Picks and Pakes - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane practicing her smile so that she can blend humility with confidence. She is going to be on television and argue with Lawrence Brand, a lawyer and they are going to debate on ‘keeping celebs lives to privacy’. Owen then mentions that there are a couple of houses that they need to check before they move in. But Jane is reluctant as she hasn’t ‘had a talk’ with Stacy about moving out. Next, Terri tells Stacy that he date to Jane’s wedding is going to be her Zumba instructor and she asks Stacy about her date. Stacy points out to a guy on her right; she doesn’t know his name but she says that he come to her shop every day. He discusses about pakes and leaves.

Terri tells the guy that Stacy would like to go out with him and he asks Stacy for lunch. She is happy and agrees. Next, Nancy Grace introduces Lawrence Brand and Jane Bingham on television and the topic of debate. Since Jane isn’t very popular, Nancy makes a mistake while introducing Jane and Jane looks slightly upset. Jane does a good job in putting forth her argument but then she accidentally drops a glass of water on her dress and also manages to throw Nancy off her chair! Literally! On the other hand, Stacy is at lunch with the guy and he tells her that he has a proposal. He says that he owns the patent on the pake. He says that she has been profiting off his intellectual property. Next, Jane arrives at the firm and Parker tells her that she is a star.

The video has gone viral and it has 50,000 hits in two hours. Terri asks Jane how was it meeting her idol. Jane tells her that Lawrence can never be her idol (but the real Jane worshiped Lawrence Brand). Just then Lawrence arrives and tells Jane that he wants to hire her. He says that it is a pre-trial hearing against a huge drug company and it’s in a few hours. Jane is about to refuse, but Parker arrives and tells him that Jane will take the case. Next, Jane meets her clients. The client tells her that she lost her baby due to a drug, Aprox, which her doctor put her on as she was going through depression. This drug is supposed to be a miracle drug but it has also caused a lot of miscarriages. The drug caused the scarring of her fallopian tubes and now she can never get pregnant.

Lawrence and Jane assure the clients that the pharmaceutical company is going to suffer. Meanwhile, Stacy arrives to meet Grayson and she tells him that she did fill the patent form two weeks before she opened the pakery but then she forgot. Grayson tells her that this guy is a patent troll and always looks out for unpatented products and the files the paperwork and tries to exploit the people. He has done it before. Grayson says that they will take him to court. In the courtroom, Jane does a good job in assisting with the case and the Judge agrees for a trial. But Lawrence is totally unappreciative of Jane. The next day, trial begins and Lawrence is running late. The Judge asks Jane to call her first witness.

Jane seems a little uncertain as Lawrence is first chair; but if she doesn’t want to miss the trial she needs to call her first witness. So, Jane calls her client Sheila Reese to the stand. She tells the courtroom what happened. Bu the opposing counsel puts forth the point that Sheila had ordered a prescription drug for back spasm two weeks prior to her miscarriage. But Sheila says that she did not take the drug and she threw it away. But this exhibit considerably weakens Jane’s case. Lawrence arrives and is furious that Jane started without him. He also is angry at the fact that Jane missed out about the drug that Sheila had ordered, as it was mentioned in the files. He says that Jane has put this case in jeopardy.

Jane and Terri look at the files and don’t find any information on the spasm drug. Kim arrives and tells Jane that there was an epic fight between Lawrence and a bailiff in an empty room in the court. Jane says that at 9 am, Lawrence was stuck in traffic. Kim says that it was definitely Lawrence and says that Lawrence claimed that he was in the right court and demanded to know why everyone was missing. Hmmm… next, Grayson represents Stacy’s case in the court. Stacy tells the court that the troll has stolen her story as well and she has a witness, Nikki who has seen her making the pake. The Judge orders to reconvene the next day. Stacy tells Grayson that Nikki is a con artist who disappeared with her money and wonders how are the going to find her in a day.

Grayson tells Stacy that he has tracked down Nikki and they go to meet her; in jail! She was using Stacy’s name and driving around and was caught for speeding. But she was put in jail because the real Stacy has 30 unpaid parking tickets! Wow!! Grayson makes his offer; they bail her out and she gives them her phone in which there are photographs of Stacy baking her first pake. Next, Lawrence is cross-examining a witness from the pharmaceutical company. But he eventually mixes up two cases and from Aprox he shifts to nicotine. Jane interrupts and cleverly handles the situation. But something is wrong. Jane tries to talk to Lawrence and he again tells her that she isn’t doing her job well and that he is going to pick up an expert witness and that it is mentioned in the files!!

Jane gets flustered and Owen arrives. Jane talks to Lawrence’s ex-wife and learns that he is suffering from Pick’s disease, which is a neurodegenerative disease. That is why the memory lapses and erratic behavior. Jane informs Parker who suggests that she can go to the Judge and force Lawrence out. Grayson present the photos in court and Stacy accidentally states that Nikki is in jail. The Judge considers dismissing this evidence as it is termed unreliable. But then Grayson has another idea. Luke wants Jane’s advice. It appears that Kim has lost interest in him and he wants help. But she is too pre-occupied with the thought of confronting Lawrence. She has a talk with him.

Then, he tells her that she can question the lead witness; a doctor, who can testify that the company did perform tests on pregnant women in India and it had catastrophic results. Next, Roger O’Neil arrives to meet Owen as he is one of the groomsmen and Stacy introduces herself as the bridesmaid. He then tells her that he has brought a few listing from the real estate agents and wants them to have a look at it. Stacy is surprised to learn that they are looking for a house. She is upset and Roger realizes that they haven’t yet had “the talk”. Next, Jane cross examines Dr. David Kane on the stand. Lawrence then brings up the hidden study carried out in India.

The opposing counsel objects and, the Judge tells Lawrence and Jane that if they don’t produce evidence, she would dismiss this case. In her office, Jane is upset and tells Lawrence that hr was supposed to keep quiet and Lawrence produces the evidence. But it is a file with blank papers. They just lost the case. At home, Owen gives Jane an idea with which they could win the case. Meanwhile, Grayson tells the court that if Pierce invented the pake, he can definitely make it. So, Stacy and Pierce get to bake a pake in the court. Obviously, Stacy’ pake was delicious and Pierce’s pake was terrible. The Judge awards the patent to Stacy. Next, Jane pretends in court that she has evidence and questions the woman from the pharma company.

The representative is slightly nervous. Jane then peeks into the file and asks her last question in which she asks her whether two girls bled to death in Gujarat, India after they had the miscarriage due to Aprox. The representative doesn’t want to answer that t and the lawyer states that she would like to exercise the Fifth Amendment Right to not incriminate herself!! Jane wins the case! Next, Luke arrives to meet Kim and tells her that he likes her and he wants to know if he has done something wrong. She tells him that they cant date. She tells him that she is pregnant and that is why she has been avoiding him.

Luke understands and he leaves. Jane arrives to talk to Stacy. Stacy tells her that Roger; the realtor is going to be her date to the wedding. Jane realizes that Stacy knows about the house hunting. They are going to miss each other. Next, Jane and Owen watch the television where Lawrence gives Jane the credit for winning the Aprox case. He states that watching Jane was like watching himself at a trial case. He then announces his retirement. Jane then tells Owen that she has finalized on a house and describes it. It is perfect. The episode ends.