Happily Ever After - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane and Owen at a restaurant. After a bit of bickering and a short kiss, Jane heads off to washroom to reapply her lip gloss. She notices two bodyguards standing outside the washroom; inferring that there is a celebrity in there. As she is applying the gloss, she hears a woman crying. Jane offers help. The girl steps out and tells Jane that those bodyguards don’t work for her; they work for the prince. The girl asks her to leave, but Jane tells her that she won’t and says that she wants to help. The girl says her name is Lila Penjore; and she is here for the goodwill tour with the Prince of Bhutan. They need to return home the next day and get married.

But apparently the Prince already has two wives and she doesn’t want to marry him. The guards have been appointed as they know that she would run away if she gets a chance. Jane texts Owen and tells Lila that she and her boyfriend would help her. Meanwhile, Parker meets Kim at a café. They are having some small talk, when Parker gets a call from Eric’s school. There has been an incident and Eric needs to be picked up. They reach the school. Parker meets the Principal, Samuel Bennett. He assures Parker that Hilman was placed on leave as soon as they learned about his misconduct. One of the parents tells him that Hilman was working in porn movie. On the other hand, the guards try to force their way into the washroom. Jane stops them.

Owen walks up to them and tells them to back off or they can get arrested. One of the guards tells him that by doing this; he will be causing a major international incident. Owen claims that he has done worse. They walk away and Jane is impressed! Lila thanks them. But she also warns them that the Prince will fight them and will not let go easily. Jane is ready. At the office, Jane tells Owen that she has been interviewing Lila for the asylum application and it seems that the Prince wants to marry her to produce a male heir. Owen has found out that Lila had accepted the Prince’s proposal and this isn’t a forced marriage. But Jane educates him about how things went about with Lila and the Prince. She was hired as an accountant, and then she was asked for dinner.

Next, the news of their engagement broke out and after that the Prince proposed marriage. Lila’s family was honored with a lot of gifts. She asks him whether she can argue that this upcoming marriage is a human rights violation. Well, Owen thinks that every marriage is! Next, Parker and Kim are discussing Eric’s teacher and the case. It appears that the teacher and his wife started making these sex tapes and put them up on net for $1.99. And this the teacher started two years before he began to teach. Eric wants his father to help Hilman get his job back. Kim tells him that they would first go and talk to his teacher and then see what they can do. Meanwhile, on being asked by Jane, Lila tells her about Hari; her first crush.

She tells Jane that on seeing him after a long time, she realized that she cannot marry a guy she doesn’t love. A representative from the State Government arrives at the office and asks Jane about Lila’s whereabouts. He also points out the global ramifications that this whole thing could bring about. Just then he receives a message saying that the State pulled off Lila’s visa and now she is an illegal immigrant and subject to immediate deportation. Grayson says that he can arrange an immediate hearing to stop that deportation. Next, Parker and Kim talk to Hilman and his wife, Lisa. They tell the lawyers that they were going through tough times and so they didn’t have any choice but to turn to porn. They also had an ailing mother to look after. He tells them that Shifley is a producer and his daughter is in his class.

When she wasn’t cast for a particular role in the school play, he decided to come after him. Kim thinks that they can issue a temporary retraining order, prohibiting the school from suspending them. Meanwhile, the representative of the State Government and Jane put forward their arguments in front of the Judge. She tells Jane that if she is going to argue on human rights violation then she needs to have that on the list. Grayson intervenes saying that Amnesty is coming up with a report, wherein forced marriage is also considered as violation of rights. They managed to buy themselves one more day. Jane is surprised that Grayson got in touch with Amnesty; but Grayson had lied in front of the Judge. Hari is waiting for Lila. But just then the cops arrive and arrest her for sedition.

Grayson goes with Lila and Jane stays back to see what can be done to present this before the Federal Magistrate. Kim and Parker totally fail to make a legal point in front of t Judge and so they appeal for a fair trial. The Judge grants them a trial; but that is going to start this afternoon. Meanwhile, Jane presents her case in front of the Federal Magistrate. She wants the trial to be held in Bhutan Beverly Hills; the Bhutanese Consulate. The magistrate grants it. In the courtroom, the Hilman trial is going the way Kim and Parker want it to go. Owen meets Jane in her office and tells her that it would be very difficult for her to win this case as the State Department is against her. They have a small disagreement as Jane doesn’t agree with Owens’ point of view about marriage.

She seems hurt and asks him to leave. While all this is going on, Terri finds out a way to make Stacy’s pakery popular. In return, she designates herself as the Chief Marketing officer of the pakery. Kim calls Terri and asks her to find out the list of the people from the school who streamed the video. In the courtroom, the Judge doesn’t want to hear any of Kim’s arguments. Terri walks in with the information that the Principal of the school had streamed Hilman’s video four months earlier. But he did not fire Hilman at that time as Hilman was no threat to the students. But the Judge still is adamant and is not convinced. Kim declares that they rest the case and are ready for the closing statement. She tells Parker that the lesser the jury hears from the Judge, the better it would be for them.

On the other hand, Lila’s trial did not go well and she is arrested for sedition as the Prince lied in the court that Lila had declined the offer to come for the goodwill tour. Jane goes to the Judge and tells her that she needs to do something. But the Judge tells her that she will not be able to help her any further. Just then Parker comes in with the copy of the Prince’s statement. It said that Lila did not want to come to America with him. Jane wants her to grant Lila asylum under human trafficking. Parker presents his closing statement to the jury. He is successful. Hilman gets his job back. Eric is happy and thanks his dad. It is time to celebrate. Meanwhile, Terri tells Jane that Owen is waiting for her downstairs with her tote that she kept at his place. She knows that Owen is dumping her.

She tells Luke about what happened. Just then Lila and Grayson arrive. The Judge managed to push through Lila’s Visa papers. Lila thanks Jane but notices that Jane is upset. Jane leaves to meet Owen and Lila tells Grayson to go to her and tell her how he feels about her. At the bar, Jane is waiting for Owen to tell her that she is being dumped. But the exact opposite happens; Owen proposes to her and slips a ring into her finger. She is thrilled. While the two are getting engaged, Luke stops Grayson from meeting Jane. A while later, Jane and Owen walk out and see Luke and Grayson and declare their engagement. They invite them to the pakery, where Stacy is throwing a party.

But Grayson declines saying that he has got plans with Luke. Stacy and Terri are amazed and happy seeing the ring on Jane’s finger. Owen borrows his fiancé from the ladies. They walk out of the pakery and Jane is pleasantly surprised to see a decorated chariot waiting for her. Owen says that it is for his princess. They ride away into the night. The episode ends.