Winning Ugly - Recap

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The episode begins with a basketball match between the lawyers and the judges. The judges are winning. Teri is a little hard on Grayson. Owen manages a basket and the judges win. Just then Jane gets a call and she tells Teri that they need to leave. Next, in the office, the lawyers are watching a participant’s video. Her name is Renee and she is a participant in a reality makeover show, “the ugly duckling”. It is run by Dr. Whitlow. It appears that one day before her cosmetic surgery; Whitlow told Renee that she is too ugly to be helped. Three days after this comment was made, Renee committed suicide. Jane feels that Whitlow was negligent towards Renee feelings and was rather rude as well. This made Renee commit suicide. Whitlow’s lawyer is ready to settle for $50,000. Jane finds it insulting as they were demanding two million.

The lawyer is one of the best in California and he points out that Jane’s firm is going through financial trouble and they don’t have the resources to compete. They should accept the settlement. Next, Grayson and Parker are discussing about an arbitration case. Just then Parker’s son Eric arrives. He is here to meet his dad. Parker is glad to see his son. He has been looking for him for a long time. Eric’s mother doesn’t know that he is come to meet Parker. Parker asks his secretary to inform Eric’s mom that he is safe. He attends the arbitration. Two women are at the office waiting for him. One of them says that the other woman, Ramona, stole her husband. And Ramona tells Parker that Trent doesn’t want to live with his previous wife.

Parker tells them that he wants to hear it from Trent. But he is flabbergasted when he learns that Trent is a rat! The first wife feels that Trent died and reincarnated as the rat. Meanwhile, Teri and Jane go to help Stacey with some trouble she is facing regarding her new “pakery”. The painters have ditched and she is supposed to open the next day. She isn’t in a position to delay the opening. Jane tells Teri to work her magic as she has invested $20,000 in this store. At the office, Parker tells Jane that Renee’s case could cost them a lot of money; but Jane reassure him that she is watching every penny. Just then Luke walks in with Abby, a jury consultant. Parker is at his wits ends as jury consultants cost thousands. But Luke says that he has invested in the firm and he wants to make sure that the firm does well with the Renee case.

In the courtroom, Jane cross examines Whitlow. Abby makes a note of the juror’s reaction. In their office, Abby tells Jane that few jurors were in her favor and few were against her. But a few were neutral. She talks about juror number 11 and tells Jane that she doesn’t like the way Jane carries herself. Abby tells her that Jane behaves like a runaway model and that she needs to tone that down a little. Meanwhile, Mrs. Yardley tells Parker the reasons why she believes that the rat is a reincarnation of her late husband Trent. She also tells Parker that she owned a pet store and Ramona worked for them. Ramona later confessed about her affair with Trent and then later tried running away with Trent, the rat, in her pocket.

As the women were bickering, Eric mother arrives at Parker’s office. Parker excuses himself and goes to talk to her. Eric wants to stay back with his father and Parker assures her that the arbitration wouldn’t last long. In the courtroom, Renee’s husband tells the room that they fell in love and opened a flower shop. But then they had to file for Chapter 11. Renee thought it was her fault as she felt that people didn’t want to buy beautiful things from an ugly person. He had gone to get her favorite flower from the store, and when he returned, she was dead. Whitlow’s lawyer asks the husband about his affair with Jennifer Miller. He tells the room that Renee could have never found out about it and that it was nothing serious. The lawyer points out that it was the husband’s infidelity that killed Renee.

Abby checked the reactions of the jurors and tells Kim that they need a miracle worker. Next, Abby tells Kim and Jane that one of the jurors has been constantly watching Kim. Jane suggests that Kim should take over. Kim cross examines Renee’s therapist. The therapist tells the court that Renee was in high spirits when she was about to leave for the surgery. But the defense counsel points out that Renee was in depression and so she was more vulnerable to commit suicide. The judge tells Jane and Kim that they need more backing for the case else he will have to write the judgment in favor of the defendant. At the office, Owen surprises Jane with a lunch. During the conversation, Owen realizes that Grayson and the lawyers let the judges win the basketball game as they thought the judges would penalize them in court if they won the game.

But he also feels that Jane knows too much about Grayson and has a gut feeling that Jane and Grayson have dated. But Jane swears that Jane Bingham has never dated Grayson. Well, that is the truth; in a way. later, Kim tells Jane that she has found something that might help the case. in the courtroom, kim proves that Whitlow had dropped Renee from the show because her procedures and recovery time would take around six months and the show’s premiere was up in four months time. So, had they kept Renee on the show, their show wouldn’t have premiered on the decided date. This time the Judge is convinced and decline’s the defendant’s motion. In the elevator, the juror in the red jacket who was eyeing Kim, talks to them. Jane tells Kim that they should report this to the Judge.

But Kim tells her that it could lead to a mistrial. Just then, Dillingham, the defense counsel, arrives in their office and tells them that Whitlow wants this case to go away. They have decided to settle for $250,000. Renee’s husband is ready to take the money. But Kim tells him that Whitlow needs to be taught a lesson and also that he could get more money if they win the case. The husband agrees. Kim tells Jane that the Judge wants to meet them in his chambers. He tells Dillingham that he is not going for a mistrial and he tells Kim and Jane that according to law, they are supposed to be disbarred but he will wait for the verdict. For the moment, he will be replacing that juror with a new one. Meanwhile, during the arbitration, Parker convinces the women that a rat is a rat and that they could do better than fight over a rat.

Mrs. Yardley tells Parker that she just wanted to take away something from Ramona like Ramona took away Trent from her. they agree. In the courtroom, Jane presents her argument and the jury is in favor of the plaintiff. They win the case. The judge summons Parker and the two women to his chambers and update Parker with the recent event. Parker is shocked. The Judge tells him that he needs to put away a little money from their present win for donation; else he would disbar his lawyers. Later, Eric’s mother is leaving for Canada for two weeks and she allows Eric to stay with Parker. Teri gives away Trent, the rat to Eric and he is excited. At the office, Luke tells Jane that this case wasn’t about her.

He reminds her that she is not Deb anymore. He also suggests that the next time they win a case, they should try to keep the money and not lose it; the firm needs it. Next, thanks to Teri, Stacy manages to open her pakery on time. But then, she also had to agree that she would let Teri sing at the inauguration. At the pakery, Owen suggests a rematch with Grayson. Teri sings her song. Grayson wins the game. Jane arrives wondering what is going on. Owen tells Grayson that Grayson must have won the game, but they both know who is actually winning here. The couple leaves and Grayson is left standing alone. The episode ends.