The Finale - Recap

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It is “Duets” Finale of the first season. With John Glosson and J Rome from Jennifer Nettles’s Team and Jason Farol from Kelly Clarkson’s Team up for the prize of a recording contract with Hollywood records. The show kicks off with the Jennifer Nettles and Kelly Clarkson coming out and showing what it is all about to be a recording artist. Afterward, Quddus comes out and says that one of the three Finalists is going to win it all. All 8 contestants are back and two of them will have one last time on stage.

Bridget Carrington comes out with John Legend and they sing “Gimme Shelter” by the Rolling Stones.

Olivia Chisholm comes out with Robin Thicke and they sing “Fever” by Ray Charles on the stage.

John Glosson is up and in rehearsals, he and Jennifer talk about the journey that John has been on. They are going to be singing “For Good” from Wicked. John says that he wants to win it all. John comes out with Jennifer Nettles and they sing. Afterward, John says that it is a whirlwind. Kelly says that he has such a beautiful voice. Robin says that he has the voice and spirit. He says that he has changed for good too. John says that was really nice and felt the chemistry. He says that he is proud. Jennifer says that he has reminded her of family and community and it is nice.

Jason Farol is up next and in rehearsals, he and Kelly talk. Kelly says that he has grown in this. They are going to sing “Heartbreak Hotel” by Elvis. Jason wants to win this for Kelly. Jason comes out with Kelly Clarkson and they sing. Afterward, Jason says that being with Kelly every week is great. Jennifer says that to have witnessed his journey has been fantastic. John says that he looked like he was having a fun time. Robin says that he was good.

J Rome comes up last of the final three. He and Jennifer talk about his journey and she says that they have a nice friendship. They are going to sing “Rhythm of the Night” by El DeBarge. He says that he is going to give it all he can. J Rome comes out and sings with Jennifer Nettles. Afterward, J Rome says that he is crushed that it is the last duet of the competition. John says that he stretches himself every week and says that it is amazing. Robin says that it has been an amazing journey and says that he is going to have a great time in this business. Kelly says that he makes her so happy and says that she is impressed.

John Glosson, Jason Farol and J Rome come to the center of the stage for the results of the competition. Quddus says that everyone is proud of them. Even though all of them are going to have futures, the results are in. The amateur in 3rd place is Jason Farol. Kelly says that Jason has shown the most growth. Quddus extends the results and asks the judges what they think. Kelly says that the two are excited and want to get their album made. The winner of “Duets” Season One is…J Rome!! He says that he is lost for words. They celebrate with one last solo. “Signed Sealed Delivered, I’m Your’s” by Stevie Wonder.