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Details - Recap

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The episode begins with Watson entering the house and Holmes posing as an intruder to check Watson’s self-preservation skills; it is pathetic states Holmes. He then tells her that he has got in touch with few martial arts trainers who would train Watson with some self defense techniques. Next, we see Bell on his way back home and he informs Gregson of the same. But we also see a car following Bell’s car. Someone from the car starts firing shots at Bell. Bell’s car flips. Gregson, Holmes, Watson and the NYPD team are examining Bell’s car. The gun used was a semi-automatic. Holmes looks at the shots and infers that whoever shot Bell has access to heavy weapons.

But thank God for the shooter’s bad aim, Bell is safe and sound. Holmes tells Bell that he dove into his files and saw that Bell has done some excellent detective work over the years and because of that, he has made a lot of enemies. It could be one of them who attacked Bell last night. Bell tells them that he knows who attacked him. He briefs the team about Curtis Bradshaw. He tells them that Bradshaw was way smarter than any street thug. He was wanted for a lot of crimes; but he was more into drug trafficking. But Bell says that there was nothing much that they could find against Bradshaw and so they arrested him for possession of a very small quantity of drugs.

He was sentenced for three years but he served only 18 months. Bell says that while Bradshaw was gone, they did their best to connect the drugs to Bradshaw’s cartel; but they weren’t able to. His people were as careful as Bradshaw was. Bell tells them that he knows that Bradshaw was the one who attacked him because he recognizes the car that was following him. He shows Holmes a picture of Bradshaw’s car; and we see that it is the same car that attacked Bell. Paula Reyes inquires about Bell’s health and Holmes infers that Bell and Paula have been having sex for a while. Bell tells him that she is just a friend. Gregson, Holmes and Watson go to question Bradshaw. But Bradshaw does not co-operate.

He also tells them that his Blue Chevy was stolen two days ago and he was about to report it stolen. But Bradshaw does not confirm his about his whereabouts last night. Next, Bell goes to meet his elder brother Andre. Andre is an ex-con and he is out on parole. Andre has heard about the shooting and he tells Bell that he will try and find out who was behind the shooting. Next, we see that Bradshaw is found dead in front of some house. The cops arrive at the scene. Holmes examines the scene and leads to a conclusion that Bell murdered Bradshaw. Gregson and Holmes go to meet Bell at his apartment. Bell is shocked to learn that he is now the suspect. Holmes tells him that all evidence point towards him.

However, he also believes that Bell could never shoot a guy in cold blood. So, for the time being, Gregson puts Bell on administrative duty and assures him that they will find out whoever did this. Watson is with her shrink and she tells her that she and Holmes were held at gun point. Watson tells her that she is fine. Bell meets Andre at his work. Andre has got a name. But NYPD had already checked Tico’s name and he is clean. Bell is pissed that Andre tried to reach out to his old friends during his parole. Andre tells him that he was trying to help. Holmes messages Bell and asks him to come to his place. Bell arrives and Holmes tells Bell that someone is trying to frame him for Bradshaw’s murder. Holmes then shows him a 9mm that he found tucked away in a vent at Bell’s place.

Bell tells him that he has never seen that gun before. The bullet marks on Bradshaw and the dummy are identical. Gregson tells Bell that Bradshaw was killed with the same gun that was found at his apartment. Holmes tells Bell that he wants to take a look at his apartment again. He also asks if there is someone else who has the key to his apartment. Holmes states that the perp did not force his way into Bell’s apartment. Bell says that no one else has the key to his house. Later, Andre arrives at the precinct. Bell tells him that someone is trying to frame him for Bradshaw’s murder. Bell makes it clear that he suspects Andre. He tells him that the boot prints found at the scene are identical to the kind of boots that Bell had given Andre when he came out of prison.

Moreover, Andre was staying with Bell for a while and it was easy for him to make a copy of his house keys. Andre is pissed and punches Bell in front of the other officers. Bell tells them that they are family. Holmes and Watson are at Bell’s place and they find nothing. Holmes then tells Watson that he knows that she lied about his father extending the contract. Holmes tells her that he is grateful to her and wants her to stay permanently. He tells her that she will be paid a stipend from the funds that he has set aside. He admits that he is sharper and more focused when he is with her. He doesn’t know why; but he says that he will solve the mystery eventually.

Bell arrives at Andre’s place to apologize for his earlier behavior. But he is shocked to find his brother lying in a pool of his blood; he was shot through the window. But Andre is still alive and Bell calls for help. Bell sees that Andre has written a message for him with his blood: Was not Marcus. Holmes figures out that Andre understood what was going on and that is what got him killed. Next, at the hospital, Bell tells Holmes and Watson that he did try to pull some strings to get an early parole for Andre. But Andre did not rat out his friends and therefore ended up serving his full sentence.

Watson, who has been going over Andre’s files, realizes that Andre’s parole happened one month after Mickey Hudson was busted for planting evidence against Curtis Bradshaw which got Bradshaw arrested. This means that Bell called in a favor for his brother’s parole by blowing the whistle on Hudson. Holmes is frustrated because he now realizes that they were looking at the wrong pool of suspects. Holmes feels that someone must have found out that Bell blew the whistle on Hudson and so they might be out for revenge. Next, Paula Reyes is called in for interrogation. Gregson tells her that they know about her involvement in this whole frame up thing.

Paula worked with Hudson initially and she looked up to him. He had also written a personal recommendation for her which helped her in her promotion. They know that Paula had also helped him plant the evidence in Bradshaw’s house. But Hudson did not mention her name when he was busted because he had already decided to kill himself; and so found no reason to destroy her life. Paula then learned that it was Bell who informed the department about Hudson and she was pissed. She started dating Bell and managed to get the keys to his apartment. Two months earlier, Paula had arrested a man named Vargas, who had a lot of high end weapons with him. Vargas was arrested but the weapons disappeared. They know that Paula had used those weapons for the attacks. Holmes tells her that they found boot laces in her apartment.

It belonged to the same set of boots she used to frame Bell. She tried to torch them; but the laces didn’t burn. Paula admits. Case closed. Next, Bell watches the news where he learns about Paula’s arrest. Bell apologizes to his brother. At home, Watson tells Holmes that she likes to be paid on Thursdays and that she will be staying with Holmes till the time she gets a new place. Holmes is happy. he congratulates her on her new job. The episode ends.