Hit and Run - Recap

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Jane is hurrying into the hospital looking for Grayson. He had gotten hit by a car and has died. Several males that she didn't know came up trying to convince her that they were the real Grayson in a different body. She wakes up and luckily, it was definitely a dream.

Jane visits Grayson in the hospital and doesn't want to leave his side. Parker gives her a case to work on, so she has to. She is giving representation to a movie star. His name is Tim Klein and initially only had hit and run charges, but his 12 year old victim passes away and now it is a second degree murder trial.

Kim is no longer working for Parker's law firm. She now has her own, because of Parker cheating on her with his ex girlfriend that also owned a piece of the business too. Kim has a client that has an ex husband that wants to get back with her after they already divorced. He claims that he has become a changed man. They end up hooking up and then he never talks to her after that. She asks if she can actually sue him for that. They did and she won. He actually has to put a billboard up that says what kind of man he is.

Jane goes to check on Grayson. He is in a coma, she tells him that she just wants everything to be okay again and the same, too. It is really hard on her watching him being with Vanessa when she's clearly meant for him. He wakes up and doesn't recognize Jane. The doctors say that he has temporary amnesia due to the coma. It has happened to many patients.

Jane has her case and she wins. She proves that Klein's estranged wife was driving the car when the child was hit. The case is over and she is told that Grayson is asking for her at the hospital. She goes and he actually tells her that he wants to speed up the nuptials with Vanessa. He asks her if she would be his best man. She tells him that she will and then leaves the hospital to burst into tears.