Jane's Getting Married - Recap

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The episode begins with Jane showing off her wedding dress to Stacy; it is beautiful. Just then Owen arrives and they quickly hide the dress. Owen wants to help with the wedding arrangements. Jane says that it would be romantic if Owen would write their wedding vows. Owen gladly agrees and Jane leaves for a meeting with a client. Jane arrives at the office and she finds Grayson waiting for her with his good buddy Mark. Jane is glad to see Mark and she hugs him. But Mark is shocked as he hasn’t met Jane before. She suddenly realizes that mark doesn’t know that she is Deb. She tells him that Grayson did mention to her that Mark was really close to him and Deb.

But Grayson doesn’t remember saying any such thing. Back to business, Mark tells Jane that the case is about his wife, Hannah. She is diagnosed with tumor and it can easily be removed. But the crazy part is that the tumor has made her very intelligent and so now she refuses to have it removed. And if she doesn’t change her mind, she will die in ix months. Jane suggests that as her husband, Mark can go to court and say that Hannah is compromised and so she is unable to make her own decisions. Next, Stacy arrives to meet Kim as she heard that Kim is representing Grammy award winning singer, Paige and as Stacy knows everything about Paige, she wants to help Kim with her case. She also knows about the accident of Paige’s boyfriend, Chase.

Just then Paige arrives and Kim forces Stacy to leave. Paige asks Kim if she is in trouble and Kim tells her that the lyrics of her song, eerily matches with the details of Chase’s accident. But Paige claims that she had nothing to do with it. Next, Luke arrives at Parker’s office and finds him fixing a bike for his son Eric. Luke tells Parker that he is glad that Kim finally told him and that he hates keeping secrets. Parker doesn’t understand what Luke is talking about and wants to know what Kim was supposed to tell him. But Luke leaves without saying anything. Kim tells the detective that Paige has an alibi; she was in Miami when the accident took place. Just then the detective receives a call.

A woman named Joyce has confessed to tampering with Chase’s car brakes. But the detective also places Paige under arrest for solicitation to a murder. Joyce said that she was inspired to do so after listening to one of Paige’s songs. Next, Jane meets Hannah. Hannah tells her that she is glad that she is being respected for her brains, as she was a cocktail waitress flirting for tips. And so she doesn’t want the tumor to be removed. She also tells Mark that he is a part of her past now and saying so she removes the wedding ring and places it on the table. Elaine arrives to meet Jane as she wants to help her daughter with the wedding. But Jane tells her that everything is under control and asks Luke to take Elaine out for Thai food.

Meanwhile, we see that the real Jane is watching all this from heaven and she is upset with the way the fake Jane treated her mother. Jane arrives home and finds Stacy working on the seating arrangements. She tells her that Elaine showed p at work today. She also tells her about Hannah’s case. Next, the Judge refuses to dismiss Kim’s case as there is another instant where a robber from Louisiana was about to attempt murder on hearing the lyrics of the song. Parker arrives to meet Kim and tells her that he knows. He is thinking that Kim is planning for them to be together. Kim tells him that she hasn’t told anyone except Luke. And she doesn’t want Parker to tell it to anyone either.

In the courtroom, Hannah represents herself and she does a good job. In the hearing, Joyce admits that Paige’s song inspired her to kill Chase. Jane arrives home, and finds Elaine has changed the seating charts. Elaine has also brought a box along with her; a box that Jane has been waiting to open since she was six. The box has a tiara in it. Jane refuses to take the tiara as she feels that it wouldn’t match the dress. She indirectly tells Elaine that she doesn’t need her help for the wedding. Elaine is upset and she leaves. Up in heaven, Jane tells one of the angels that she wants to go back to earth as some blonde is ruining her life. But the angel says a no. an old man suggests that she should talk to Fred, Deb’s first guardian angel.

On earth, Jane tells Owen about her fight with Elaine. Owen has prepared a rough draft of the wedding vows. In the courtroom, Mark is on the stand and he tells her that Hannah would never risk her life; it is her tumor talking. Hannah cross examines Mark. She declares that she has moved on and so Mark’s love for her is irrelevant. Jane goes to Grayson’s office and tells him that Mark should reconsider his petition as Hannah is very clear about what she wants. But Grayson argues that mark is trying to save the woman he loves. Jane tells him that he is relating this case to Deb and that he needs to forget Deb and move on. Grayson asks her to leave his office and the case as Mark needs a lawyer who believes in him. But Gray son also tells her that he will always love Deb, but h has moved on a long time ago.

Mark arrives to meet Jane as he learned that she is stepping off the case. She tells him that she has and now she is preparing her wedding vows. She also remembers that Mark’s wedding vows were beautiful. She has an idea. They run Mark’s wedding video in the court room. She tries to amend the petition to breach of contract (wedding vows as they are considered to be oral contracts). But the Judge dismisses the case. Jane arrives at her office where Luke is waiting for her. He wants to know why Elaine isn’t coming to the wedding. Jane tells him that she has always wanted to have her wedding with her real mom around her. Luke feels that since she cannot have her real mom, she doesn’t want Jane’s mom to be around.

Luke also notices that she hasn’t written her vows. He points out that she is still in love with Grayson; it is not Grayson but her who is still stuck in the past. Next, Kim tells Paige that Chase is suing her for slander. Stacy arrives and tells them that Joyce lied on the stand as at the time she was supposed to be slashing Chase’s brakes, she was tweeting a picture of herself on the Hollywood walk of fame. Joyce is obsessed with Paige and so she took the blame of tampering with the brakes, as Joyce feels that Paige is the one who is trying to harm Chase. Jane arrives home and finds Elaine waiting for her. Jane wants her to come to her wedding and walk her down the aisle. Elaine is happy.

Next, Grayson arrives to meet Jane. He tells her that he found a study which says that the tumor that Hannah has, needs to be excised in its early stages or else it would damage the healthy tissues in a year’s time. Jane agrees to go and talk to the doctor who had convinced Hannah that this tumor might not affect her soon. This study that Grayson found was by this doctor’s own mentor. The doctor is called in the conference room and Jane takes a look at the tumor file ling on the table. She finds some shocking information and takes a picture of the page on her phone. Next, Kim is presenting her case in front of the Judge. It was found out that the brakes weren’t cut by a knife, but with an ice pick.

The police found an ice pick in Chase’s house and the striations on the break line are consistent with the tool. Kim says that Chase did all this to milk Paige of a million dollars. Chase is arrested. Paige thanks Stacy for her help. At the office, Grayson and Jane show Hannah the doctor’s report on her tumor. The report shows that Hannah would be dead in six months and there would be an autopsy conducted. He is doing this to get his grant. Mark arrives and Hannah tells him that she wants to get rid of this tumor. Everyone is glad. Next, on the wedding day, the guests arrive. Jane is ready and she is looking beautiful.

Up in haven, the real Jane meets Fred and Fred is surprised to see her as the database doesn’t say that she is dead. But then he realizes that she is the real Jane. Jane realizes that the mess up was Fred’s mistake. On earth, everyone is waiting for Jane to arrive at the aisle; but Jane’s gown gets stuck under a table and she has no one around her for help. In heaven, the real Jane hits a button on Fred’s laptop and she disappears. At the wedding, Kim tells Parker that she is pregnant and he is the father. He is happy. Grayson goes to check on Jane. He is trying to get the gown off the nail, when Jane asks him how he got over Deb. He tells her that he moved on as he found her.

Jane is overwhelmed and she kisses Grayson. Just then Owen arrives and sees what’s happening. He has an attack. Jane checks and finds that he is not breathing. Grayson calls for help. We then see something coming down towards earth. Owen wakes up and asks, “Where am I?” The season ends.