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Season 2

25 :02x01 - Step Nine

A call from Scotland Yard brings Sherlock and Watson back to London in order to track down Sherlock's old partner. Once there, they find Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock's brother, who'd like to be a part of Sherlock's life again.
Special Guest Stars: Rhys Ifans as Mycroft Holmes |
Guest Stars: Sean Pertwee as Inspector Gareth Lestrade | Rufus Wright as Lawrence Pendry | Tim McMullan as DCI Hopkins |
Co-Guest Stars: John Owens as Priest
Director: John Polson
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Tunng -- Follow Follow, Oasis -- Hello, Flogging Molly -- The Sun Never Shines on Closed Doors

26 :02x02 - Solve for X

Holmes and Watson set out to solve the murder of a world class mathematician who was trying to solve a multimillion dollar "unsolvable" equation. To add to her problems, Watson is approached for a loan by the son of a former patient.
Guest Stars: Lynn Collins as Tanya Barrett | Jeremy Jordan (2) as Joey Castoro | Glenn Fitzgerald as Linus Roe | Rich Sommer as Harlan Emple | Khalil Kain as Benny Charles | Richard Vincent Holmes as Jason Harrison (as Rick Holmes) |
Co-Guest Stars: Simon Feil as Office Worker | Rock Kohli as Cabbie | Nicholas Maccarone as Wayne Kaneshiro
Director: Jerry Levine
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Chloe Kat -- Guitar Between Us, Erin Doherty -- Lightning Rod, Portugal. The Man -- Sea of Air

27 :02x03 - We Are Everyone

Watson chooses a bad time to start an online dating profile. A group of cyber-activists protecting a whistle blower subject both Holmes and Watson to a "Life Ruin".
Guest Stars: Christian Campbell as Ezra Kleinfelter | Ronald Guttman as Mr. Mueller / Elliot Honeycutt | Steve Kazee as Jeff Heinz | Susan Pourfar as Emily Hankins | Laura Osnes as Celia Carroll | Peter McRobbie as Milton Van Kirk |
Co-Guest Stars: Adeel Ahmed as Cabbie | Anthony Fazio as Delivery Man | Chester Jones III as Bike Cop | David Hess (2) as Darragh O'Connor | Joe Cassidy as Agent 1 | Scott Whitehurst as Agent 2 | Joan Carlos Infante as CSU Tech
Writer: Craig Sweeny
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Barbarossa -- The Load

28 :02x04 - Poison Pen

A woman from Sherlock's past emerges as a possible suspect when the CEO of a consulting company is poisoned.

Guest Stars: Laura Benanti as Anne Barker / Abigail Spenser | Samuel H. Levine as Graham Delancey | Noelle Beck as Peri Delancey | Paul Fitzgerald as Burt Jeffries | Patrick Kerr as Simon | Keesha Sharp as Mistress Felicia |
Co-Guest Stars: Cindy Katz as Marsha Whitaker | Steve Greenstein as Titus Delancey | Nancy Lemenager as Susan Moore | Robert Emmet Lunney as Attorney
Writer: Liz Friedman
Songs: Sleepwalker -- Battle Tapes, Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, Jim James -- State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U.)

29 :02x05 - Ancient History

Sherlock urges Watson to develop some professional pride when she decides to track down a pick up artist for a friend. To do it, he attempts to distract her with the case of a dead hit man who seems to have died immediately after a job.
Guest Stars: Mia Barron as Lara Banin | Danielle Nicolet as Jennifer Sayles | Mike Starr as Russell Gertz | Jordan Gelber as Dr. Eugene Hawes | Wass M. Stevens as Travis Hardwick | Vanessa Aspillaga as Travis Hardwick's Secretary | Misha Kuznetsov as Marko Zubkov | Tibor Feldman as Dr. Michael Glassman |
Co-Guest Stars: Olivia Baseman as Sasha Zubkov | AJ Cedeno as Bartender | Gene Gabriel as CSU Officer | Deirdre Madigan as Receptionist
Director: Sanaa Hamri
Writer: Jason Tracey
Songs: Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song

30 :02x06 - An Unnatural Arrangement

Holmes and Watson work to find the masked gunman who invaded Captain Gregson's home in an attempt to kill him. The case brought on by the invasion brings pieces of the Captain's personal life out.

Guest Stars: Talia Balsam as Cheryl Gregson | Sarah Wynter as Beth Roney | Ted King as James Monroe | Kathleen Chalfant as Mrs. Clennon | Peter Hermann as Detective Craig Basken | Armando Riesco as Jacob Esparza |
Co-Guest Stars: Christopher Burns as Coordinating Detective | Danny Rutigliano as Prisoner

31 :02x07 - The Marchioness

Mycroft arrives in New York and recruits Sherlock and Watson to help his former fiance. The history between the brothers comes out more as the history between Watson and Mycroft is revealed.
Special Guest Stars: Rhys Ifans as Mycroft Holmes |
Guest Stars: Olivia d'Abo as Nigella Mason | Phyllis Somerville as Miriam Berg | Andrew Samonsky as El Mecanico / Keith Newell | Joe Forbrich as Brad Scheff |
Co-Guest Stars: Orlagh Cassidy as Maris | Ken Marks as Chairman | Jane Pfitsch as Lisanne | Lucas Salvagno as Addict | Christopher Tocco as Will
Director: Sanaa Hamri
Songs: Ages And Ages -- Ante Up

32 :02x08 - Blood Is Thicker

When a young woman is murdered, Holmes and Watson find that she's connected to a billionaire CEO. While on the case Sherlock considers the possibility of having to move back to London, brought to him by his brother.

Special Guest Stars: Rhys Ifans as Mycroft Holmes |
Guest Stars: William Sadler as Ian Gale | Margaret Colin as Natalie Gale | Casey Biggs as Alan Becker | Kieran Campion as Ray McKibben | Jordan Gelber as Dr. Eugene Hawes | Mark Zeisler as Arthur Watkins | Johanna Day as Maureen Tyler |
Co-Guest Stars: Kersti Bryan as Haley Tyler | Stephen Friedrich as Pet Groomer Employee | Mike Masters as Lead Security Guard | Elliot Villar as Christian Suarez |
Uncredited: Keith Eric Chappelle as Parcel Services Driver
Director: John Polson
Songs: Half Moon Run -- Unofferable

33 :02x09 - On The Line

After foiling a frame up, Holmes rubs the NYPD the wrong way when he accuses the intended victim of being a serial killer.
Guest Stars: Troy Garity as Lucas Bundsch | Chris Bauer as Detective Gerry Coventry | Eric Sheffer Stevens as Tim Spalding |
Co-Guest Stars: Dillan Arrick as Jenna Lombard | Marcus Callender as Young Cop | Charlotte Maier as Cynthia Tilden | Ryan McCarthy as Sheriff's Officer #1 | Lucas Dixon as Sheriff's Officer #2 | Howard W. Overshown as Detective | Dee Pelletier as Polygraph Examiner | Kate Cullen Roberts as Kathy Spalding | Kacie Sheik as Receptionist
Director: Guy Ferland
Writer: Jason Tracey

34 :02x10 - Tremors

Consequences for an investigation gone wrong put Sherlock and Watson in court fighting for their positions as consultants with the NYPD.
Guest Stars: Elizabeth Marvel as Cassandra Walker | Frankie Faison as Judge Brewster O'Hare | Danny Mastrogiorgio as James Dylan | Jordan Lage as Dr. Phineas Hobbs | Zachary Booth as Silas Cole | Brian Reddy as Commissioner August Patrick | Angel Desai as Dr. Gretchen Primler |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Turano as Bailiff | Tom Day as Uniform
Director: Aaron Lipstadt
Writer: Liz Friedman

35 :02x11 - Internal Audit

A murdered hedge fund manager who also ran a Ponzi scheme leave Holmes and Watson looking through his long list of victims for the killer. Sherlock, meanwhile, struggles with Alfredo's attempt to get him to give back to their program by way of sponsoring a newly recovering addict.

Guest Stars: Heather Burns as Chloe Butler | Ato Essandoh as Alfredo Llamosa | Richard Masur as Jacob Weiss | Peter Gerety as Frank Da Silva | Stephen Tyrone Williams as Randy |
Co-Guest Stars: Robert Creighton as Detective Luntz | Rebecca Dayan as Fabiana | Lucas Hall as Nelson Maddox | Kristine Johnson as TV News Anchor | Thomas Ryan as Donald Hauser
Director: Jerry Levine

36 :02x12 - The Diabolical Kind

Holmes and Watson are forced into working with Moriarty when she is brought in to consult on a kidnapping case. They are all forced to deal with their feelings while at the same time handling a very sensitive case, with some very vague allegiance lines.
Special Guest Stars: Natalie Dormer as Moriarty |
Guest Stars: Faran Tahir as FBI Agent Ramses Mattoo | Andrew Howard as Devon Gaspar |
Co-Guest Stars: Andy Murray (2) as John Clay | Rachel Pickup as Allison Fuller | Jeffrey C. Hawkins as Detective | Romell Witherspoon as Henchman | Dion Mucciacito as Kelty | John Brummer as Molina | Delphina Belle as Kayden Fuller
Director: Larry Teng
Songs: Radical Face -- The Crooked Kind

37 :02x13 - All In The Family

Holmes and Watson investigate the mafia's ties to a murder - as Watson reveals another side of herself. Sherlock tries fixing his broken relationship with Detective Bell.
Guest Stars: Peter Gerety as Frank Da Silva | Vincent Curatola as Theodore "Big Teddy" Ferrara | Tim Guinee as Dean McNally | Danny McCarthy as Detective Nash | Wendy Hoopes as Detective Annie Wozniak | Fulvio Cecere as Dante Scalice | Paul Sorvino as Robert Pardillo |
Co-Guest Stars: Jed Orlemann as Riley | Nick Dillenburg as Uniform Cop | James Andrew O'Connor as Security Guard
Writer: Jason Tracey
Songs: The Rocketboys -- On the Other Side

38 :02x14 - Dead Clade Walking

Joan investigates the link between a 65 million year old fossil and one of Sherlock's unsolved cases. Sherlock's sponsorship duties have him helping a recovering addict.
Guest Stars: Ashlie Atkinson as Gay | Stephen Tyrone Williams as Randy | James Martinez as Diego Salcedo | Jonno Roberts as Dr. Jerome Thomas | Jane Alexander as C. |
Co-Guest Stars: Francesca Choy-Kee as Waitress | Ross Degraw as Wolfe | Jack Dimich as Ivan Kershavin | Joel Hatch as Andrew Donnelly | Kate Levy as Lawyer | Adam McNulty as Detective Park | Annika Peterson as Charlotte Klemmer | Christina Pumariega as Uniform | Jeremy Rishe as Emerson | Jim Watkins as Reporter
Director: Helen Shaver
Songs: The Vespers -- Better Now, Sean Callery -- Elementary Theme Song, (Unknown artist) -- The Marriage of Figaro

39 :02x15 - Corpse de Ballet

An up and coming ballerina is killed, leading Holmes inside the professional dancing world. Watson works alone on a case of abduction when she is approached by the friend of a homeless war veteran.
Guest Stars: Aleksa Palladino as Iris Lanzer | Scott Cohen as Nolan Sharp | Bill Sage as Jake Picardo | Curtis L. McClarin as Morris Gilroy | David A. Gregory as Nicholas Orman | Jennifer Laura Thompson as Rachel Brown |
Co-Guest Stars: Alec Beard as Officer Conroy | Tally Sessions as Officer Jaffin | Dan Cooney as Cliff Brown | Bradford Cover as Vincent Renatto | Kimberly Faure as Nell Solange | Andrea Green as Dancer #1 | Hannah Kahn as Dancer #2 | Nina Lafarga as Tatiana | John Leonard Thompson as Picardo's Lawyer | Liz Wisan as Stage Manager
Writer: Liz Friedman
Songs: (Unknown artist) -- Violin Concerto in D Major: OP 77

40 :02x16 - The One Percent Solution

A investigation into a bombing see's old tensions reignite when Holmes and Watson have to partner up with Gareth Lestrade, a former colleague of Sherlock's from Scotland Yard.
Guest Stars: Sean Pertwee as Gareth Lestrade | Bill Irwin as Richard Balsille | Maggie Lacey as Louise Forrester | Sarah Goldberg as Miss Truepenny | Parker Pogue as John Bowden | Bhavesh Patel as Neetzan Mehmet |
Co-Guest Stars: Don Sparks as Lawyer | Justin Morck as ESU Leader | Robert Jimenez as Orderly (Guillermo) | Rosalyn Coleman as Hotel Manager
Director: Guy Ferland
Songs: Daniel Powter -- Bad Day

41 :02x17 - Ears to You

Lestrade is unwilling to leave even though his services are no longer required. Holmes and Watson investigate the case of a man who is suspected of murdering his wife years ago after a ransom demand is requested for her safe return.
Guest Stars: Sean Pertwee as Gareth Lestrade | Jeremy Davidson as Gordon Cushing | Cara Buono as Sarah Cushing | Sean Nelson as Shawn Menck |
Co-Guest Stars: Amir Babayoff as Taxi Driver | Eric T. Miller as Kidnapper (Jim Browner) | Squeaky Moore as Uniform Officer
Director: Seith Mann
Songs: The Dodos -- Confidence

42 :02x18 - The Hound of the Cancer Cells

The death of a famous researcher leaves Holmes and Watson to determine if his demise was tied to his latest invention. Meanwhile Bell's full reinstatement lands him close to home on an unrelated case.
Guest Stars: Mather Zickel as Hank Prince | Ron Canada as Manny Rose | Shiri Appleby as Dalit Zirin | Gretchen Egolf as Karen Buckner | Jordan Gelber as Dr. Eugene Hawes | Christina Jackson as Nicole Watkins | Ralph Byers as Chuck Hammond |
Co-Guest Stars: Adam Grupper as Hank's Lawyer | Jason Danieley as Barry Granger | Pun Bandhu as Lab Assistant
Director: Michael Slovis
Songs: Primal Scream -- Walking With the Beast

43 :02x19 - The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville

Watson does some reflecting when a serial killer who died on her operating table begins to kill again.
Guest Stars: Bruce Altman as Dr. Jonathan Fleming | Robert Stanton as Stan Kovacevic | Judith Ivey as Ruth Colville | Christopher Fitzgerald as Dr. Neil Murray |
Co-Guest Stars: Sue-Anne Morrow as Detective Leslie Loughlin | Aaron Schwartz as Jersey Shore | Alex Morf as Miles Pohlua | Bowman Wright as Waylan Deer | Dana Berger as Paramedic #1 | Greg Coughlin as Aaron Colville | Kevin Loreque as Bespectacled Man | Liche Ariza as Edgar Alvarez | Richard D. Busser as Burglar | Shawn K. Curran as Alan Vikner
Director: Larry Teng
Writer: Jason Tracey
Songs: Fitz & The Tantrums -- Break The Walls, Broken Bells -- Leave It Alone, The Clash -- Rudie Can't Fail

44 :02x20 - No Lack of Void

When a petty criminal dies of from anthrax poisoning, Holmes and Watson end up on the trail of a home grown terrorist cell.

Guest Stars: Garret Dillahunt as Bart MacIntosh | Roger Rees as Alistair Moore (Sherlock's old friend) | Ron Raines as Ian | Michael Medeiros as Joe Bey | Jamie Harrold as Coogan Burl | Dennis Flanagan as Jeremy |
Co-Guest Stars: Brandon Espinoza as Apollo Mercer | Brett G. Smith as ESU Captain | Jay Ward (1) as ESU Officer | Larry Mitchell (1) as Uniform Cop
Director: Sanaa Hamri
Songs: Shawn Smith -- Wrapped in My Mind

45 :02x21 - The Man With the Twisted Lip

When Sherlock's brother Mycroft makes a surprise return to New York, his motivations cause discord between Sherlock and Joan. Meanwhile, a missing person case takes Sherlock and Joan inside the world of unmanned aeronautics.

Source: CBS
Special Guest Stars: Rhys Ifans as Mycroft Holmes |
Guest Stars: Jeremy Shamos as Dr. Paul Sutherland | Henri Lubatti as Marchef | Teal Wicks as Tess Dahl | Vincenzo Amato as Guillaume de Soto
Director: Seith Mann

46 :02x22 - Paint it Black

The line between business and personal gets blurred when Sherlock is forced to partner with his brother, Mycroft, to solve a life-or-death case.
Director: Lucy Liu

47 :02x23 - Art in the Blood

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Classification: Scripted
Genre: Crime | Drama | Mystery
Status: Returning Series
Network: CBS ( USA)
Airs: Thursdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 27, 2012
Episode Order: 24
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