Surrogates - Recap

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Jane wakes up in bed next to her guardian angel, Paul. She rouses him and asks what he is doing there. Trying to yank the covers off , she finds him to be naked. She tells him they need to set boundaries and he tells her to come back later. Grabbing a cup of coffee, Jane says good morning to an exhausted Stacy. Having been up and working for 18 hours straight the day before, she admits she wants a day off and is taking it in the form of going to a business conference. Jane forewarns Stacy about Paul but insists that they did not sleep together when Stacy assumes wrong.

At the office, one of Kim’s acquaintances from prenatal yoga, Amy DeMarco, arrives. Amy tries to tell Kim that she is due any day and she doesn’t want the baby. She goes on to say that she responded to an advertisement for surrogates. She was given a check regularly and all her bills paid until two weeks ago when the checks stopped. Amy explains she has two kids of her own and was doing this out of kindness and needing the money. Another mouth to feed does not fit into the equation.

At the kitchen area of the office, Jane is mulling over which bagel to grab when Kim strolls up and tells her she is twenty minutes late for her new client. Jane bites back an insult and heads to her desk. The case is a woman jilted by her fiancé for another woman. The client wants to sue her ex-fiancé. Enraged, Jane stalks to Kim and explains she cannot sue for a broken heart. Kim informs her that she didn’t assign the client, her new partner Owen did.

Jane and Owen discuss his change from judge to lawyer and partner. He discusses the fact that he will now be making three times what he did before. He says they will be fine because they are adults. He explains he overheard Pam discussing her relationship at work, she’s a court stenographer, and thought he could lend a hand. Jane says the court will not meddle in affairs of the heart. He tells Jane that judge Hodge will be hearing their case that afternoon.

Kim confronts Ms. Lewis, the woman in charge of the surrogates company. Ms. Lewis states she cannot discuss Ms. DeMarco’s case. Kim replies that you can’t ask a woman to carry someone else’s child and then abandon them. Ms. DeMarco counters that circumstances changed. Kim advises that she will either resume payment or she will have a court force her too. Ms. DeMarco tells her she is a specialist in her field and is ready for a lawsuit.

Jane heads home to clear her head only to find Stacy there baking. She asks Stacy about her business appointment and Stacy says it isn’t until 3 p.m. so she’s making goods to familiarize the business woman with her product. Jane tells her about Owen being her new boss, and the case he assigned. Stacy reminds her sometimes you have to ignore the law.

In court, Jane tries to sway the judge but stating courts handle things like alimony and palimony and this is no different. She says the law blocking her case is only there because no one has pushed the issue. The judge agrees to allow the case only on the grounds of monetary damages.

Back at the office, Greyson catches sight of Owen and Kim talking. He asks Teri about it and she tells him that Owen is now partner. Stacy’s business meeting goes downhill when the woman asks her for a business plan. Stacy never had one. The woman explains that Stacy is unprofessional and has no place in business. She tells Stacy she either needs to ‘grow up or give up’.

On the stand, Amy explains that Nina Lewis sent her to Moldova for the In vitro-fertilization. She goes on to say that the stipend began coming regularly once it pregnancy had taken. When Ms. Lewis cross examines she points out that they never had a written contract and she gets the case dismissed.

Owen hauls a box into Jane’s office. She reminds him that he was moving when they met as well. She tries to tell him about having made a positive step with the case and he shuts her down. He says that unless the Jury can hear Pam’s suffering they haven’t done anything productive. He sets down the box and opens it to show wedding presents. He tells her they are from her side of the family and asks if she can return them. She says she will and he hastily exits.

Jane arrives home with the box of gifts to find Paul eating her out of house and home. She angrily informs him he has overstayed his welcome. He agrees to go after a shower and then adds a load of laundry to his to-do list. When he comes out of the shower naked, Stacy tells her she has this overwhelming urge to make him breakfast, check him for lice, and send him to school.

At the office, Greyson confronts Kim about Owen. They trade barbs about Jane and Parker but ultimately, Greyson agrees to go looking for the biological parents of Amy’s child. In court, Jane has Pam’s wedding planner on the stand. They are going over costs for the dress and invitations. Jane does her best to insert comments on emotional distress but continuously gets shut down by Judge Hodge and the opposing attorney. Jane calls the defendant, John MacNamara, to the stand. The ex-fiance takes his seat and Jane asks him to assign a price to Pam’s tears. The Judge informs her she has now just rested her case and explains that if she discusses emotional distress or heartbreak in her closing argument, she will rule summarily for the defendant.

Greyson asks Stacy to do a little acting for him. She’s excited and requests that it call for her new peek-toe platforms. He says that they are a must which will let her write them off. She arrives at Ms. Lewis office posing as a wannabe-surrogate. When she requests a cup of tea, Ms. Lewis leaves her alone in her office. Stacy pulls up the name of the biological parents on a computer and snaps a picture with her phone.

Back at the office, Greyson is telling Jane about Stacy’s assistance, when he drops some crumbs on his suit from a doughnut. She wipes them off as Owen walks up. She stops but Owen says for them to continue. He states he isn’t going to have another heart attack and if they want to, they can just go ahead and kiss. Jane goes to meet her client. She states they have racked up over $12,000.00 for wedding related costs. Pam begins to tell her about the night John proposed and how beautiful Hawaii was. That’s when Jane realizes it’s a different set of laws due to it being a different state.

Kim and Greyson call in the biological parents, the Nussum’s, and offer them the chance to take responsibility. The couple explains that due Mr. Nussum had lost his job and Ms. Nussum’s Mother got sick. When those happened they could no longer afford the fees. They explain they asked her to relay it to Amy and work out some type of payment plan but she refused. The Nussam’s still desperately want the baby. Kim asks them when they met with Ms. Lewis for the first time and hey tell her six months ago. Kim pulls Greyson outside and they discuss the fact that Amy was already pregnant. They realize that Ms. Lewis fraudulently performed the contract and got Amy pregnant by an anonymous set of donors. Additionally, there is the difference in fees. Amy is only being paid $35,000 while the Nussum’s were paying $150,000 in fees. It’s an adoption case, not a surrogacy.

At the house, The business woman, who introduces herself as Barbara Corcoran, stops by. Stacy asks if she’s going to yell at her again. Ms. Corcoran states she wants to apologize. Stacy agrees she was right in her prior comments. Ms. Corcoran tells her that the Pakes are good and that she can visualize them in every major city. Stacy asks if she wants to be partners and Ms. Corcoran informs her she wants to buy her out.

In court, Jane amends her case in light of the new information about Hawaii and requests it be tried under Hawaiian contract law. The judge grants the motion but informs her that anything she has left to say will have to go into her closing argument. Jane agrees. One her way out she runs into Paul. He hands her a bag of oranges, body wash, and a new pillowcase to replace the items he used at her house. He tells her he will be gone tonight. She asks where he’s going to go to and he mentions a cardboard box under the bridge. She tells him he can stay until he can find a suitable place. He kisses the top of her head and tells her he’s going to make her dinner. He remembers he has no money and asks her for a twenty.

In the hospital, Amy tells the Nussum’s they can still adopt her child, which is a baby boy. Mrs. Nussum goes to hold him when child services interrupts. The social worker from CPS explains that since the forms for adoption were fraud, they have to take the child into custody. Kim tries to tell her that ruining the adoption was not the intent. The social worker informs her, intent or not, she has to take him. Mrs. Nussum breaks down in tears but eventually hands the baby over.

Kim goes to the previous judge to request the situation be fixed. The judge tells her there is no intended parental agreement and thus she cannot hand the baby back over. Greyson walks in and hands something to Kim which makes her light up.

At the courthouse, Owen tells Jane she is not closing. When she argues with him about abusing his position, he stops her. He states she isn’t closing because Pam is. He tells her Pam needs to explain her pain.

At the hospital, Kim explains that Amy is considered the birth mother because the agreement for adoption was fraudulent. This means that Amy can now set up a new agreement and allow the Nussum’s to adopt her baby boy. Greyson informs her that Ms. Lewis as been taken into custody and her assets frozen. There is more than enough for restitution to Amy as well as additional funds. Amy states she only wants what was promised. She says the rest can go to the baby.

Back in the courtroom, Pam gives her closing argument as she discusses her courtship with John. As she speaks, Jane flashes on her relationship with Owen. John interrupts and apologizes. He says he will give her whatever she wants if it will make her hurt less. Pam takes off her engagement ring and sets it on the defending counsel’s table. She says there is nothing else she wants from this man. With the case concluded, Jane heads back to her office to find Stacy waiting for her. She hands Jane the offer that Ms. Corcoran gave her. Stacy says she informed Ms. Corkcoran that she couldn’t accept without first talking to Jane. Jane tells her she is her friend and supports her no matter what, but this is more than enough money to get her out of debt as well as cushion her while she hunts for what she wants to do in life. Stacy tells her that is exactly what she thought she would say and tells Jane she accepted a half hour ago.

Before they can go celebrate, Jane heads to Owen’s office. She begs him to talk to her, to scream at her, or to even throw things. She says that she thinks in time they can get back to where they were before. He says her kissing Greyson is exactly why they can’t. He walks out and she finally takes off his ring and sets it on his desk.