You Do It to Yourself - Recap

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The episode begins with a man wearing a mask pulling the trigger on someone. Holmes is having fever and he gets a message from Bell about a murdered man found in an abandoned building. He feels that boredom is far more dangerous than a fever and goes to consult. Holmes sees that the eyes of the victim have been shot at. There is no wallet. Holmes infers that the victim was killed elsewhere and then dumped here. He then examines the body and declares that the vic is a professor and that from a band on his wrist, it appears that he had gone to Thailand as it is from a Thai monastery.

Judging from the wear and tear; looks like he was in Thailand 10 days ago. Also, the blue on the professor’s tie shows that he was teaching in Garrison; it is a Garrison blue. Holmes does a quick search on his phone and he finds out the name of the professor; Trent Annunzio. They talk to Trent’s wife and she tells them that she met him in Beijing 5 years ago and they married two years ago. Watson gets a call from Liam from the Riker’s Island. They don’t get much information from Trent’s wife. She only tells them that he had a lot of classes and a department meeting at 9. Watson peels off this one to go to Riker’s for an old client. Holmes and Bell then go to meet Trent’s teaching assistant. He tells them that there was no meeting.

Bell thinks that Trent lied to his wife; and Holmes thinks that his wife could have lied to them. Bell goes to check Trent’s office and Holmes is more interested in the office opposite Trent’s. Bell thinks that Trent’s office is sort of cramped for the Department Head. Holmes then infers that Trent had visited an underground Chinese gambling center. He then points out to the number of 13’s in all of Trent’s information. 13 is considered lucky among the Chinese. Also, he was wearing red boxers, which is a lucky color for the Chinese. He reeked of cigarettes but his teeth were white. He was at a gambling center. Bell finds mahjong tiles; memberships pass for each club. Watson meets Liam in the prison. He is arrested for a hit and run. He tells that he partied hard a couple of nights back and he blacked out.

But he is sure that he was not involved in this hit and run and he wants Watson to put in a good word for him through Holmes. She refuses. She then meets Holmes in Chinatown and they go to the last gambling parlor. Holmes knows that her client needs help but Watson thinks that he is guilty. Bell talks to the guy who runs the place and gets nothing. Holmes wants to know why bleach is applied to one part of the floor only. He tries to lie but Holmes obviously outsmarts him. He then asks him for the video footage from the camera which looks like a smoke detector. They see the video and they watch Trent’s murder and then Holmes asks him for the other video which shows the face of the killer. After explaining how he deuced it, the owner shows him the footage and they see the shooter’s face. Holmes then gives Watson details on Liam’s offense. She doesn’t want his help. Bell arrives with the sheet on Raul Ramirez.

They interrogate Raul and he tells them that he was hired. The guy knew everything about Raul and wanted him to kill Trent by shooting him in the eye. He had slipped in $1000 in an envelope and he said that he would pay him another 9k for the murder. He always called or texted and Raul never met him in person. They then look at the picture that was sent to Raul. With Watson’s help he infers that the picture was taken in Trent’s office as there is a mark that points at a lucky charm kept in his office but it is a photograph from the house. So, it is a person who shared Trent’s office and neighborhood; the teaching assistant. They go to talk to the TA. The TA admits that Trent sandbagged him by not letting him become permanent in his job; but that doesn’t mean he killed him.

They find a burner phone under the TA’s bed which has just one number dialed from it; it is Raul’s number. But Holmes thinks that the TA did not do it as he showed no signs of distress when they went to check his bedroom. But Bell arrives saying that Brian, the TA confessed to everything. At home, Holmes tells Watson that he still thinks Brian is innocent. They then talk about Liam and Watson thinks that there is something amiss. Holmes points out to a few discrepancies. She then tells that she had given Liam a present and that is missing.

This means that Liam’s car was actually stolen and the robber might have not known that it was not expensive. But then Holmes tells her that Liam must have pawned it himself for drugs; an addict’s habit. He knows that Watson was sleeping with Liam as he gauged it from her reactions. She tells him that she is going to Riker’s tomorrow morning. Holmes then checks the list of songs downloaded by Brian and he remembers seeing the same list at Trent’s house and he infers that Trent’s wife was having an affair with Brian. Bell and Holmes go to talk to Trent’s wife and she admits to the affair. She tells them that Trent was a sadist ad a pervert and that he made sex tapes of her. He had promised to marry her but when they arrived here, he broke his promise.

She could not go to the authorities as she feared that her status would be relieved and that she would be deported. She has nothing to do with the murder. But they don’t believe her. She tries to show them the sex tapes but she sees that they are all gone. They take her to the station. Watson shows Liam the pictures of his banged up car and he points out that the keychain that she had gifted him is missing. She is relieved. At home, Watson tells Holmes that the keychain was indeed missing and the cops went to all the pawn shops till they retrieved it. The owner knew the kid who pawned it and Liam would be set free once the kid is arrested. Watson then admits that Liam is not a former client. He is her ex and tells Holmes the entire story of what happened and how they met.

Back to Trent’s case; Holmes gets the autopsy report and he learns that Trent had melanoma and that too a particular kind which was very painful. It also suggests that he was using Chinese herbs for eye pain. Holmes now feels that Trent planned his own murder. Since he was a sadist and a psychopath, he would have gone crazy on learning about his wife’s affair with Brian. He planned his revenge when he learns that he has terminal cancer of the eye. So he approaches Raul to kill him but plans everything that would point at Brian; thus extracting his revenge and also putting an end to his misery. He planted the phone in Brian’s apartment.

All was according to plan; the only problem was that Raul changed his plan and attacked him earlier than the decided time. He also states that Trent wanted his eyes shot as he did not want anyone to find about the cancer as it could raise questions. But all this is a theory and there is no way of proving it; yet. Gregson tells Holmes that the wife is being deported and Brian has given a confession. Looks like Trent’s plan was good one!! Holmes sets to prove his theory and once again with Watson’s help he realizes that Trent must have done a search on people who have a rap sheet and also those who live close to Brian.

They find a list and see that there is a list of people and Raul is second on the list. They wonder why Trent did not go to this guy first; Holmes thinks that he might have. Watson meets Liam and tells him that the “joyrider” is arrested. He tells her that he wants to get clean again. Next, Holmes tells June, the wife that Trent had first contacted a man named Dennis who was a sex offender and had an expertise in surveillance. He then set up a camera in his corridor as he thought that the cops are trying to entrap him.

He then told his mystery benefactor that he wants a $1000 and Trent is taped slipping the cash under Dennis’ door. Thanks to this video, Brian is released. June’s deportation could be stopped if they really decide to get married. Liam agrees. Next, Watson is waiting for Liam at the rehab where he was supposed to be admitted. Holmes arrives and Watson feels that Liam wouldn’t show up. Both of them wait for Liam. The episode ends.