Back from the Dead - Recap

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Jane and Stacy run through the hospital in an effort to find out about Owen’s condition. The nurse refuses to tell them. When Jane accuses her of refusing because she isn’t technically his wife, the nurse interrupts her. She explains that she can’t tell her where he is because he checked himself out against medical advice. Stacy and Jane check his judge’s chambers and find it empty. That’s when Jane confesses to Stacy that Owen saw her kissing Greyson. Jane says that she made a commitment to Owen and she loves him. Terri comes in and explains she took care of all the wedding guests, the band, etc. She says that she needs Jane to come to the office. Jane starts to say she can’t but Terri asks her to take the meeting and then decide.

Kim, having left the wedding, meets up with her best friend from high school. Her friend, Wendy, is embarrassed but Kim coaxes her to talk. Wendy says that it’s about Her ex-boyfriend, Alex Grey, took the nude pictures she sent him and posted them on the website for the world to see.

Jane sits in her office behind her desk looking at a picture of a little boy, Michael. His Father, Kevin Jacobs, sits across from her. He explains that his son has cutaneous t-cell lymphoma. He states that his son was not responding to treatment so he contacted a pharmaceutical company who were doing a trial of Photopheresis. Mr. Jacobs tells her it worked like a miracle until they discontinued the trial without any warning. He tells her that he’s in the hospital now and will die without this treatment. Jane tries to tell him that the drug company has a right to do that, but he begs her to take the case. Jane agrees and heads out. She requests Terri to ask Judge Sanders to happy hour at Club 42 in an hour. Terri teases her about going for drinks while a boy’s life is in danger and Jane informs her she needs her to get a restraining order to block the drug company from ending the program. Jane enters her office as Luke, her angel comes in. He informs her that Old Jane pressed the return button and has come back. In addition they think her soul may be in Owen’s body.

Luke tells her it’s not for sure, but Owen flat-lined at the same time she hit the return button. He also tells her that Old Jane is ticked that Deb screwed up her life. Deb, the new Jane, states that when she was put into the body Old Jane’s life was not that great. Jane pauses to consider the fact that if Old Jane is in Owen, Owen is actually dead. Luke tells her he’s still trying to confirm that is in fact what happened.

At the bar, Judge Sanders tells her that arguing Fundamental Rights to healthcare is not possible. Sanders also brings up Jane’s wedding and her standing Owen up at the altar. Sanders does allow a hearing the next morning to hear the case.

At Stacy’s, Greyson has come over and he and Stacy talk. He asks if Jane told her what happened. Jane arrives and Stacy takes off for her bedroom. Greyson apologizes for his timing but reiterates that what he said at the wedding was true. Jane tells him they need to forget the kiss ever happened. She tells him her feelings don’t matter and she asks him to leave. Every time Greyson goes to open his mouth, she cuts him off.

The next morning, Jane walks out of her bedroom to find Owen sitting there with her dry cleaning. She tries to apologize, only to have him tell her it isn’t him. He tells her that he’s really the old Jane. He calls her Deb. She says that she’s doing the best she can and he snaps. He comments on the bracelet she has on as being her Aunt’s. Deb-Jane quickly offers it to Owen-Jane but he refuses saying all he wants to do is destroy her life like she did his. That’s when Jane wakes up from her nightmare at the sound of the alarm.

In the conference room, Alex and Wendy tales across the table. Kim says she’s going to sue for emotional distress. Alex says he should sue her because Wendy broke up with him to cause the distress. Wendy says she broke up because he couldn’t be monogamous. Alex places a price on the photos, saying he will take them down for $5,000.000. Neither side gives in, and they know they are going to have to go to court.

Jane, already in court with Mr. Jacobs, addresses the judge with her opening argument. Jane tries to argue that the drug company was enriched by her client’s participation. The drug company states they discontinued when it was no longer in their best business interest. The drug company goes to dismiss the case and Judge Sanders agrees unless Jane has anything further. Jane says she does and calls Mr. Jacobs to the stand. Jane asks if he spent money at the hospital. Mr. Jacob states he spent money on parking, gift shop, and food. Jane argues that the hospital serves as a proxy for the drug company, thus making the trial something her client paid for. The judge calls Jane to the podium and says she knows Jane is going through a lot with Owen’s disappearance but her argument is half-baked. Court gives Jane until tomorrow to come up with one that works or she’s going to rule in the drug company’s favor. Court is now over for the day when Terri comes running up. She asks Jane if she realized the well to do man, Walter Clark, is in the courtroom watching. Jane recognizes him as being one of the richest men in the city and requests Terri to find out why he’s interested.

In Greyson’s office, Kim tells him not only is she pregnant, but that Parker is the Father. Greyson asks where he is and Kim informs him that he’s with his son at a school play. Greyson, who had been folding Origami, is almost out of paper. Kim asks him what’s wrong. Instead of Greyson answering he tells her she’s going after the wrong person. After talking she realizes she needs to go after the forum who hosts the pictures for her client.

In Jane’s office, Terri informs her that Hembridge Corporation is owned by Walter Clark. Hembridge specializes in chemotherapy treatments. They recently bought Widding Pharmaceuticals who was conducting the trial in order to immediately stop it. If the drug company were to be successful, the chemotherapy business would lose money. They halted the trial for the sole reason of preventing the photopheresis from saving lives. As Terri leaves her office, Jane returns to looking at pictures of her and Owen. She hears her name and looks up, only to find Owen staring at her. He says he heard she was looking for him. To make sure it’s him and not Owen-Jane, she puts him through a series of questions.

Luke interrupts and tells her Old-Jane was never in Owen’s body. He also tells her goodbye. Since he couldn’t keep her and Greyson apart, he’s being recalled back. Owen asks if everything is okay and when Jane turns around, Luke is gone. Owen, now standing over her desk informs her that when a party gives up opportunities based on an agreement, the other party cannot just walk away. Jane realizes he means the case and that she can argue Detriment of Alliance. As for them, he tells her he is really angry and cannot have this conversation right now. He tells her he doesn’t want to say anything that he’s going to regret.

Back in court, Kim questions the site owner of the picture forums. The owner tries to argue that he’s doing a public service. He states that the pictures are all on there because the women gave consent for them to be taken. Kim requests more time and gets told that the case is being dismissed. As they walk out, a news outlet tries to take their picture and Kim gets an idea.

In court, Jane argues that her client gave up other treatment options for the photopheresis. The drug company argues that while there is Detrimental Alliance, that only means they have to pay damages. They do not have to restart the trial. Outside on the steps, Jane gets introduced to her new angel, Paul. Paul tells her that he got the job because no one wanted it. He also states that he’s really only there to take vacation and look for Old-Jane. He loses his train of thought half-way through.

In court, Kim states that she has amended the complaint to include copyright infringement. She puts Alex on the stand and questions him. She states that since Wendy took the pictures and he did not get her permission first, he’s broken copyright laws. The judge agrees and explains that they can have a recess but the first words back better be that the pictures are down.

Jane stops by the hospital to tell Mr. Jacobs that they lost. He tells her his son is going to die. Mr. Clark is in effect, a murderer. This gives Jane an idea, a long shot, but one she heads off to put it in motion. She calls Terri and requests to be put in touch with the District Attorney’s office as well as the name of the hotel Mr. Clark is staying in.

Back in court, Mr. Grey’s attorney states the photos have been taken down. Kim interjects to say that they are now requesting damages in the amount of $5,000. This is the same amount that Mr. Grey said he would take down the photos for prior to the court ruling. The judge rules in favor of Wendy and Kim.

At Mr. Clark’s hotel, Jane serves him an arrest warrant dated for three days from that time. It is for second degree murder, which is what will happen when Michael Jacobs dies. Jane explains that the reason behind buying the drug company was specifically to stop the photopheresis treatments, thus killing him. Mr. Clark gets in the cab and pulls away.

At home, Stacy and Jane discuss that twenty minutes after her conversation with Mr. Clark, the treatments were restarted. Jane says she thought she would feel better but she doesn’t. Stacy explains that she doesn’t feel better because she broke Owen’s heart. Jane admits that her feelings for Greyson came rushing back when he kissed her. She also says that she still loves Owen though and was looking forward to her life with him. There is a knock on the door. Paul enters as Stacy leaves. Jane introduces him as being from up north. Paul informs Jane that he has a fashion shoot with one of Deb’s idols. He practices his posing and she asks him to leave. When another knock happens, she thinks Paul forgot something. She opens the door to find a thin, beautiful woman. It’s Old-Jane and she says she wants her life back.