Songs from the 2000's - Recap

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With Jordan Meredith out of the competition, it is up to the Top 5: John Glosson and J Rome from Jennifer Nettles’s Team, Olivia Chisholm from Robin Thicke’s Team, Jason Farol from Kelly Clarkson’s Team and Bridget Carrington from John Legend’s Team, to show American that they have enough talent to make it into the next round and be one step closer to the contract at Universal Records. The night begins with Robin Thicke, Kelly Clarkson (with Blond hair), Jennifer Nettles and John Legend all take to the stage and show how it is done. Quddus comes out and welcomes everyone to the LIVE shows. He says that the amateurs are going to sing the songs from the last decade.

John Glosson is up first. He says that he went home and it was crazy. They decide to sing “When You Say You Love Me” by Josh Groban. They work on the break-up of the song and they are going to show some romance. John comes out and sings with Jennifer Nettles. Afterward, Kelly says that every time he is amazing. Robin says that legally for Jennifer it is a trio since Jennifer is pregnant. He laughs and says that it was great. John says that it felt a little syrup-y for him. He says that it was good, but it was still a little mushy.

Olivia Chisholm is up next. She says that this has been a dream. Her family comes up. They decide to sing “Need You Now” by Lady Antebellum. Olivia says that she wants to show her confidence to America and says that she wants to have fun. Robin is confident. Olivia comes out and sings with Robin Thicke. Afterward, John says that it was fun. Kelly says that there were a lot of pitch problems through the song, but loved the song choice. Jennifer says that the song choice was good. She says that she did a wonderful job though.

Up next is Jason Farol. He gets into the rehearsals and they want to show that they are worth it and Jason’s family has changed their mind. They are going to be singing “Mercy” by Duffy. Kelly works on Jason’s voice to power through. Jason comes out and sings with Kelly Clarkson. Afterward, Jennifer says that she loved it and says that she is dangerous because he is so cute and fun. Robin says that he couldn’t take his eyes off Kelly. He says that he did a great job. John says that he did a great job, but his dancing doesn’t seem natural though.

Bridget Carrington is up next. She gets into rehearsals and tells John that she had to go back to work at the Tax Department and says that it was crazy. They decide to sing “Halo” by Beyonce. She says that she doesn’t want to be the next girl to go home. Bridget comes out and sings with John Legend. Afterward, Robin says that it was really nice. She got better as it went along. He says that she sings with power. Jennifer says that there were a little pitchiness, but loved how she sang brighter. Kelly says that she loved it and says the song choice was great.

J Rome is up last for the night. They love that J Rome is still in the 1st place and says that they are going to sing “Without You” by David Guetta and Usher. They work on breaking up the song and J Rome says that he would be nothing without Jennifer. He says that he will sing from his heart as always. J Rome comes out and sings with Jennifer Nettles. Afterward, John says that as usual he delivered a professional performance. He says that the low registers were not that good though. Robin says that Jennifer dropped it like it’s hot and says that he always love him. Kelly throws her shoe at him and says that she can’t wait to see him in concert. That is it for the performances. The voting is open!