Dirty Laundry - Recap

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The episode begins with Watson complaining about the state of the kitchen and she tells Holmes that it is not healthy to keep the kitchen untidy. Elsewhere two women, who work in the laundry, are arguing about some missing yogurt. One of them then tells the other to take care of her unbalanced laundry. The girl pushing the cart says that it is not hers; it belongs to someone who was working the late night shift. She then goes to the machine and opens the door to remove the clothes; instead a woman’s head pops out. Next, Gregson arrives with his team; Holmes is there as well.

Gregson tells Holmes that Terri Purcell is the GM of the hotel and she generally works late nights. And that is where she was last seen. Terri, the victim, died of blunt force trauma. And she was then put in the machine to wash away any physical evidence. There is a fountain pen found and it could be the victim’s or the killer’s; but there is no ink on the victim or the laundry. The cameras on one end of the corridor aren’t working and the killer knew about this. Holmes infers that the killer was familiar with the surroundings. There are drag marks from the victim’s maroon heels which suggest that she was dragged to this spot from elsewhere. They check the office and find blood on the table, suggesting that the altercation went down there.

They also learn that she did a lot of charity. Bell points out that Terri was wearing a wedding band and this does suggest that the husband could be the killer. They go to talk to Oliver and Holmes infers that there were problems in their marriage and that he has been sleeping on the couch. Also, Oliver was currently unemployed. Watson talks to daughter, Carly, and she learns that she was into soccer and that she had a knee injury due to which she used to take pills. She then became an addict and Terri helped her to get clean. She also tells her that she wanted to get into the Michigan College while Terri had her heart set on Georgetown. Watson tells Holmes that the neighbor lady, who was trimming her lawn, could be of help as she seems to be interested in gossip.

They learn from her that Terri was having an affair and she then shows them the picture of the man and his car on her cell phone. They go to meet Geoffrey Silver. But he tells them that they never had an affair. He also has an alibi for his whereabouts during the time of the murder. Bell tells Watson and Holmes that Terri had recently got some complaints from her guests about her girls as the girls used to solicit themselves. She then made arrangements for the girls to be kept away and later there were some threatening calls made to her by the pimps of these girls. Holmes and Watson go and wait in the hotel lobby. Holmes sees one of those girls and immediately figures out that she is one of the elite escorts. He goes and talks to her.

She admits that she knew Terri, but she also says that the pimps could never lay a finger on Terri, because Terri is the reason the girls were there. She wanted them there and she was the one who used to arrange the girls for the clients. Hmm; quite the opposite from what was told to Bell. Later, Gregson tells Holmes and Watson that all the call girls had the same thing to say; Terri used to arrange “dates’ for these rich businessmen and when they started complaining about the prostitutes in the lobby, she moved them to the laundry, where she had sabotaged the cameras and she used to quietly sneak the out when the process was over. The pimps of these girls loved Terri as she did this whole thing for free! However, she did fire a girl who got high and created a scene in the lobby.

She is doing six months for possession and so she cannot be the killer. Holmes then goes back to Terri’s office and searches for a secret compartment. He then finds a wireless connect with which Terri could log into a private network. Holmes connects it to the laptop and finds that there are nine hidden cameras in the rooms of the hotel. He figures out how Terri used to profit from her “free” service. He tells Gregson that Terri used to blackmail her clients and made money. Carly calls Watson and she tells her that Terri wasn’t really the person people thought she was. But she doesn’t talk further as her father arrives. Holmes then goes through the videos and did not find anything useful.

He then searches the extensive collection of the photographs on her laptop and realizes that there is something hidden in them. He soon figures something and calls Gregson. The team arrives at the Purcell house and Holmes confronts Oliver. He tells him that he knows that he was a Russian spy and so was Terri. By running the brothel in her hotel, she attracted a lot of power brokers and the tapes were to get information. Oliver worked in the financial institution that was connected to the defense and he was gathering information from there. Oliver lawyers up. Oliver is interrogated and Holmes is not being allowed in the FBI interrogation.

Watson arrives and tells him that Carly is missing. Holmes then infers that Silver is actually their handler. They go to Silver’s office but they find that his laptop has been scrubbed clean. Later, Oliver talks to Gregson and Holmes and admits to being a spy. He tells them that Carly was a part of the plan as only having a child would make them a complete American family. But their agency had a plan for Carly as well. But Oliver wanted more for his daughter as he loved her a lot. He agrees to talk if they keep Carly out of this. Meanwhile, Carly calls Watson and Watson goes to meet her. Carly tells Watson that Terri told her a few days back that she was a spy. Carly admits that she killed Terri.

Later, Cary tells Holmes that she had gotten an acceptance from Michigan and she was very happy. But Terri called her to the hotel and told her that she will be going to Georgetown as they have a better government program. That is when she told Carly the entire truth. Terri had planned Carly’s whole life and this wasn’t acceptable for her. She did not want to give up her life for a country she had even seen. Carly threatened Terri that she would go to the cops and tell on her if Terri forced her to do something she did not want to. Carly says that she was about to leave and Terri grabbed her. Carly freaked put and she pushed Terri, who hit her head on the table and she died. Just then silver arrived and told her that this could put her in lot of trouble and that is why she kept quiet the first time.

Silver is under custody; but he is sure that he will not stay behind bars for more than a week as he knows that he will be traded. At home, Watson is still pondering over the case. Holmes points out that Carly confessed. But Watson is not convinced. She has called in for Terri’s autopsy report. The x-ray shows that one of her fingers has been fractured and it looks like she had punched someone really hard in some struggle. Holmes then looks at the fountain pen that was recovered from the machine. The next day, he goes to talk to Silver who is still under custody. He tells Silver that he was the one who killed Terri. He states that Carly was an US citizen and could be a great asset in the long term. So he used her mother’s death as a leverage to get Carly to become a spy. As he was about to dispose off Terri’s body in the machine, he learned that Terri was alive and he decided to retire her.

She tried to fight back. The fountain pen that did not have any ink was used by her to stab Silver but it broke in her hand. Now this pen was filled with the invisible ink that has been used by spies from centuries. It can be detected under UV light. The team has managed to get Silver’s shirt from his apartment and it has that ink all over it along with Terri’s hand impression. Case Closed. Next, Watson tells Holmes that she got a new job offer this morning and she will be taking it up next week; after she wraps up with Holmes. Holmes is not too happy to hear this and he leaves. The episode ends.