Armstrong - Recap

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Scrooge's train is trapped on route backed to Duckburg, so Scrooge radios to Launchpad for help. Whilst flying to Scrooge's aid he inadvertently puts out a forest fire. Gyro turns up with his latest invention, a large robot that is strong enough to move the boulders on the track, which caused the train stop. Gyro has named the robot Armstrong. His robot can do anything asked, even clean Scrooge's mansion and his limo. Scrooge uses his robot for all of Duckworth's day-to-day jobs, causing Duckworth to feel slightly unwanted. Launchpad argues that the robot can't do everything, such as fly a plane. So he challenges Scrooge to a flying contest involving himself and Armstrong. Launchpad crashes and Armstrong successfully passes his obstacles and lands at the finishing line. A disappointed Launchpad returns to McDuck mansion, to apologize for letting Scrooge down, but Scrooge thanks him for helping encourage people to buy robots from Scrooge. But during the next night, Scrooge awakes in the middle of night to find Armstrong is moving Scrooge's money from his money bin. It's not long before Armstrong takes over, and starts to control every mechanical device in Duckburg. So Huey, Dewey and Louie call on Launchpad to help Scrooge and Gyro escape from Armstrong, who is keeping them captive. Launchpad and Scrooge's nephews fly to Gyro's house, where Armstrong chases Launchpad around Gyro's house. Launchpad climbs to his plane, accidentally releasing a tank of water over Armstrong, causing him to self destruct.