Welcome Back - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane sending an email to all her friends; it is been three weeks and she is still in Italy. But she is happy. Owen tells her the plan for the day. But Jane is getting homesick and she wants to go back. Owen agrees. Just then to their surprise, Terri arrives at the table. Owen leaves the women alone. Terri tells Jane that she should come back home. At the office, Kim tells Grayson that he is sliding. But he tells her that he is human and a “glitch” is not a big deal. Meanwhile, Terri tells Jane that Kim sent her to bring Jane back to the firm. Terri educates Jane that Parker is off looking for his son and girlfriend and apparently the firm is broke. Hence Kim wants Jane’s help. Terri also updates her about Emily, Lane’s first big client.

Emily has been charged with murder. Emily has decided to hire the firm on one condition; Jane is front chair. But Jane tells Terri that she doesn’t intend to return as she is having a nice time with Owen. Well, Terri tells Jane about all the things Kim is ready to offer. Grayson visits Stacy; she has been trying to avoid him. He wants to know what she meant when she said that Jane is Deb. She tells him that Deb was her best friend and now Jane is. He tells her that he can’t stop thinking of Jane since the time she left. Just then he gets a call saying that Jane is back. At the airport, Grayson sees Jane kissing Owen. He drops the flowers he got for Jane in the trash bin. She arrives at the office. Kim updates her with the case.

Emily Horne is arrested for the murder of Troy Minder, who is a mechanic. Emily and Troy were having an affair but it has ended few weeks ago. But one hour before Troy was killed; he called Emily from his downtown loft to Emily’s house in Santa Monica. The police found a bloody wrench in the back seat of Emily’s car and Emily’s earring was found at Troy’s house. The trial is in two days. Grayson tells Stacy that he saw Jane kissing Owen at the airport. Next, Emily meets Jane. She tells her that she is being framed. She also tells her about Troy’s ex-girlfriend, Amber Raines. Amber despised Emily as she had caught them together. Jane asks Kim to track Amber. Stacy arrives at the firm to welcome Jane; but Jane behaves coldly towards her and tells her that she saw her kissing Grayson, a man she once loved. Jane then goes to meet Emily’s husband, Anton Horne.

Anton tells Jane that he had gone to the gym for two hours at the time of the murder. Emily was home when he left and was also home when he returned; but he can’t vouch for the two hours in between. Meanwhile, Kim talks to Amber. At home, Stacy has made some cookies for Jane. Jane is still angry. Stacy tells her the whole truth and assures her that she isn’t interested in Grayson. But she wants to know about Fred. Jane tells Stacy that she had told Fred about the kissing incident and that he could be anywhere in the world; as he too was at the airport when she left for Italy. Just then Fred arrives at the door with his girlfriend Ally. Owen arrives at the office looking for Jane. But Jane has gone home. Grayson asks him about Italy and also wants to know whether they are seeing each other.

Owen tells him that it is nice that Grayson cares for his co-worker. Stacy talks to Nicky, the relationship guru and decides to follow her advice. Meanwhile, Kim and Jane ask the Judge for continuance as they tell the DA Had not given them the report of Amber’s statement. They also point out that Amber hated Emily and that she also has a motive. But the Judge denies it and the trial will start the next day. Meanwhile, Grayson has taken Stacy’s words too seriously; he digs for info about Jane and Deb and finds out that the day Deb died, Jane recovered miraculously. Next, four hours before the trial, Jane asks Terri to dig deep about Anton Horne. Terri feels that there is something going on with him and the DA. Jane tries to tell the Judge that Horne should not be compelled to testify as he is the husband.

But DA provides proof that the couple had filed for divorce and hence he is no longer immune. Jane has hit the wall. She has no idea what to do. Emily tells her that her husband knew about her affair before Troy was murdered. But Jane tells her that Anton told her that he found out about the affair after Troy’s death. Fred comes and tells Jane that Ally left him as he was unsure about the way he felt for her. Jane tells him that he still loves Stacy and that he should let her know. Stacy goes to Nicky and tells Nicky that her advised sucked. Nicky tells her that it is time to move on. She takes away Stacy’s phone and deletes Fred’s number so that she doesn’t call up Fred. They have identical phone covers and their phones get exchanged.

In the courtroom, Jane and Kim manage to get Anton under custody as he had lied about being at the gym, and that he also had motive. Emily arrives at the office and tells Jane that Horne is innocent as he did not kill Troy. She did. She tells Jane that Horne knew about their affair and had forgiven her. When Troy learned that Emily was rich, he started blackmailing her. But he was enraged when he knew that Anton knew about their affair and that he would get no money. He threatened Anton’s life. And Emily panicked. She hit hard with the wrench. Meanwhile, Fred comes to meet Stacy and tells her that he loves her. But she tells him that she doesn’t want to get back. Fred is heartbroken and tells her the truth about himself. He tells her that he is Deb’s guardian angel and that by falling in love with her, he had broken all rules.

Stacy is overwhelmed and tells her that she loves him and that they should get back together. But now since she knows the truth about Fred, he has to return back. He tells her that once he leaves her house, all of his memories would be erased from her memory. In the court, Owen represents Anton. He provides evidence that Anton was at the gym and that he was not connected with the murder. Moreover, he also presents the receipt of the earrings that were found at the crime scene. It was purchased on the day of the murder and earlier Emily had told the court that it was purchased six months back. The Judge drops all charges against Anton. Anton smiles at his wife. Owen realizes that Jane has been played. It appears that Emily did kill Troy and that Anton knew about it all along. Now, both of them are free. Jane tells her that she never wants to see her again. Just then Fred arrives and tells Jane what happened and also that he is leaving. His replacement is already here. Jane is upset. Fred is gone.

Next, Parker is back and he has brought Luke Daniels with him. Daniels is the firm’s new “angel investor”. Luke then meets Jane and he tells her that he is her new guardian angel. He is here to make sure that Deb continues her life as Jane. But Jane says that she is always going to remain as Deb for the rest of her life. Luke tells her that this is going to be fun and leaves. Grayson arrives at Stacy’s place and tells her about his discovery. He says that he spoke to the hospital staff and he learned that Jane flat-lined and then came back to life. She could actually be Deb. The episode ends.