False Alarm - Recap

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Jane has been spending a lot of time making sure that Grayson and his wedding is taken care of. She takes him to go see his neurosurgeon and is attracted to him. She wants to get over Grayson and decides that she should probably start dating again so that she can do that. She asks him on a date.

Fred and Stacy are still going strong. Stacy is upset about the fact that he is weird about doing more than just kissing. He has never had much experience with women in that way and he really is nervous about it. He talks to Jane about it, even though he was interrupting her date and she convinces him to go for it.

Terri's boyfriend is getting sued by a woman that he had saved in a fire. Parker represents him and he almost won the case due to the protection of firefighters in those situations. That is until they learn that this guy isn't even a real firefighter. He is just a dude that wanted to be a firefighter, but couldn't cut it. He was a con. It was all a part of a plan. He went around starting fires himself and then goes in to save the residents. This is so that he can get the attention of the real fire department.

Kim is busy with her own case. Her client's daughter died and she is suing the plastic surgery company that she thinks had something to do with it. Parker wants to get Jane as second chair on this case, despite being separate firms now. Kim allows for this as long as she doesn't have to actually see Parker. Jane brings Stacy on, too. Stacy goes to the modeling company that the victim went to and it turned out that she was told that she would get a job if she got a breast size increase. With that information, the case is won.

Jane goes on her date with her surgeon and she even ends up bringing him home. They had a good night and she then makes the big decision to give Grayson her dream wedding book.