Ashes To Ashes - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane’s mother holding a funeral service for the death of Owen and Jane’s relationship. Everyone has an opinion as to why Owen left Jane. They say that she can be bossy; she doesn’t get along with people. Grayson says that she doesn’t tell the truth as she hasn’t told him that she is Deb! Jane yells at them to stop and she wakes up. It was only a dream! Jane tells Stacy about her nightmare and Stacy’s analysis of the dream says that Jane is now ready to put Owen in the past and move on. Stacy pretends to be Owen and asks Jane to unload her rage. But Jane needs to get to the office. Stacy wonders why as her firm has been shut down. But Parker has asked them to meet at the office for an announcement.

Jane arrives at the office and is surprised to find Luke; Gina is out so now he is back in! Terri walks in wearing her new attire and a platinum blonde wig; from now on she is Lady Bodacious; her new musical persona. Parker arrives and breaks the news that the firm is back in business as he helped the FBI in catching Gina and she is being sent to prison. They are surprised to know that Parker knew from the start that Gina was dirty and this whole thing was a big sting operation. Since the time Gina came in, all the firm’s calls etc were being monitored by the FBI. Everyone is pissed. Grayson and Jane meet their client, Kathy. Her fiance Scott died of heart problem. Kathy says that his ashes are the only thing left with her. Scott’s step mom says that she is the rightful owner of the ashes.

Scott wrote everything off to his step mom before he died. She also shows them a recorded last wish in which Scott says that he belongs to her; body and soul. She keeps looking at an empty chair. On being asked, Kathy tells them that sometimes she can see Scott. Grayson agrees to take up the case. Kim is upset with Parker for keeping her in the dark. Grayson tells Jane that after Deb died, he would see her and hear her voice everywhere. They are glad that they took this case. Grayson leaves and just hen Jane hears a voice call out her name; it is Owen. He wants to talk. But Jane doesn’t know what to say and she leaves. She tells Stacy what happened and Stacy tells her that the next time she sees him, she should give him a piece of her mind. Next, Scott’s step mom, Caitlin meets Jane and Grayson with her lawyer.

They aren’t aware of Scott’s intentions to change his will. Kathy says that she doesn’t want any money; but only the ashes. Caitlin says that when Scott’s father died and they scattered his ashes, Scott wanted to be buried in the same place and she wants to respect his wishes. She is ready to go to court if she has to. Terri wants Luke to lend her $1000; it is to set up her music career. In the courtroom, Caitlin’s lawyer wants Sarah Kelton to be called as witness as the Judge has ruled in favor of public policy. The Judge agrees. Sarah tells the court that Kathy shouldn’t be given the ashes because she is eating them. Everyone is shocked to hear this. Kathy admits to eating Scott’s ashes. The Judge orders the bailiff to take away the ashes from Kathy till the time he can wrap his head around this.

Jane thinks that Kathy needs mental help, not legal. But Grayson tries to defend Kathy. Kathy tells them that Scott’s ghost appears only after she eats his ashes. She tells them that after she came back from the crematorium and she poured the ashes into the mantle box, a little fell on her fingers and she didn’t want to wash it down the sink; so she licked them. After a few minutes, Scott appeared for the first time. Luke goes to the studio to check on the recording stuff before he could lend Terri the money. There he finds out that another guy won the first place in the rock off and that he has his show coming up. next, Jane runs into Owen in the elevator. He tells her that he had some problems with his heart and he didn’t want to tell Jane about it as they had just gotten engaged. So he went for a complete check up, thinking that he would call Jane with the results.

But when he got there he had a heart attack and he was taken into surgery. He was then in a medically induced coma. Jane has to go and he tells asks her whether they could have this conversation later. Jane asks him to come over to her place at seven. In the Judge’s chambers, the lawyers put forth their arguments. The Judge wants to hear it from Kathy. Kathy sees Scott’s ghost in the court room and she giggles. The Judge rules that she needs mental care. He awards the ashes to Scott’s mother. Kathy pleads to the judge and then collapses on the stand. In the hospital, Kathy wakes up and asks Jane about Scott’s ashes. They tell her that they have been given to Scott’s mother. The doctors ran a test on Kathy and they found heavy metal toxicity in her blood which was due to the cremation process.

This toxicity causes dizziness, fainting and hallucination; Scoot was only a figment of her imagination. Meanwhile, Terri tells Parker that he needs to give Kim more respect as a partner. Later, Luke takes Terri to the concert where the guy who won the first place in the rock-off is performing; he is sponsored by the music company. Terri is upset and she walks away. At home, Jane is all dressed up to receive Owen; she is put back her engagement ring as well. Owen arrives. He tells her that he cannot get back with her as his heart is weak and can give away any moment. He tells her that he is withdrawing his proposal. She tells him that he doesn’t get to leave her as she is leaving him; she returns the engagement ring. He leaves. Next day, at work, Jane tells Grayson that she and Owen broke up.

Grayson tells Jane that the heavy metal that has caused poisoning in Kathy’s body is not a by-product of cremation. But Jane says that the poisoning started right after Scott was cremated. Grayson says that Scott might have been poisoned with thallium just before he died and that way it must have gotten into Kathy’s body. They track down the Judge. They tell him that Scott was about to inherit millions from his dead father’s property on his 25th birthday. But he died before he turned 25 and also before he got married. So, all the money would go to Scott’s step mom. She wants the ashes as the ashes could be an evidence of homicide. The Judge signs the warrant for Scott’s step mom. Next, Luke arrives with a $1000 check for Terri.

She realizes that the rock-off is scam and tells him that the next time he wants to say something, he should tell her directly. Next, Grayson tells Jane that the cops didn’t find the ashes as Caitlin already dumped them. Without the ashes they can do nothing. Just then Jane sees Kathy talking to herself and she realizes that she has hidden away some of the ashes. They confront Kathy. Kathy admits that she did keep aside a handful when she heard that they were going to court. Jane tells her that Scott might have been poisoned and to prove that they need the ashes. But she ate the last of them and she has nothing left. Jane thinks of another way. Meanwhile, Parker asks Kim to lead the annual partner’s meet. She is happy. Caitlin arrives in Jane’s office and Jane tells her that she has some of the ashes left with her as Kathy had kept it aside.

She then tells her about her suspicions and about the poisoning. Caitlin is ready to offer her a bribe and make this go away. But the cops are listening to this conversation and they arrest Caitlin. Jane and Grayson are happy that they pulled this off. Jane then goes to Owens’s office. She tells him that she knows that he is scared and wants to avoid all the pain that his death could cause to Jane. But Jane is ready to face all of it. She takes the ring from him and this time she asks him if he would marry her. Owen says a yes. The episode ends.