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E-Ring Episode Guide

1 :01x01 - Pilot

First aired: Sep/21/2005
Writer: David McKenna
Director: Taylor Hackford
Guest star: Keith Woulard (Navy Seal Commander), Jen Sung Outerbridge (Chinese Perfume Vendor), Billy Lucas (SEAL #1), Matthew Benjamin (Jod Sub Officer), Elizabeth Sung (Kit Yee's Mother), Kevin Sizemore (EP-3E Intelligence Officer), Kelsey Oldershaw (Angie), John Lafayette (General), Tony Cheng (Chinese Soldier), Steven Schub (CIA Watch Commander), Yasmine Delawari (Maya), Shane Conrad (Captain Weber), Camille Saviola (Secretary of Colonel McNulty), Robert Joy (Mark Boskovich), Michael Wiseman (Commander), Theo Kypri (Tariq Mahayni), Jennifer Chu (Kit Yee Cheung), James Huang (Chinese Agent), Brittany Ishibashi (Ashley Nakahino), David Mattey (Chechen Bodyguard), Andrew Breznick (CIA Field Operative), Verton R. Banks (Ensign Brown), Leonor Varela (Lt. Col. Cat Rodriguez)

When an American "asset" in China calls for help, Major J.T. Tinewski has to convince his superiors, including the Joint Chiefs of Staff, that the U.S. should risk a war with China to rescue her.

2 :01x02 - Snatch and Grab

First aired: Sep/28/2005
Director: David Barrett
Guest star: Christian Aubert (Francois), Theo Kypri (Tariq), Yasmine Delawari (MIra), Nicholas Kadi (Muezzin), Kelsey Oldershaw (Angie), John Lafayette (General), Joel David Moore (Greg), Brittany Ishibashi (Ashley Nakahino), Maurice Compte (Charlie Gutierrez), Madison Mason (Chairman), Kathleen Mary Carthy (Captain Banks), Jared Chandler (Mike "Gramps" Shawn), Tegan Summer (Lieutenant Ganzais), Eric Laciste (Communication Officer)

The Pentagon receives word that a terrorist ally surfaced in Uzbekistan. McNulty and his staff must move quickly to capture him while they have the opportunity to do so. Meanwhile, JT has a run in with Samantha Liston, a woman from his past who now ranks above him. As the mission is set for Uzbekistan, JT must send his old unit into harm's way.

3 :01x03 - Escape and Evade

First aired: Oct/05/2005
Writer: Erik Oleson
Director: Michael Robison
Guest star: Jody Booth (Heather Ross), Christian Aubert (Francois), Marco Khan (Recruiter), Andrew McCarthy (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Aaron Garrety), Kelsey Oldershaw (Angie Aaronson), Cheri Rae Russell (Female Marine Sergeant), John Lafayette (General), Jack Kehler (Navy Captain Shea), Maggie Wheeler (Ms. Adler), Bernard White (Professeur Houchi Kazemi), Michael Patrick Larson (NMCC Officer Burton)

McNulty learns that a Special Forces team has entered onto Iranian soil illegally, he sents JT to deal with them. Meanwhile, Algazi and Sonny form a team to help rescue him from the Pentagon.

4 :01x04 - Tribes

First aired: Oct/12/2005
Director: Fred Keller
Guest star: Emil Pinnock (Driver), Kathleen Mary Carthy (Female Captain), Briana Hodge (Rebecca), Kelsey Oldershaw (Angie Aaronson), Andrew McCarthy (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Aaron Garrety), J. Downing (Colonel Frank), Sam Hennings (Colonel), Jack Kehler (Navy Captain Shea), Brittany Ishibashi (Ashley Nakahino)

A repeat genocide is threatened when machetes are uncovered in Burundi, Africa. As the tensions between Hutu and Tutsi groups escalate, JT must deal with the politics of the Pentagon to get help to the region in time.

5 :01x05 - Weekend Pass

First aired: Oct/19/2005
Writer: Laurie Arent
Director: Jesús Salvador Treviño
Guest star: Damien Luvara (Soldier), Kelsey Oldershaw (Angie Aaronson), Travis Wester (Mike), Robert Picardo (Larry Kincaid), Stacy Meadows (Marine Zachary McPhearson), Joel David Moore (Greg), John Lafayette (General), Andrew McCarthy (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Aaron Garrety), Matt Gerald (Robbie Benvenuto), Michael Cavanaugh (US Ambassador to Suriname), Robert Joseph (General Perere), Carlos Cervantes (Dan Cassidy), Tom Wright (General Kuwendi)

Two Marines are accused of the rape of a woman in Suriname. Upon hearing this, JT springs into action, but is stopped by the US Government who doesn't want jeopardize its' aluminum interests controlled by the Surinamese Government. To save the soldiers' lives, JT must find a way to navigate through the politics.

6 :01x06 - Toy Soldiers

First aired: Oct/26/2005
Writer: David Gerken, Kenneth Biller
Director: John Showalter
Guest star: Susan Chuang (Captain Trish Wong), Alan Dale (CIA Director Ray Metcalf), Catalina Larranaga (Secretary), Kelsey Oldershaw (Angie Aaronson), Ashley Williams (Beth), Joel David Moore (Greg), Andrew McCarthy (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Aaron Garrety), Yasen Peyankov (Dima), Andrew Borba (Brandon Terrell), James Handy (Congressman Hal Lovett), Scott Atkinson (Seth Lovett)

The CIA unexpectedly puts a terrorist on the capture/kill list and JT digs into the reasoning behind it. He soon finds that not everything is as expected so he challenges his superiors but finds that Pentagon politics can be deadly if you're not careful.

7 :01x07 - Cemetery Wind (1)

First aired: Nov/02/2005
Director: Tim Matheson
Guest star: Alan Dale (CIA Director Ray Metcalf), John Fletcher (Mr. Aaronson), Susan Grace (Estelle), Kelsey Oldershaw (Angie Aaronson), Kevin Will (Polygrapher), Maurice Compte (Charlie Gutierrez), Jonathan Banks (Admiral Cooper), Jack Conley (Unknown), Maximillian Alexander (Alejandro Aguilar), Michael Hyatt (Agent Kathryn Thompson), Kirk B.R. Woller (Mr. Sykes)

JT's girlfriend, Angie, is put in a risky situation and only leaves JT one clue as to what happened to her. Using his past Special Ops experience, JT must find what has happened to her.

8 :01x08 - Cemetery Wind (2)

First aired: Nov/09/2005
Director: David Barrett
Guest star: Alan Dale (CIA Director Ray Metcalf), John Fletcher (Mr. Aaronson), Kelsey Oldershaw (Angie Aaronson), Maria Esquivel (Miss Bogota), Joel David Moore (Greg), Maurice Compte (Charlie Gutierrez), Michael Hyatt (Agent Kathryn Thompson), Maximillian Alexander (Alejandro Aguilar), René Rivera (Javier Catalan), Alex Fernandez (Jose Aguillar), Kirk B.R. Woller (Mr. Sykes), Gonzalo Menendez (CIA Agent Daniel Marco), Andrew McCarthy (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Aaron Garrety)

JT has discovered who Angie's attackers are and is forced to finish a job they started years ago.

9 :01x09 - Delta Does Detroit

First aired: Nov/16/2005
Writer: Erik Oleson
Director: Perry Lang
Guest star: Ariana Delawari (Farah), Jay Harik (Behras), Evan Helmuth (Marcus), Richard Kind (Dan Murphy), Shauna Stoddart (Agent McCoy), Andrew Thacher (FBI Agent #2), Jennifer Dorogi (Reporter), Adam Kaufman (Jared Vogel), Mitch Morris (Ken Watkins), Maz Jobrani (Mohammed Safid), Mary Calder (Old Woman), Peter Story (The Mole), Joel Marshall (FBI Agent #1), James MacDonald (FBI Incident Commander Hall), Jonathan Banks (Admiral Cooper)

JT and the team face terrorism on US soil. The team is dispatched to Detroit where a radical Christian has taken members of a mosque hostage.

10 :01x10 - The Forgotten

First aired: Nov/23/2005
Writer: Michael Ostrowski
Director: Dean White
Guest star: Shane Conrad (Captain Weber), Ariel Felix (Manny Bagaya), John Hemphill (Secret Service Agent), Robert Picardo (Larry Kincaid), Michael Delgado (Scott Navarro), Deirdre Quinn (Sharon Starkey), Brittany Ishibashi (Ashley Nakahino), Tony Perez (Mr. Navarro), Andrew McCarthy (Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Aaron Garrety), Matthew Glave (CIA Field Agent Hanes), Jonathan Banks (Admiral Cooper), Alain Uy (Commando Leader), Sara Arrington (Colonel McNulty's Daughter)

JT and McNulty are provided with information from the CIA that a captured Navy SEAL, who was presumed dead, is still alive and can be rescued. They are forced to plan a "backdoor" mission to save the SEAL and in the process, more of McNulty's mysterious past is revealed.

11 :01x11 - Christmas Story

First aired: Dec/07/2005
Writer: Cinque Henderson
Director: Alex Zakrzewski
Guest star: Richard Kind (Dan Murphy), Byrne Offutt (Rick Weston), Maurice Compte (Charlie Gutierrez), David Osokow (Meteorologist), Charles S. Kim (Centcom Officer), Marshall Bell (Colonel James Tisnewski Sr.), Jonathan Banks (Admiral Cooper), Annie Wersching (Lieutenant)

On Christmas Eve, JT is dispatched with a Special Ops crew on a humanitarian relief mission at an Afghani village. But to get there, the team faces harsh weather and Taliban forces. Meanwhile, Samantha meets JT's father who needs a favor.

12 :01x12 - Breath Of Allah

First aired: Jan/11/2006
Writer: Scott Reynolds
Director: Deran Sarafian
Guest star: Tacey Adams (FBI Saic), Richard Cansino (Alfred Meir), Martha Hackett (Chris Harlow), John Simon Jones (Nic Robertson), Payman Kayvanfar (Ibrahim Parashi), Kevin O'Keefe (DPS Officer)

A interagency strike in Amsterdam uncovers an illegal lab manufacturing the plague, which sents JT and his team into action, planning an anti-terrorism strike. But as they plan, they discover the threat is closer to home then they had thought.

13 :01x13 - War Crimes

First aired: Jan/18/2006
Writer: Lauren Gussis
Director: Gloria Muzio
Guest star: Sasha Alexander (Allison Morrow), June Angela (Dr. Foucalt), Josh Clark (General Ellis), Bob Gunton (General Hughes), William Devital (Goran Zubac), Kristof Konrad (Ivan), Bruce Thomas (Dr. Wolff), Zrinka Domic (Edita Alic), Ilia Volok (Lubo Petrovic), Larry Sullivan (Army Staff Sgt. Michaels), Jack Kehler (Navy Captain Shea)

JT and the Specials Ops investigate war criminals in Sarajevo.

14 :01x14 - The General

First aired: Feb/01/2006
Writer: David McKenna
Director: David Barrett
Guest star: Alex Carter (General Ian Maguire), Gavin Fink (Henry Maguire), Joel David Moore (Greg), Kevin Alejandro (Miguel Carrera), Mel Harris (US Ambassador to Spain), Chad Everett (US Ambassador to Spain), Ankur Bhatt (Javed Bakar), Ivo Nandi (Det. Ruiz), Billy Aaron Brown (Master Sgt. Meeks (as Billy Brown))

JT celebrates his promotion to Colonel as word is received that a Spanish special ops officer was kidnapped. The team travels across the globe to track down those responsible.

15 :01x15 - Five Pillars

First aired: Unaired
Writer: Erik Oleson, Kenneth Biller
Director: Craig R. Baxley
Guest star: Maurizio Farhad (Aasim), Jonathan Penner (FBI Agent Jaffe), John Dennis Johnston (Anthony), Jack Eastland (Air Force Colonel), Ty Lee Rushing (SSO Raymond Fields), Courtney Andresen (Waitress), Brian Silverman (FBI Agent), Elizabeth J. Martin (Female FBI Agent), Ankur Bhatt (Javad Bakar)

A mission in Pakistan fails, forcing JT to go inside E-Ring in search of a mole.

16 :01x16 - Fallen Angels

First aired: Unaired
Writer: Larry Moskowitz
Director: David Anspaugh
Guest star: Ricardo Herranz (Lt. Tellez), Phoebe Holston (Nurse Salmonson), Howie Hines (Jack Barrett), Haynes Brooke (Dr. Bendetti), Craig Nigh (Robert Neville), Maximino Arciniega, Jr. (Air Traffic Controller), Al Coronel (Supervisor), Carlos Montilla (Venuezuelan Patrol Leader)

A plane carrying American doctors headed to a mercy mission crashes in a jungle in Venezuela. The Venezuelans are convinced they were on an assaination mission and JT must rescue them before they're captured and killed.

17 :01x17 - Friends and Enemies

First aired: Unaired
Writer: Scott Reynolds
Director: Tawnia McKiernan
Guest star: William Christopher Stephens (Petty Officer #2), Kelvin Han Yee (Admiral Chin), John D. Kim (Sonarman Chung), Joel Bryant (Grimy Chief), Dave Shalansky (Ricky Benvenuto), Van De La Plante (Sonarman McManus), Christopher J. Stapleton (Lt. John Lindquist), Jaime Ray Newman (Natalie Hughes)

In North Korean waters, a submarine carrying Bobby's team collides with a Korean nuclear submarine. The Korean commander wants the Americans to save his crew, but he has to work against his countrymen who have already sent a vessel to kill everyone aboard so the Americans don't get ahold of the Korean submarine.

18 :01x18 - Two Princes

First aired: Unaired
Writer: John Hlavin, Angela Russo Otstot
Director: Kevin Dowling
Guest star: Desmond Faison (Embassy Marine), Denyse Tontz (Princess Gabrielle), Kate Emerick (Princess Sasha), Bernard Zilinskas (NRO Analyst Hendricks), Loren Lester (J. Scott Reynolds), Philip Shahbaz (Palace Guard), Merik Tadros (Saudi Reporter), Dave Nemeth (American Reporter), Marc Casabani (Prince Atmin), Kristin Richardson (Princess Amelia), Adoni Maropis (Colonel Khaled), Corey Pearson (Rocco Vitano)

While in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, JT and Bobby become involved in a plot to kidnap two daughters of the Prince to help them return to the United States, their childhood home.

19 :01x19 - Brothers In Arms

First aired: Unaired
Writer: David McKenna, Erik Oleson
Director: Paul Michael Glaser
Guest star: Jaime Ray Newman (Natalie Hughes), Alex Back (British Soldier), Ron Bottitta (SAS Col. Nigel Baggs), Eric Ladin (Sgt. Michael Polard), Adam Leadbeater (Royal M.P.), Iman Nazemzadeh (Adil Al-Masadi), Dominic Rains (Omar Al-Masadi), Sam Sako (P.M. Malawi), Tino Struckmann (Terrorist), Paul Walia (Iraqi Soldier)

While training elite Iraqi secret service members, JT and Bobby become friends with an Iraqi soldier who is unaware his brother is a suicide bomber fighting against America.

20 :01x20 - Hard Sell

First aired: Unaired
Director: Steve Boyum
Guest star: Christopher Maher (Arif Abud), Amir Salehi (Man #2), Eyal Podell (Wilson), Patrick Sabongui (Man #1), Avner Garbi (Al Mudtadji), Dave Marlin (Mugniyah), Hrach Titizian (Ziad), Cas Anvar (Nasir), Iris Bahr (Rosa), Jennifer Jalene (DoD Lawyer), Zuhair Haddad (Abu Al-Hijazi), Spencer Garrett (Col. Norman "Doc" Wiley), Henri Lubatti (Mossad Agent), Maurice Compte (Charlie Gutierrez)

JT has to undergo a psychological evaluation. As he is examined, he recounts a Lebanon mission set up to save one of his men who was tortured by insurgents.

21 :01x21 - Isolation

First aired: Unaired
Writer: Lauren Gussis, Erik Oleson
Director: David Barrett
Guest star: Shauna Stoddart (Agent Roma McCoy), Jaime Ray Newman (Natalie Hughes), Jared Chandler (Mike "Gramps" Shawn), Yasmine Delawari (Maya), Eddie J. Fernandez (Mexican Cop #2), Christie Lynn Smith (Gail Ellen), Suzette Vargas (Hotel Housekeeper), Ashley Williams (Beth Wilkerson)

JT and the team head to Mexico to capture a drug lord affiliated with Al Qaeda.

22 :01x22 - Acceptable Losses

First aired: Unaired
Writer: Ken Robinson, Kenneth Biller
Director: Kenneth Biller
Guest star: Ashley Williams (Beth Wilkerson), Jaime Ray Newman (Natalie Hughes), Tavis Bohlinger (Mark Jones), Jared Chandler (Mike "Gramps" Shawn), Geza Decsy (Pool Manager), Yasmine Delawari (Maya), Mel Fair (Leland Kirkus), Heidi Johnson (Babe), Mitch Morris (Ken Watkins), Bobby Pappas (Declan Walters)

After escaping from Mexican police following a failed operation, JT and his team kill a drug gang and federal agent on the US side of the border. Meanwhile, Sonny and McNulty solve a crisis started by a Pentagon mole.