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Season 5

Dealer POV

This Drugs, Inc. one-hour special not only walks in the shoes of dealers but looks through their eyes. Drug crews in New York, Atlanta and Portland take us on a roller-coaster journey through their daily lives. From firing a shot at a rival gang, to debt collecting, to avoiding cops by diving into an open elevator shaft, this special offers an entirely new viewing experience.

Source: National Geographic

Cocaine Sub Mystery

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A look at the fight against the country's most dangerous dealers and the biggest producers. From smuggling at JFK International Airport to cartel kingpins in Arizona, U.S law enforcement is fighting the global trade.

36 :05x01 - Salt Lake Sinners

Behind the idyllic veneer of being one of the safest cities in the U.S, Salt Lake City is suffering from a massive drug epidemic. National Geographic pulls back the curtain and reveals the secret world of drug addiction in the Mormon community, the arrival of the cartels, and the dangers to the officers trying to control it.

37 :05x02 - Cokeland

After being rocked by a corruption scandal and a budget deficit in the range of 58 million dollars, the city's police department's staffing and morale are in bad shape. National Geographic follows an elite team of detectives who are trying to establish some control over the free for all drug market. Using their access to the dealers, users, and gang members at the heart of the problem NGC gives us a inside look at the drug infested city.

38 :05x03 - PCP in D.C.

A look at the rise of PCP usage in D.C.

39 :05x04 - Dope-landia

The show takes a look at the methods used to promote sales of heroin and other drugs in Portland, Ore

40 :05x05 - Memphis Mayhem

The show takes a look at the illegal drug trade in Memphis, Tenn.

41 :05x06 - Snitch Cities

The show finds out how law enforcement utilizes informants to find mobile heroin dealers in Minnesota.

42 :05x07 - Molly Madness

Molly, a powdered form of the drug MDMA, is exploding in popularity across the United States. Formerly marketed in pill form as Ecstasy, Molly is a total rebrand. Marketed as purer, cleaner and “without the additives,” this powder has become the most fashionable new drug for young people. But as the consumer demand for Molly has exploded, the production of pure MDMA has struggled to keep up with supply. As a result new, dangerous chemicals are finding their way into the market.

Source: National Geographic Channel

43 :05x08 - Dallas Dope Cowboys

The southwest border of the U.S. is the main gateway for illegal drugs, and Dallas, Texas, is often the first port of call for the Mexican cartel drug trade. In this episode, witness how the Mexican cartels have tainted Dallas by turning it into their command and control center for the trade of their narcotics. Buyers desperate to get a hold of the cartel's high-quality product flock to Dallas from all over the country, giving local dealers the chance to make big money.

Source: National Geographic Channel

44 :05x09 - The High Wire

The show takes a look at the link between poverty and the illegal drug trade in Baltimore.

45 :05x10 - Boston Benzo Bust

Dominican drug networks tied directly to the Mexican cartel are distributing countless amounts of narcotics in the historic city of Boston, fueling a widespread epidemic that law enforcement and emergency services can hardly contain. The Dominican drug organizations are increasingly using Puerto Rican dealers as their middlemen to flood the city with heroin. The epidemic touches all communities, making Boston one of the leading cities for heroin distribution.

Source: National Geographic

46 :05x11 - The Inside Man

Confidential Informants and Undercover Cops are one of the biggest threats to the Mexican Cartels and other drug distribution networks across the globe. They put their lives on the line and work their way into dangerous situations in order to break down the infrastructure of the 350 billion dollar business of drugs.

Source: National Geographic Channel

47 :05x12 - Flesh-Eating Krokodil

In this episode heroin users begin to show symptoms associated with Krokodil. Also there is a home-cooked opiate including raw lesions, decaying skin and grotesque sores.

48 :05x13 - Bad Boys

National Geographic gives an extensive view at the world of drugs.

49 :05x14 - Cocaine White Gold

With more than 4 million regular users in the United States alone, cocaine has become worth more than gold. Join Nat Geo Channel as we go inside one of the largest markets in the country, Los Angeles, Calif.

Source: National Geographic Channel

50 :05x15 - Super Meth

The most powerful drug trafficking organization in the world, the Sinaloa Cartel, has found a new way to exploit American drug demand with Mexican super meth, a stronger and more addictive form of crystal meth.

Source: National Geographic Channel

51 :05x16 - Marijuana Mayhem

The rapidly growing appetite for California Sour Diesel, a potent strain of marijuana said to induce an instant high, is helping fuel a violent drug underworld that stretches from coast to coast.

Source: National Geographic Channel

52 :05x17 - Manic Molly

Molly, ecstasy rebranded as ultra-pure MDMA, is exploding as the new hot-selling drug. And with the growing popularity of electronic dance music, molly use has skyrocketed, overwhelming supply and driving prices to astronomical levels. National Geographic Channel brings you new-wave dealers who have found a solution to the exhausted supply in the form of a molly alternative that is yielding much greater profits. Straying from the traditional criminal network, these dealers reveal how they have turned to international distributors, ordering their product online. See how Customs and Border Protection fights to disrupt trafficking, as chemical factories create new ways to avoid detection.

Source: National Geographic Channel

53 :05x18 - New Year's Eve NYC

A inside look at the drug gangs preparing to capitalize on the enormous demand for drugs over the new year period, in New York City. Elite Law Enforcement are also followed as they battle rival criminals in the area. Whilst across the city, dealers hope that the traffickers can supply their product internationally. The team at border and customers reveals how criminals are getting more and more sneaky with ways to hide the drugs. The show also looks at how New Years Eve and drugs often brings violence to the city.
Warning: Drugs, Inc. guide may contain spoilers
Classification: Documentary
Genre: | Crime | Interview
Status: Returning Series
Network: National Geographic Channel ( USA)
Airs: Wednesdays at 09:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: July 11, 2010
Episode Order: 13
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