Oz, is greeted by the Lollipop Guild, representatives of the local Munchkin community. The Tin Man is the Tin Woodman, who seeks out to find a heart. The Lion is the Cowardly Lion, who seeks courage.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorJoss Whedon
Executive ProducerJoss Whedon  |  Tim Minear
ProducerKelly A. Manners
Associate ProducerChris Cheramie
Production DesignerCameron Birnie
EditorElena Maganini
CastingMichael Nicolo  |  Amy McIntyre Britt
Unit Production ManagerRobert D. Nellans
Music EditorMoira Marquis
Music SupervisorAndrea von Foerster
Costume DesignerShawna Trpcic
Camera OperatorJay Hunter
Set DecoratorDavid A. Koneff
Location ManagerChris Campbell (2)
Transportation CoordinatorLeroy Reed
Property MasterEric Bates
Construction CoordinatorTed Wilson (2)
Script SupervisorNirvana Adams
Production CoordinatorLynnet Price
Script CoordinatorLisa Randolph
Post Production SupervisorJessica Bupp
Re-Recording MixerTodd Orr
Director of PhotographyLisa Wiegand
Story EditorMaurissa Tancharoen  |  Jed Whedon  |  Andrew Chambliss  |  Tracy A. Bellomo
Stunt CoordinatorMike Massa
Production AccountantTony Lindo
ScoreMychael Danna
Main Title Theme Written ByEric Bazilian
Department Head HairAndre Dubois
Sound SupervisorWilliam Dotson
Department Head Make-upDavid Abbott (4)
Assistant To The Executive ProducerJohn J. Gray  |  Celez Suratos  |  Natalie Farrell
Writing AssistantJenny DeArmitt
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