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Rat Race - Recap

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The episode begins with a worried Watson walking into Gregson’s office, asking for help. Holmes hasn’t been in touch for more than three hours and she is worried that he has relapsed. She wants Gregson to help her find him. Next, we see Holmes in a car; cuffed and his legs are zip-tied as well. Cut to two days earlier; Watson is at coffee with one of her girl pal and she sets Watson up with Aaron; an ambush as Watson calls it. She is off the dating scene for a while and so she is feeling a little awkward. Holmes texts her and asks her to meet him immediately. At home, he realizes that she met a handsome man as she tied up her hair; she does that when she wants to look her best.

Holmes tells her that they have been summoned to a financial firm, Canon Ebersole. He is in his last night’s clothes and Watson asks him to dress more formally. He says that he loathes bankers. Jim Fowkes, the Chief Investment Officer, introduces Dan Cho as the Chief Financial Officer. Holmes cuts into the introduction as wants Jim to get to the point. The COO, Peter Tobert, has gone missing and there is important business that Peter needs to take care of. The NYPD cannot get involved until 48 hours and they can’t wait that long. Holmes negotiates 12 times his current rates. Well, he has no current rate and tells Watson to come up with one. He also gives a demonstration to prove his worth. Jim agrees to his rate and his secretary takes Holmes to Peter’s office.

Holmes notices a lot of books around and pulls out a book that Peter consults the most and inside that book is a diary with pictures of prostitutes; he likes the expensive ones. So, there has to be a way he manages his expenses. Holmes checks peter’s computer and finds that he has two accountants and Rydell Martin handles his private account. He then calls the secretary, Donna and asks her to make reservations at an expensive hotel. They meet with Rydell and he admits to maintaining Peter’s expenses for his “pleasures’. He also tells Holmes that Peter has a rented apartment near Tribeca .He gives Holmes the address. On their way to the apartment, Holmes tells her that he knows about Aaron and that Aaron sent a text asking of she would like to go to dinner tonight. He checked her phone when she was in the shower.

He replied a “yes”. They reach the apartment and find Peter dead; an overdose of heroin. The detectives are going to classify this as an accidental OD. But Holmes says that this is murder. He points out at the apartment and says that it is too pristine for a habitual heroin user; well Holmes was one. Also he knows that in order to insensate Peter, the first dose of heroin came from the salad on the kitchen platform. They then decide to tell Peter’s wife about ‘all this”. he learns from Mrs. Tobert that she was at an auction when Peter was killed and also that the previous COO also died due to his peanut allergy; this was a year ago. At home, Holmes tells Watson that he spoke to the chef who prepared the former COO’s food and he said that the peanut oil was put in the food after it left the kitchen.

Holmes feels that if there is heroin in the salad, then the MO is consistent; murder in a way the world would consider an accident. Holmes then asks her to go on her date with Aaron and assures her that he will be fine. The date goes well and Aaron asks her out on another date. She doesn’t answer and leaves. at home, she tells Holmes that she thinks that Aaron lied about not being married. Holmes finds out that Aaron is married and Watson is pissed. However, the good news is that the lab results are back and they did find trace heroin in the salad. He also put up pictures of people from the firm who died over the last ten years. He then tells her that they will go to Canon Ebersole and call upon a board meeting to see if there is a murderer at work.

Next day, Holmes addresses the boar and tells them about five other employees who died in mysterious circumstances, right from 2003. So, someone has been killing to climb up the ladder. Jim is furious as the only one who has shown that kind of growth is him. Holmes wants access to the files and Jim says that this isn’t possible. Later, Jim arrives at Holmes’ apartment with files that can prove that he and Dan Cho couldn’t be suspects and has proof of the timeline. Holmes cannot make sense out of this. He agrees that Dan did not gain anything from these murders but Jim did. Aaron asks Watson to meet him so that he can explain. Watson agrees to meet him on Holmes’ insistence. Holmes then comes across the name Donna as an emergency contact for Jim. At the restaurant, Aaron explains himself by telling Watson that he married to give the girl asylum in the US.

He would have told her about this eventually; if there was “eventually”. Meanwhile, Holmes goes to meet Donna and points out to her that she had a lot to gain from her boss, Jim’s rise. He says that she has been to all the places Jim has been to. He wants to know whether she committed the murders herself or did Jim assist her. Donna tazes Holmes. Cut to the present where Holmes is cuffed and is in the backseat of Donna’s car. Donna is driving him to Jim’s estate and she is going to kill him there. After two weeks she plans to give the cops an anonymous tip so that the dead body could be found and everything falls on Jim. With Jim gone, Dan Cho would get the promotion. Watson is continuously messaging Holmes and his phone is with Donna.

He tells Donna that Watson would involve the cops if she doesn’t hear from him. She replies to Watson. But Watson reads the message and finds something strange. Meanwhile, at the estate, Donna wants Holmes to dig his own grave. He refuses to. He wants her to tell him about her experience; now that he is dying, she doesn’t need to fear. She begins to tell him and she sees the cops. Holmes takes this opportunity and tazes her and she falls to the ground. Later, Watson tells him that the message didn’t look like one of the messages that Holmes normally sends; it was clear and not undecipherable. She at once knew he was in trouble. She confesses that she had t tell Gregson about his past and tells him that he needs to have a talk with Gregson.

Holmes arrives to meet Gregson and tells him that he didn’t tell him about his past as he was ashamed of it. He apologizes. Gregson tells him that he knew about his past; obviously, if he was to appoint Holmes as a consultant, he would do his homework. He also knows that Watson isn’t his ‘personal valet’. He wanted Holmes to tell him the truth once he was ready. He tells Holmes that he is going to keep a lid on this.

At home, Watson tells Holmes that Aaron wants her to go with him to Emily’s function. She says that he too was unhappy about the fact that she looked him up online. So they are square. Holmes tells her that there are disadvantages of seeing a puzzle in everything; it makes you lonely. The episode ends.