Freak Show - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane waking up after a nightmare in which she is participating in a beauty contest and the crowd makes fun of her by calling her a freak. Next, Jane arrives at the office and is surprised to see Stacy at the office. Nikki is there too. They are there to meet Grayson. He is helping them with the legal part in setting up their new business. Nikki is a little rude with Jane as she refused to invest in their business. Jan tells Stacy that she only wanted to see a business plans before she would invest. Just then Grayson arrives and asks the two ladies to join him in his office. Terri hands over a new drink to Jane for an extra kick. The “difficult to deal with” old lady from the nail salon is coming to meet Jane. Her name is Rita Curtis and she has got a case for Jane.

She shows her a video footage and explains the case to Jane. She tells Jane that she saw a carrying a box and heading for the exit without paying. She jumped at him and stooped him from robbing the store. Jane is confused. Rita tells her that the owners have fired her for violating their”non-confrontational” policy. But she knows that they are only finding excuses for not giving her, her pension. Meanwhile, Owen meets Kim with his sister. He wants Kim to look into his sister’s divorce case. Kim is a little baffled that Owen has approached her instead of going to Jane. But his sister tells Kim that she would be more comfortable with her than Jane. Olivia tells Kim that Brian, her husband, is a computer software developer and that he is has developed a software which is about to be funded. They decided to end their marriage last week. They have also signed a pre-nuptial. But Kim tells Olivia that she is entitled to half of his wealth even if he is caught cheating. Olivia knows that. So she has brought his girlfriend along with her.

Her name is Eve and she is a computer application and a top of the line virtual assistant. Kim is totally baffled as no one can cheat on his wife with a computer application!! But Owen wants Kim to think out of the box and to come up with an argument which can be presented in the court. Owen wants her to argue that Brian has been living in an alternate reality. Parker arrives with some more ideas and they take the case. On the other hand, Parker doesn’t want Jane to take the case against “One Stop”, the store, but Luke points out that the old lady needs her pension. Jane is shocked to learn that Olivia doesn’t want her as her lawyer as she hates Jane’s guts. Next, Jane meets the manager of the superstore and points out that they are doing a wrong thing by stopping Rita’s pension. He shows Jane a video in which Rita is seen bad mouthing the store’s products and he affirms that Rita is not coming back to the store. In the courtroom, Kim manages to get 36 hours for supplemental discovery.

Grayson educates Jane about Nikki; she has three aliases and a warrant against her in Texas. Jane walks into her apartment and finds Nikki at her place. Stacy has gone out shopping. Jane confronts Nikki but Nikki threatens her to stay out of it and leaves. Owen arrives and tells her that he is sorry about his sister’s behavior. But Jane doesn’t remember anything about his siter and the problem she had with Jane. She tells Owen to get her for dinner and they will iron out the differences. Stacy walks in. seeing Stacy all furious and worked up, Owen leaves. Stacy tells her that Nikki has a warrant for a speeding ticket as she was trying to escape from her abusive boyfriend. This is also the reason for her aliases. Jane tries to reason with Stacy but Stacy refuses to listen to her. Meanwhile, Olivia meets Kim. Kim tells her that the case is a little weak. She asks her some questions and Olivia tells Kim that she hasn’t had sex for over a year.

Kim has an idea. In the middle of the night, Rita and Terri arrive at Jane’s house. Rita tells her that she has won four gold medallions for her service. She tells Jane that she lost her sister in an accident, and in order to honor her sister, she decided to speak her mind. She says that everything she told the customers about the products was the truth. Jane now has an idea to face the set back. The next day, Jane meets the Judge and tells her that they are dropping all charges and filing a new suit for the unlawful termination of a whistleblower. The Judge says that they need to have solid evidence; else here would be no suit. They leave. Outside the court, Rita tells Jane that sometimes she is not able to control her rebellious spirit as she feels that her sister, Lauren’s spirit is inside her. She says that after the accident she changed her behavior to honor Lauren.

But in fact, Rita died and Lauren’s spirit entered her body. She is Lauren. Jane and Luke are shocked. Jane is excited that finally she met someone who is like her. Luke asks her to stay focused on the case. Jane feels that she isn’t the only one in someone else’s body. Meanwhile, Kim meets Parker and tells him that the computer application, Eve is a replica of a real woman and that she is going to find that woman. In court, Rita’s case suffers yet another setback. Jane arrives home just in time to receive Olivia. Kim and Parker meet Suzie aka Eve. She tells them that Brian saw her at her yoga class and told her that she is going to be famous. But he never made a move on her and that the only time they met was at the photo shoot. Kim asks Suzie few questions about her DOB and her schooling and she compares it with Eve’s. Parker feels that Brian based Eve on Olivia; which in turn proves that Brian was having an affair with his own wife.

He only used Suzie’s face. At the dinner, Jane and Olivia are getting a little friendly, when Stacy arrives. She looks devastated. She admits that Jane had been right about Nikki. She tells Jane that Nikki called her telling her that she found a cute store and that she needed money immediately. So Stacy gave her a cashier’s check. She then went to the address and realized it was a fake and by the time she called her bank, Nikki had already cashed the check. Stacy is sorry that she trusted Nikki over Jane. Jane tells her that she always saw that there was potential in her idea but it is just that Stacy was rushing too much. Just then she hears Olivia shouting. She is mad because Jane has ordered Indian food. She is furious and she storms out. Jane goes to her car and tells Olivia that she has blank spots in her memory and that she can’t remember what went wrong between them.

Olivia tells her that back in school, she had broken Billy’s heart by sleeping with some other guy. Billy was her best friend. Jane has no memory of it and she tells Olivia that she is ready to apologize to Billy. But Olivia tells her that Billy is a Diplomat in Pakistan. Jane tells her that she loves Owen and so she would not lie to his sister and that she means what she is saying. Just then Terri calls Jane and asks her to come over to the office. Olivia is somewhat convinced and they decide to meet over lunch. Terri tells Jan that both the sisters were the employees at One Stop and that they were in a One Stop car that was serviced three days before the accident. It was serviced at a One Stop shop and the car had One Stop breaks on it; another flawed product. Terri has a safety report for One Stop’s auto fleet.

Now, Rita Curtis is suing for the wrongful death of Lauren. Jane cross examines the owner of the superstore and points out that 50 cars from the auto fleet got into accidents last year and brake related accidents are 6%, way above the permitted limit; 20 times the average rate. Cheaper brake pad is directly proportional to higher number of break related accidents. The Judge orders the company to find a conference room and work things out; fast! Jane and Rita are happy. Meanwhile, Kim and Parker accuse Brian of using Olivia’s credentials without her permission and that is an offence. They win the argument and now Olivia will be receiving half of Eve’s profits. Jane tells Stacy that she would like to invest in her business. Stacy is happy.

Next, Luke is waiting for Jane in her office. He wants her to read Rita’s medical records. The doctors said that Rita suffered from cerebral contusion and that is what caused the personality change. When Jane questions Rita, Rita tells her that she couldn’t imagine a world without her sister and so she believed in a story that is better than the doctors’. Jane is upset. Now, once again, she is the only one living in someone else’s body. Rita thanks Jane for all her help and leaves. She tells Luke that she is happy with her life, but at times she feels like a freak. But Luke tells her that everyone is a freak in one way or the other; so she needs to get over herself. Quite a pep talk!! The episode ends.