Lady Parts - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane waking up half an hourly early from her usual time. Stacy thinks that she had an “interesting night” but Jane tells her that Owen is recovering from a heart surgery and that she wants to keep his blood pressure as low as possible. She then excitedly tells Stacy that she is meeting with her mom today; actually Deb’s mom. She has started teaching dance again and has put up a new studio and she is meeting her there. At the office, Grayson tells Kim that a friend of his needs a lawyer. Just then his friend Fiona arrives. He doesn’t remember her and that is why he has his year book open. She jogs his memory by telling him about the murals she painted on the cafeteria walls.

She has come a long way since then. She did mention a contract dispute. She has paid for her sculpture to be installed but it hasn’t been and she has paid for the installment. Grayson agrees to take the case. Jane arrives at Little Deb’s dance studio. Jane remembers her days when her mother used to prepare her for the Nationals and she used to push her really hard. Bobby greets Jane and tells her that she is being sued for negligence. One of her students, Keira Walsh, injured her foot during private lessons. She says that she cannot lose this place as it keeps her close to her daughter Deb. Next, Grayson goes to the Lakewood City Hall where Fiona’s sculpture was supposed to be installed. He meets Lloyd and he tells her that it is Fiona who is the one in breach.

She has made an indecent sculpture and that violates the law; it looks like a 12 foot vagina. At the office, Jane and Bobby meet with Keira’s mother and she tells her that she Bobby bullied her daughter in doing a step when she wasn’t well. Jane tries to talk Megan into settling, but it doesn’t work. Just then Simon arrives; he is Bobby’s lawyer from the insurance company. Jane doesn’t like Simon. Grayson tells Fiona that her sculpture violates community standards and they are taking it down. But she says that it depicts community spirit. She tells him that she has given that sculpture six months and now she barely has any money. Grayson shows the picture of the sculpture to Kim. He tells her the situation. Kim is ready to help him.

In the court, Keira says that she always wanted to be a dancer in Broadway since she had won a National title. She tells the court that Bobby asked her to do a difficult step despite Keira telling her that she isn’t feeling well. Bobby is shocked as Keira had only told her that she was tired. She did the step and she heard a snap. The opposing counsel then plays the recording of the 911 call she made. It appears that she was apologizing to Keira. Keira says that it was Bobby’s fault that she made her do the step. At the office, Simon tells Bobby and Jane that the plaintiff has updated the witness list and they are bringing in Abby Lee Miller, a dance instructor. Jane and Bobby are shocked on hearing the name.

In the courtroom, a video is played where we see Bobby teaching and the counsel asks for Abby’s opinion. She says that Bobby’s teaching methods are intimidating. Jane plays a video of Abby instructing her class; she too is extremely intimidating. But Abby says that none of her students have had a career ending injury. Jane suggests that Bobby should settle. Alongside, we see that Owen is the presiding Judge in Fiona’s case. After listening to both sides, Owen finds the City in breach and he orders them to pay Fiona and leave the sculpture right there. During the settlement talk, once again things don’t go well and Megan decides that there would be no settlement and she leaves the room. Fiona and Grayson are celebrating their victory, when Kim arrives and tells them that the City hall is changing the sculpture, put some giant wings on it and make it look like a butterfly or something.

Grayson says that they need an emergency injunction. Kim and Grayson go to Jane’s to get the injunction from Owen. Jane tells them not to disturb Owen but Owen comes out saying that he agrees. Owen then tells Jane that they should go and “have their evening”. But she leaves saying that she needs to meet a client. She goes to meet Bobby. She wants to know why she blew up the settlement. Bobby is furious that Simon brought up the issue of loss of earnings as they were there only to discuss medical expenses. Parker arrives and Bobby tells her that Megan has amended the case to intentional infliction of emotional stress and Parker is taking over. Insurance companies do not cover that and this means that Bobby could lose her house. Bobby fires Jane. Jane tells Stacy what happened.

Stacy is getting ready for her date with Luke and Jane doesn’t approve of it. She feels that Megan is a berating mom and she goes to meet her Megan’s ex-husband, Robert Walsh. Robert confirms that Megan puts too much pressure on Keira. But he wouldn’t testify to that. But he also tells Jane that Keira just texted him saying that they settled with the insurance company. In the court, the city proves that Fiona is not a renowned artist to have special protection. On the other hand, Jane arrives at the court and meets Simon. She yells at him for deliberately antagonizing Bobby. He tells her that they have agreed to settle for $15,000. Jane wonders what Simon did and he asks her to see it for herself. Just then Jane receives a call from Terri saying that Kim told her that Owen is looking pale.

She rushes to Owen. Grayson is buying his time, and Jane rushes in, asking Owen to call it for a recess. Owen tells her that she is the reason for his stress. Jane receives a text and she leaves. Jane arrives for Bobby’s hearing and she sees that Stacy is called to the stand. Jane is shocked. The counsel tries to prove that Bobby caused a lot of stress not only to the students but also her daughter. Stacy says that Bobby treated all of them equally. But the opposing counsel states a competition from 1976, which puts Bobby in a bad light. Parker asks Jane how they knew about the competition, and Jane tells him that Simon must have overheard her conversation with Stacy. She is sure that Simon leveraged this info to settle the claim with the insurance company.

She then goes through the files and tells Parker that the ambulance arrived within minutes after the 911 call. They were in the nearby area twenty minutes ago as there was an accident involving a 12 year old. Jane realizes something. In the courtroom, Owen tells Grayson that his leash is growing shorter. Kim tells the court that they have something to show them. She turns on the news and there we see Terri and few others have chained themselves to the sculpture and there are many people protesting against the City. Well played! The case is dropped!! Jane is meeting the presiding Judge in her chambers with the others involved in the case. Jane asks Keira a few questions. She tells Keira about the ambulance that arrived at the park for a skate boarding accident.

Keira breaks down. She tells her mother that she doesn’t love dancing as much as she does. She apologizes to Bobby and says that she never wanted to get her into trouble. Jane wins the case. Stacy is waiting for Jane and says she is sorry and that she tried to call. Jane says it is okay and that they won the case. And also that Simon is fired. Stacy is dressed up thinking that Luke will ask her out for a Nikki Minaj show. But it turns out that he is actually taking Kim and he is interested in her. But Stacy doesn’t seem upset. Fiona admits to Grayson that it is indeed a vagina and that she was only trying to be expressive as an artist.

Grayson isn’t angry at her; instead they kiss. Bobby apologizes to Jane for firing her. Next, Owen arrives and tells Jane that she needs to be calmer about his condition and that he doesn’t want his heart condition to change “them”. Jane agrees. She had made salad for them; but Jane thinks they should start with dessert instead. They go to their bedroom. The episode ends.