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The Red Team - Recap

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The episode begins with Holmes waking up after having slept for two days straight. He is hungry. Watson tells him that she has some errands to run. She goes to meet her therapist and tells her that Sebastian Moran has disturbed the balance that they had. The therapist warns her that since she has lied to Holmes about her contract, she could be responsible for a relapse. She gets a text from Holmes. Watson arrives at a house. He is the conspiracy theorist Holmes was talking about. His name is Len Pondicova and no one has heard from him since Sunday. So, Holmes broke into his house. His companions think that he could have been taken by the KGB.

They then arrive at the basement and find Len’s body hanging from the ceiling. Holmes is actually not working with the NYPD for a while; and Bell is not happy to see him. He tells Holmes to stay off. Holmes points out that it is difficult to tell if Len hung himself, but the belt around his neck doesn’t seem to belong to Len as it is way larger in size. Also, his index figure is fractured. Holmes is busy finding evidence from the house. He then picks up Clyde, the turtle. In the tank, he sees a listening device. Holmes gets it home and smashes it. He states that this sort of device is not available to civilians. So is the Government bugging his house for some of his theories? Despite the fact that most of Len’s ideas are laughable, there is one that is really not; it is called the Red Team.

It is a war game constructed by the Army where the characters are military personnel and civilian experts. The Blue Team consists of America and their allies. So, the Reds are the bad guys. They publish the results every year in trade journals. But they weren’t in ’09. They were classified. Why? Nobody knows. That game was designed to respond a sleeper cell in NY. Len discovered some floor in the security system which was startling and so it was immediately classified. The identities of the Red Team are classified. Len identified one of them; Martin, a counter terrorism expert. Martin was killed in a mugging but Len believes that the mugging was staged. The Government killed Martin so that the rest of the identities remain safe.

Holmes wants to find out if the rest if the team is safe and they will move on. Watson tries to talk to Gregson about having Holmes back in NYPD. But capturing and torturing Moran has changed things for Holmes in NYPD. Holmes asks Watson to come to a long term care facility. They have come to meet Carlos Anillo, a member of the Red Team. They learn from the caretaker that Carlos is suffering from Alzheimer’s. He is also having seizures. Holmes tells Watson that an Alzheimer patient does not have seizure except if one is mimicking the disease. It is done by inducing a large dose of a kind of poison found in rotten fish. It is enough to kill memory and it seems that the patient is having Alzheimer’s. Holmes calls Bell to look into a war game played in ’09. Bell tells him that Len’s killer has been found; Gary Sullivan.

He tells Holmes that Gary did not mean to kill Len, it was an accident. Holmes talks to Gary. The fight was about staging the fake moon landing. Gregson pulls him out and asks Holmes to stay away from the NYPD building as he is suspended. Holmes decides to trace the listening device from Len’s house to its source. They stakeout Len’s house and Holmes guess was correct; the person who installed the listen device did come back to recover it. They follow the guy to his workplace. They meet a man named “Bill” and he tells them that he knows nothing about it as their office is into market research. Holmes lists the names of the members from the ’09 Red Team. Bill says that he doesn’t know anything and leaves. Holmes notices that Bill ground his teeth on hearing few names; but he doesn’t know which ones.

Bell calls Holmes and tells him that he was right about Carlos being poisoned. Gregson wants to know everything. Next, Walter McClenahan arrives to meet Holmes. He is the systems analyst. Holmes takes him into a room where there are others waiting; Veena Mehta, Harold Dresden and Sheldon Frost; the members of the Red Team in ’09. But none of them want to talk despite being told that they are in danger. They leave. But Veena Mehta drops a note on her way out; Army Intel Captain. She has written the code name and Holmes needs to find him. At home, Holmes tells Watson that the man they met earlier as Bill is actually Clark, and he could have been Captain by ’09. Two officers arrive at Holmes’ door and tell him that Todd Clarke was shot earlier this evening and that since Holmes had hurled a series of accusations at him, they will need him to come with them.

The two officers try to question Holmes and take him to Virginia for further questioning. But Holmes has an alibi. He has dozens of security cameras in his house which prove that he was home at 7 in the evening. They let him go. He feels that anyone who knows about the Red Team would be killed; also the members of the Team itself would take the other off. He feels that it is no more about the Army Intelligence. He asks the cops to take the guys under protective custody. The cops go to Walter’s house. There is a gun mounted on some sort of contraption which goes off when the cop tries to open the door. Next, Bell and Gregson arrive at the scene and they find different kinds of weapons in the house. One of them is similar to the weapon used to kill Martin.

Holmes texts Bell and tells him to look for Walter. He already has the pictures of the crime scene. They then arrive at Dresden’s house and ask him why he hasn’t gone to the safe house. He is with his wife who is on a wheelchair. Holmes tells him that Walter is a suspect behind the murders. Holmes tells Dresden that he figures that there is some kind of a bond between him and Walter as Walter seems to listen to him. Dresden tells them that he was close to Walter and he says that there are bad people who wanted to know what they found in ’09. He tells them that Walter bought a land in NJ. Bell calls Holmes and tells him that Walter is no more a suspect; he is found dead. Holmes infers that Walter was killed by someone he knew.

They need to get to the hotel where the rest of the team is kept as the killer might be there. Dresden and his wife arrive at the safe place with an officer. Dresden hits the officer on his nose. Later, Dresden was about to shoot Veena Mehta. But a detective interrupts him and gets shot. Dresden runs back into the room. Later the whole team is at the hotel. Dresden has held one of the officers hostage and his demand is that the rest of the Red Team be delivered to him. Holmes talks to Dresden and tells him that he knows that Dresden wouldn’t harm the detective; the only person he would possibly harm is himself. How did Holmes know that? Holmes is allowed into the room. Holmes tells him that Dresden was convinced that the plan would get out and this would cost thousands of lives and Dresden didn’t want that to happen.

Hence kill the people who know about the plan; but when Holmes started asking questions; he had to speed things up. He wants to know why Dresden started killing. Dresden tells him that he was approached by a stranger who told him that he can cure his sick wife, if Dresden gave him the plan. Dresden realized that everyone has a weakness and it is just matter of time that someone would put a price on it. Hence he started killing the members. Now Dresden tells Holmes that he would kill him and use it as leverage to get the other members to him.

Holmes tells him that he has already figure out the plan and he has also mailed it to his colleague. Later we see that Holmes walks out of the room with Dresden. Holmes tells Gregson that he had sort of figured out the plan and so convinced Dresden that the secret he was trying to protect is already out. Case closed. Holmes meets Gregson at a bar. Gregson is still angry with Holmes and lands a heavy punch in his stomach; WELCOME BACK! At home, Holmes doesn’t tell Watson what happened with Gregson. The episode ends.