Snow Angels - Recap

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The episode begins with a security guard reading a book while listening to a report on the Nor’easter. He hears a woman cry for help and goes out to help her. She draws her gun on him but the moment he reaches for his gun, she shoots him. Two accomplices arrive and drag the body behind the counter. The guard who was pretending to be dead takes his chance and shoots one of them. Next, Watson arrives home with some supplies. She finds Ms. Hudson waiting in the living room.

Holmes tells Watson that Ms. Hudson has helped him with several cases in the Scotland Yard. He says that she earns her living by being a “muse”. She is a transvestite. She has been the “kept woman” of a business man named Davis Renkin for a year or so and Mrs. Renkin found out about her husband’s arrangement. As a result, Hudson ended up being evicted from her (Davis’s) house. So, for the moment Hudson is their new roommate. Watson tells Holmes that it would have been polite if he would have asked her first. Gregson calls. The duo arrives at the crime scene. The security guard, Mr. Dempster is dead. Holmes and Watson figure out what happened. Bell tells them that the robbery was about a hot new phone that was up for sale.

Holmes points out that there is a woman involved in the robbery because he finds some hair strands which belongs to a wig. Holmes seems disinterested in the case. At that moment, the electricity goes off. Gregson is told that the whole city is blacked out. This intrigues Holmes and he decides to solve the case without the electricity.

Next, Gregson introduces Denise, the woman from FEMA who has arrived to help them with the emergency situation. Denise tells them that they have only a few hours left before the storm hits and the power is not coming back soon. Gregson orders his team that they will use the generators for emergency purposes only. Holmes charges his phone which is essential for the murder investigation. He gets a tweet where a guy says that he got his Verazia 8 a day earlier. Holmes figures out where the stolen phones are being sold. The team walks up to a homeless guy and Holmes questions him. He says that the phones were dumped in a dumpster behind the bakery by two big white dudes. Holmes gives him some money to the homeless guy so that he can find himself some shelter before the storm.

Holmes tells Watson that the robbery was only a distraction for some other crime. Holmes goes back to the store to find what it is that the robbers were exactly looking for. This leads them to the 12th floor and into an architectural firm. An employee from the firm is standing his ground in the office in case of any looting. Holmes looks around the firm and figures out that some blueprints were stolen. The phone robbery was a dodge. Holmes asks the employee to provide him with some schematics so that they can figure out what blueprints were stolen. At home, Hudson is talking about her broken relationship and Davis arrives to meet her. He promises that this time he will leave his wife.

Upstairs, Holmes is going through the electrical schematics and tells Holmes that the client list is mundane and he cannot figure out what the robbers were after. The next morning, Holmes wakes Watson up and tells her that he finally figured out what the robbers were after. He says that they are planning to rob the New York Federal Reserve in East Rutherford which is known to have the largest cash vault in the world. There is a blizzard outside and the robbers are planning to use the storm as cover. There is no way they can contact the PD.

Holmes says that they have to stop the robbery all by themselves. They head out towards East Rutherford. They come across a plow truck and Holmes talks to the driver. She says that she is on standby. Holmes tells Pam to let them inside and uses the radio to contact Gregson. The officer tells home that Gregson hast arrived yet. Holmes leaves a message for Gregson about the robbery and also that he is going to EROC himself. Holmes bribes Pam to borrow the plow truck. Next, Bell arrives at a hospital inquiring about any patients admitted for a gunshot wound. The guy tells Bell that a woman was admitted who claims she was stabbed. Bell goes to meet her and finds that’s he is preparing to leave. She tells Bell that she doesn’t have insurance and so has to leave. She asks him whether they caught the guy who stabbed her.

Bell notices a blond hair strand on her coat. It looks similar to the wig that was found at the store. He takes her to the precinct. Alongside, Pam is driving the duo to the Federal Reserve building. Holmes is in no mood for small talk. They arrive at the Federal Reserve building. At the precinct, Bell tells the woman that he could cut her some deal with the DA if she co-operates. Gregson arrives and asks her about EROC. At the Federal Reserve building, the man in charge tells Holmes that they cannot let anyone near the vault. He takes the duo to a control room from where they control the cash flow. He says that nothing seems out of place. He does notice a SORT command which he wasn’t aware of. They remaining SHRED commands look familiar.

Holmes tells him that they want to check the place where the old currencies are shredded. He man takes them to the area and shows them the bundle that was recently shredded. Holmes figures out that the shredded bundles are from fake currencies. He explains to the man that the robbers got in, looped in a fake footage, and shredded fake currencies to cover a theft of $33 million. Holmes finds the entry/exit point and also finds tyre treads on the snow that resemble to those from an ambulance. He feels that the marks look fresh enough and they can follow the trail and it would not be too late to catch the robbers. At the precinct, Bell and Gregson continue to question the woman. They know that she has a Russian husband and she has been working with him all along.

They tell her that if she keeps quiet then she will ending up eating the murder charge all alone. At that moment, Gregson gets a message from Holmes about the robbery. Gregson talks to Holmes and Holmes tells him that even if they are planning to escape, they will have to first unload the cash which itself will take a huge physical space. They will also have to clean the money. Bell tells Holmes about the phone calls the woman made from her burner phone. One of them was to a race track employee named Joseph. Holmes thinks that they will try to clean the money through a race track. Next, Bell, Holmes, Watson and Pam stake out Joseph’s house. Moments later, an ambulance arrives but there is no 33 million in the ambulance. Holmes realizes that they have been duped once again. Next, Pam drops Homes and Watson home.

Holmes tells Watson that an emergency ambulance showed up at Joseph’s house when there was no emergency. This cannot be coincidence. Pam gives Watson her number in case she needs any help and leaves. They enter the house and find the house is sparkling clean. Hudson also tells Holmes that she has rearranged his books. Holmes likes the order. Watson thanks Hudson. Hudson tells Watson that she needs to rethink about the “kept woman” thing. Later, Holmes tries to figure out how the robbers managed to get away when the whole city was virtually locked down and every cop in the city was looking for them. A thought strikes him. The next day, at the precinct, Holmes lays out the map of the city along with the check points.

Watson has the dispatch log and she reads out the changes that were made where in certain checkpoints were removed or moved elsewhere. They realize that they have a player in the inside and that too someone who has good reach. He has his doubts on Denise, the woman from FEMA. Gregson says that there is no way they can prove anything. Next, Bell goes to the woman they arrested and tells her that they are putting her away for life for Dempster’s murder. The lights start flickering and there is commotion outside. Gregson arrives and tells Bell that someone has been stabbed. He takes Bell and the other officer with him. Watson and Holmes are keeping a watch from the other side of the glass.

Moments later, Denise arrives in the interrogation room and takes the woman with her. We see that the commotion was staged to identify the insider. Denise takes the woman through the staircase but Bell stops them. Case Closed. Next, at home, Watson tells Holmes that Denise turned in her partners and the cash was also found. Hudson is going to her cousins’ and Pam arrives to pick her up. Holmes tells that he has appointed Hudson to clean their house on weekly basis. Watson is glad. He adds that they will split the cost 50-50. The episode ends.