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Season 3

A Hero's Legacy

Young Goku Jr. is a coward and doesnt stick up for himself, but in this journey he embarks on he learns the true meaning of being brave and travels in search of a mystical dragon ball in hopes he can wish his grand mother pan's health back.

42 :03x01 - Curtain Call

Following the noble death of Piccolo, all of humanity was returned safely to Earth with a final wish. As things return to normal, it's time to start up the next World Martial Arts Tournament. But this contest proves to be a test for all as Goku and Pan fight in the wrong divisions, a plan to fix the fight is unearthed, and an old ally returns to battle Goku for the final time!

Source: NickToons
Guest Stars: Eric Vale as Announcer | Bradford Jackson (2) as Monk A
Writer: Eric Vale

43 :03x02 - A Dangerous Union

In the depths of HFIL, an evil union between Dr. Gero and Dr. Myuu takes place. Soon after, Trunks is ambushed by Android 17 as a warning to Goku... Come to HFIL or the earth will be attacked! As Goku travels to HFIL to meet an uncertain fate, a fleet of ancient enemies flood the earth on a mad rampage!

Source: NickToons
Guest Stars: Laura Bailey as Beauty | Kyle Hebert as King Furry | Brice Armstrong as TV Reporter | John Burgmeier as Saibaimen
Writer: Eric Vale

44 :03x03 - The Resurrection of Cell and Frieza

Goku fights Cell and Frieza in hell. Back on Earth, Majuub, Trunks, and Goten fight a group of saibamen, Gohan fights General Rilldo, and Vegeta fights Android 17.

Source: NickToons
Guest Stars: Dameon Clarke as Cell | Jamie Marchi as Woman | John Burgmeier as Saibaimen
Writer: Eric Vale

45 :03x04 - 17 Times 2

In hell, Goku continues to fight Cell and Frieza. On Earth, Android 18 fights Android 17 and Gohan continues fighting General Rilldo. Later, Vegeta, Majuub, Trunks, Gohan, and Goten all fight Super Android 17.

Source: NickToons
Guest Stars: Chris Sabat as Piccolo | Dameon Clarke as Cell
Writer: Eric Vale

46 :03x05 - Piccolo's Best Bet

Piccolo and Dende try to converge their energy so that Goku can escape from hell while the other Z Fighters continue to fight Super Android 17 on Earth.

Source: NickToons
Guest Stars: Bradford Jackson (2) as Demon
Writer: Eric Vale

47 :03x06 - Raising the Stakes

Goku fights Super Android 17.

Source: NickToons
Writer: Eric Vale

48 :03x07 - The Greatest Surprise

Goku continues to fight Super Android 17, and Android 18 shows up to help him.

Source: NickToons
Guest Stars: Chris Sabat as Dragon
Writer: Eric Vale

49 :03x08 - The Shadow Dragons

A new Dragon appears out of the Dragon Balls!

Source: NickToons
Guest Stars: Chris Sabat as Dragon & Mr. Popo | Jerry Jewell as Additional Voices
Writer: Eric Vale

50 :03x09 - The Two-Star Dragon

Goku after being confronted by Bulma that he is responsible for the shadow dragons goes to fight them. Along with him is Pan. They come up against their first dragon Haze shenron. This dragon has begin to polute the earth and its up to Goku and Pan to stop him.
Writer: Eric Vale

51 :03x10 - The Five-Star Dragon

Continuing their adventure, Goku and Pan stumble across what appears to be an abandoned town. As they go threw the town they find out that a large electric slime made everyone flee the town. It is Rage Shenron who the five star dragon, now Goku and Pan must defeat him before they get defeated by the large electric slime.
Guest Stars: Jerry Jewell as Additional Voices
Writer: Eric Vale

52 :03x11 - The Six-Star Dragon

Goku and Pan come across the six star dragon Oceanus Shenron in what was once a peaceful village, as Goku continues to fight Oceanus it seems she is winning, that is until Pan steps in.
Guest Stars: Laura Bailey as Princess Oto | Jerry Jewell as Additional Voices
Writer: Eric Vale

53 :03x12 - The Seven-Star Dragon

While Goku and Pan continue their quest they come across a dragon that is borrowing threw an entire city. Its Naturon Shenron the Seven star dragon that is destroying the city. It looks as though the dragon is weak but when he seems to weak Goku knows somethings up, and Pan may be way over her head when she steps in.
Guest Stars: Laura Bailey as Princess Oto | Eric Vale as Additional Voices | Brice Armstrong as Additional Voices | Bradford Jackson (2) as Haze Shenron
Writer: Eric Vale

54 :03x13 - Saying Goodbye

Now the seven star dragon's secret is out, he can absorb living things, and after he absorbs Pan Goku has to make the decision of killing his grand daughter to save the earth.
Guest Stars: Eric Vale as Additional Voices | Brice Armstrong as Additional Voices
Writer: Eric Vale

55 :03x14 - The Four-Star Dragon

Now Goku and Pan continue their journey with four dragon balls secured. They come across the blazing hot Nuova Shenron the fire dragon, Pan is knocked out and the battle against the four star dragon is getting intense.
Writer: Eric Vale

56 :03x15 - The Heart of the Prince

Through this episode Vegeta thinks back on his whole life and how ever since he met Goku he has bein second, Vegeta finnally realizes something important, and finally admits something after so many years.
Guest Stars: Chris Sabat as Yamcha
Writer: Eric Vale

57 :03x16 - The Three-Star Dragon

As Goku's fight with Nuova Shenron comes to an end he decides to spare Nuova's life for not taking pans life when he had the chance. But things get difficult when Nuova's brother Eis shows up. Out numbered, can Goku manage to defeat two shadows dragons at once, or will he lose.
Writer: Eric Vale

58 :03x17 - The One-Star Dragon

Goku and Nuova resume fighting and the devious Eis Shenron freezes Goku solid. As the two evil dragon brothers continue to argue Goku starts to fight harder when Eis used Pan as a human shield. But unknown to them there is another fighter lurking in the shadows for the right time to strike.
Guest Stars: Jerry Jewell as Eis Shenron
Writer: Eric Vale

59 :03x18 - Shadow Dragons Unite

As Goku fights Sin Shenron, Sin absorbs the dragon balls and takes the form of Omega Shenron, now Goku must fight all the shadow dragons combined.
Guest Stars: Chris Sabat as Omega Shenron
Writer: Eric Vale

60 :03x19 - Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta

As Goku continues to fight Omega Shenron he thinks his only option left to defeat the evil dragon is to blow both of them up, just as he is about to Vegeta arrives claiming that he too can turn super saiyan four. Can Goku and Vegeta save the universe?
Writer: Eric Vale

61 :03x20 - Super Saiyan 4 Fusion

Vegeta and Goku know that they can't win this fight even as two super Saiyan 4's and vegeta offers to do the fusion with Goku. After a long struggle they finally perform fusion and now the tables have turned. Omega can't damage Gogeta, now Gogeta must defeat Omega if he can stay serious long enough to finish the job.
Guest Stars: Sean Schemmel as Gogeta (shared)
Writer: Eric Vale

62 :03x21 - The Limits of Power

Now that the fusion time has worn off Goku and Vegeta desperatley try to do fusion again but fail, all hope seems lost when Goku reverts back to his child form when Goku decides to swallow the four star ball.
Writer: Eric Vale

63 :03x22 - Rescue Goku

Omega Shenron takes the four star dragon ball out of Goku's fourhead and revives Nuova Shenron. Without knowing it Nuova and Goku has formed an alliance with an attempt to defeat Omega.
Writer: Eric Vale

64 :03x23 - Universal Allies

With no hope of winning Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan, and Goten attempt to defeat Omega Shenron but are easily defeated. Goku returns with a Spirit bomb and uses all the energy in the universe to make a final attempt to deafeat Omega Shenron
Guest Stars: Sean Schemmel as King Kai
Writer: Eric Vale

65 :03x24 - Until We Meet Again . . .

After Shenron appears without summoning he explains why the evil dragons had to be born in the first place. He also says the dragon balls will be gone forever so that the darkness of the evil dragons will never surface the earth again. Goku leaves with Shenron to train. At the end of the episode Goku Jr. and Vegeta Jr. fight in the world martial arts tournament.
Guest Stars: Laura Bailey as Young Chi Chi | Dameon Clarke as Cell | Bradford Jackson (2) as Oolong | John Burgmeier as Tien
Writer: Eric Vale
Classification: Animation
Genre: Animation General | Action | Adventure
Status: Ended
Network: Cartoon Network ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 08:00 pm
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: November 07, 2003
Ended: April 09, 2005
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