Family Matters - Recap

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The scene opens with Jane holding a press conference in front of Saint Katherine’s Hospital for Jenny, a girl who overdosed at a Rave. She says that they are filling a lawsuit for the 15-year-old girl against Dennis Fulman. Inside the hospital, Beth is worried that people will think that she is exploiting her daughter. Owen and Jane tell her that is not the case. At the law offices, a man named Dan tells Kim and Grayson that he was a turkey baster with Kerry, a woman who he got pregnant. Now there is a custody battle over Charlie, the boy. He says that Kerry’s fiancé, Rick, has other plans. They tell him that it is not a problem and that they will take care of things for him. Jane asks if Owen is alright and he is devastated. Jane says that Teri found that there are several others who were affected too. Karla, Jenny’s friend, comes to the hospital and asks to see Jenny. She feels bad for her.

Stacey calls Jane and says that her hair looked awesome on TV. She says that she needs Owen’s father’s address. Jane is about to ask, but Owen says that he knows and says that he will get her the address, but avoids questions about his father. At the meeting, Kim and Grayson talk to Kerry and Rick. Dan says that he has only the best interests at heart for Charlie. Kerry is clearly on Dan’s side, but Rick pushes the fact that Dan hasn’t paid child support. Dan says that he will pay whatever amount. However, Rick says that he is having Kerry and Charlie move in with him. Kim says that they will fight in court, but Rick is not afraid. Jane gets home and says that her feet are killing her. Jane says that Owen doesn’t want to talk about his father. Stacey starts thinking that Owen’s father is a spy. Jane says that she will get Teri to do get the information out of him, but Stacey suggests that she do it rather than Jane’s way. A note comes and it is a death threat on Owen’s life.

Jane calls the judge and they are going to put a security detail on Owen. Jane tells Stacey that she cannot tell Owen about this because of his heart. She realizes that she has to continue with the case as to not startle Owen. At court, Kim and Grayson talk to Dan, but are interrupted by the FDA. They tell the judge that Dan has fathered 5 other women’s children and that he is trafficking tissue. Rick smiles. The judge can’t do anything about it. Rick admits to calling on Dan. Stacey goes up to Owen and says that she is worried about Jane. Stacey says that her own dad and she have issues. However, she fails to come up with things and Owen catches on. Owen says that his dad is a corn farmer who went crazy by building a baseball field waiting for Shoeless Joe Jackson. He says that they lost everything. Stacey doesn’t catch on that Owen was quoting the plot to “Field of Dreams”.

Teri comes up to Jane and says that she needs to go into tasting for the wedding. However, she can’t make it. Teri and Luke are enlisted to be her tasters and to pretend that they are Jane and Owen. Beth and Jane meet with Fulman and Jane says that they are pressing charges. Fulman asks if she is sure that she wants to pursue this. Jane gets sick to her stomach and has to excuse herself. Stacey comes in and tells Jane that Owen’s father was a corn farmer. However, Jane catches on that it is just a sad version of “Field of Dreams”. Stacey realizes that she was played. At the catering company, the Chef, Robert, comes out and has them try the sushi. Luke doesn’t like sushi and Teri puts it in his mouth. Robert gets up and Luke checks out another chef. Teri reprimands him and Robert sees this. He refuses to cater the event. Kim and Grayson go talk to Dan in jail and tell him that they will do something. Dan admits to the women who asked, but says that he only wanted to help father Charlie.

Owen comes into Jane’s office and tells her that he feels that he is being followed. Jane fesses up to the security detail and the death threat. He tells her that she needs to take off the detail and leave it to him. Beth and Jane go up to the Congressman Phillip and he thanks them for the hard work. At court, Karla takes the stand and she recalls what happened. However, on cross examine Fulman’s lawyer points out that it was Karla who gave Jenny Ecstasy before the Rave. They move to include Karla as a co-offender. In the judge’s chambers, Jane tells him that this is not fair. At the FDA, Kim fights for the right of Dan and tells the FDA to prosecute all the women and men involved of selling sperm online. The FDA decides to drop charges. However, he is arrested in the hall for being a gay man who has donated sperm.

Teri tells Grayson that they are going to have to tell Jane that they are going to have to do something. Grayson says that they need to tell the truth, but Teri says that they are going to get Robert to do it. Parker meets with Kim and says that this case seems like that the government is trying to tell a man or woman how they are allowed to have sex. He tells her to use that in the case. Owen and Jane get to the hospital and Beth is there crying. She says that Jenny is dead. Owen gets back from comforting his friend and says that they don’t know what they are going to do. Karla comes in and tells them to prosecute her. At the court case involving Dan, a police officer is on the stand. Kim asks how his children were conceived. He gets offended and says that it is none of her business. She says that is right. No one is allowed to tell you how much of what needs to be there. She says that she can call all the mothers that Dan conceived their baby. Kim wins another case for Dan and charges are dropped.

At the office, Owen finds out that the Ecstasy in Jenny’s body wasn’t enough to kill her, but dehydration was a factor at the party. Teri and Luke go to Robert and admit that they are not Jane and Owen. Robert calls them Cater Whores and says that they are trying to get free food. Teri says that they are imposters sent by Jane. Luke grabs Robert by the arm and demands he serve the food there because Jane is in the middle of a high profile case. Owen calls Jane to ClearCalm Water and they go in trying to get information. However, Owen tells Jane that Congressman Phillips is in on it with the drug dealer since ClearCalm water was the only water available. In the courtroom later, Jane questions Congressman Phillips about the water and company. He finally invokes his 5th amendment rights when Jane shows him that it was Congressman Phillips who sent the threatening note. Jane has another person instead of Karla to add to the suspect list.

Dan gets into the office and tells Kim and Grayson that everything is back to normal now. However, they remember that they still have some work with the custody part. Just then, Kerry comes in and tells Dan that she left Rick and that Dan can see Charlie as often as he wants. She apologizes to him. Jane goes up to Teri and Luke and tells them that Robert is still going to do the catering despite what they did. Jane talks to Luke about telling Owen the fact that she is really a 24 year old model’s soul. He advises against it, but Jane wants to tell him. Later at dinner, Owen gives Jane his father’s address and says that several years ago he refused to officiate at his father’s wedding. They haven’t talked in a year. She is about to tell her secret, but says “I love you” instead. They agree on no more secrets. The episode ends.