Drop Dead Diva

Drop Dead Diva

"Drop Dead Diva" is a spirited new comedic drama series that puts a uniquely compelling twist on the age-old battle between brains and beauty. The show tells the story of a shallow model-in-training who dies in a sudden accident only to find her soul resurfacing in the body of a brilliant, thoughtful and plus-size attorney. (Source: Lifetime)

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Prev: 6x13 -- It Had To Be You (Jun/22/2014)

Owen and Kim talk to Jane about her relationship with Ian. Teri comes to realize that she went to school with Ian, and he is the person who ruined her chance of becoming a star. Kim represents her former temp, who is fired from his agency.

Available Episodes

It Had To Be You
Jun 22, 2014
Season 6 episode 13

Jun 15, 2014
Season 6 episode 12

Jun 08, 2014
Season 6 episode 11

No Return
Jun 01, 2014
Season 6 episode 10

Hope and Glory
May 18, 2014
Season 6 episode 9

Identity Crisis
May 11, 2014
Season 6 episode 8

Sister Act
May 04, 2014
Season 6 episode 7

Brooke ElliottBrooke Elliott
As Jane Bingum
Margaret ChoMargaret Cho
As Teri Lee
Jackson HurstJackson Hurst
As Grayson Kent
Kate LeveringKate Levering
As Kim Kaswell
April BowlbyApril Bowlby
As Stacy Barrett
Josh StambergJosh Stamberg
As J. Parker
Carter MacIntyreCarter MacIntyre
As Luke Daniels (Season 4 -)
Lex MedlinLex Medlin
As Owen French (Season 4 -)


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VERY ENTERTAINING!! It has a very good story line. It's refreshing to watch a non-reality show!
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Review posted on Sunday, July 19th 2009 at 1:13 am

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5x3: Surrogates recap: Jane wakes up in bed next to her guardian angel, Paul. She rouses him and asks what he is doing there. Trying to yank the covers off , she finds him to be naked. She tells him they need to set boundaries and he tells her to come back later. Grabbing a cup of coffee, Jane says good morning to an exhausted Stacy. Having been up and working for 18 hours straight the day before, she admits she wants a day off and is taking it in the form of going to a business conference. Jane forewarns Stacy about Paul but insists that they did not sleep together when Stacy assumes wrong... read more.

5x1: Back from the Dead recap: Jane and Stacy run through the hospital in an effort to find out about Owen’s condition. The nurse refuses to tell them. When Jane accuses her of refusing because she isn’t technically his wife, the nurse interrupts her. She explains that she can’t tell her where he is because he checked himself out against medical advice. Stacy and Jane check his judge’s chambers and find it empty. That’s when Jane confesses to Stacy that Owen saw her kissing Greyson. Jane says that she made a commitment to Owen and she loves him. Terri comes in and explains she took care of all the wedding guests, the band, etc. She says that she needs Jane to come to the office. Jane starts to say she can’t but Terri asks her to take the meeting and then decide... read more.

4x13: Jane's Getting Married recap: The episode begins with Jane showing off her wedding dress to Stacy; it is beautiful. Just then Owen arrives and they quickly hide the dress. Owen wants to help with the wedding arrangements. Jane says that it would be romantic if Owen would write their wedding vows. Owen gladly agrees and Jane leaves for a meeting with a client. Jane arrives at the office and she finds Grayson waiting for her with his good buddy Mark. Jane is glad to see Mark and she hugs him. But Mark is shocked as he hasn’t met Jane before. She suddenly realizes that mark doesn’t know that she is Deb. She tells him that Grayson did mention to her that Mark was really close to him and Deb... read more.

4x12: Picks and Pakes recap: The episode begins with Jane practicing her smile so that she can blend humility with confidence. She is going to be on television and argue with Lawrence Brand, a lawyer and they are going to debate on ‘keeping celebs lives to privacy’. Owen then mentions that there are a couple of houses that they need to check before they move in. But Jane is reluctant as she hasn’t ‘had a talk’ with Stacy about moving out. Next, Terri tells Stacy that he date to Jane’s wedding is going to be her Zumba instructor and she asks Stacy about her date. Stacy points out to a guy on her right; she doesn’t know his name but she says that he come to her shop every day. He discusses about pakes and leaves... read more.

4x11: Family Matters recap: The scene opens with Jane holding a press conference in front of Saint Katherine’s Hospital for Jenny, a girl who overdosed at a Rave. She says that they are filling a lawsuit for the 15-year-old girl against Dennis Fulman. Inside the hospital, Beth is worried that people will think that she is exploiting her daughter. Owen and Jane tell her that is not the case. At the law offices, a man named Dan tells Kim and Grayson that he was a turkey baster with Kerry, a woman who he got pregnant. Now there is a custody battle over Charlie, the boy. He says that Kerry’s fiancé, Rick, has other plans. They tell him that it is not a problem and that they will take care of things for him. Jane asks if Owen is alright and he is devastated. Jane says that Teri found that there are several others who were affected too. Karla, Jenny’s friend, comes to the hospital and asks to see Jenny. She feels bad for her... read more.
Recurring Guests

Ben Feldman as Fred (38 eps)
Justin Deeley as Paul (14 eps)
Gregory Alan Williams as Judge Warren Libby (13 eps)
Jeffrey Karantza as Lawyer (11 eps)
Marcus Lyle Brown as A.D.A. Paul Saginaw (11 eps)
Jaime Ray Newman as Vanessa Hemmings (10 eps)
Brooke D'Orsay as Deb Dobson (9 eps)
Kenny Alfonso as Joe Cummings (9 eps)
David Denman as Tony Nicastro (8 eps)
Vickie Eng as Judge Rita Mayson (8 eps)

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