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Ancient History - Recap

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A man lies bleeding next to his crashed motorcycle.

Watson shops for items with her friend Jennifer. Jennifer tells Watson that she has been trying to tack a guy she had a one night stand with, Tony. Watson says this isn't usually what they do but Jennifer really thinks this man is worth it.

Sherlock isn't interested in helping Watson with Jennifer's case. The only other jobs they have are cold case files. Sherlock suggests that they visit the morgue to look for a case. His friend and sparring partner allow them to look at the bodies and read their cases. After examining the body of the motorcycle accident victim, Sherlock says they have a case. He thinks that the motorcycle driver murdered someone the same day that he died.

Sherlock and Watson explain the case they have to Toby. The motorcycle driver, Leo, was originally an assassin in Poland. Sherlock found what seems to be injuries that relate to a garroting murder. Toby doesn't think they have much of a case if there is no body or missing person report. Sherlock and Watson leave to talk to Leo's wife who they hope can shed some light on the situation.

Leo's wife, Lara, knows that he left a bad life in Poland but can't believe he's a killer. She says that Leo was a great guy and an hour before he died he called her to say he loved her. The two met through church and it was their dream to open a senior health care center. Sherlock speaks from experience when he tells the widow that he knows what it's like to find out that a loved one has a dark secret. She says she can't help though.

Sherlock hypothesizes that the man Leo murdered was probably one of his friends. He found that all of Leo's health care partners sent a bereavement card except for one. The one man, Travis Hardwick, can't be contacted and Sherlock thinks he is dead. Watson doesn't agree and thinks that it's just too late to contact. She leaves to go help her friend Jennifer find her missing man.

At the bar, Watson talks to the owner in the hopes that he remembers Tony. He doesn't remember the man though. She notices that a Brazilian day party is coming up and the owner tells her that it's always really busy on that day. Watson receives a text from Sherlock and leaves the bar.

Sherlock and Watson meet with an employee of Travis'. There is surveillance footage of Leo meeting with Travis and getting in an argument. Sherlock thinks the foundation of Leo's health care facility would be the perfect place to hide a body in concrete. The two head over to the construction site and see Travis' truck. Watson finds an area that looks freshly poured while Sherlock inspects the truck. He decides Travis isn't here and visits a nearby hotel. They find Travis in a room with two women. Sherlock asks Travis to tell them everything about Leo. Watson asks what Leo was so mad about. He was mad because they were running out of money. Leo took out a $25,000 loan from a loan shark.

Watson and Sherlock return to the station and have Bell track the money serial numbers. Bell says that the cash they found was from an old bank robbery. Gertz is the man that was suspected to have the money but it was never proven. Bell suspects that Leo killed Gertz and took the money because no one can contact Gertz.

Watson returns back to the apartment and Sherlock tells her he has found Gertz's sister who runs a beauty salon that looks like a front. Watson wants to review video for her friend Jennifer's case but Sherlock says there are more important things to do. He then admits that he is the Tony that Jennifer is looking for. Watson gets mad that Sherlock betrayed her by trying to use her friends to learn about her. The two agree to settle it later and head to the beauty salon.

At the salon, Sherlock and Watson find Gertz with a bruise on his arm. He denies knowing about the $25,000. Gertz agrees to tell them about Leo in return for not telling the cops where he is. He explains that he loaned the money because Leo took good care of his mom. A few days after Leo showed up, Gertz was visited by Grigory Andrev, from the Russian mob. He wanted Gertz to help him track Leo down but Gertz didn't no anything more than they already did. His arm was injured for no reason at all.

The two meet Toby and Bell at the motorcycle crash site. Sherlock suspects that the crash wasn't an accident. There is evidence of Russian cigarettes and bullet casings. Nearby the body of Andrev is found strangled. Now they have no idea who was the shooting at Leo.

Toby tells Sherlock that the reason Leo changed his name and moved to America was because he stole a large amount of money from his friend. The bullets found at the crash site match those fired by Andrev in another crime a year ago. They believe that someone must have picked up Andrev's gun and fired at Leo.

Sherlock's friend at the morgue says that the garrote wounds on Andrev's neck match the wounds on Leo's hands. He has also found prescribed drugs in Andrev's system and suggests that Sherlock visit his psychologist.

Watson and Sherlock visit Dr. Glassman. Sherlock persuades the secretary to let them visit the doctor. He asks about Andrev but the doctor says he can't talk about patients behind their back. Watson says Andrev is dead so the doctor can now talk about him. Glassman apologizes and says he never wanted to treat him but he was too afraid to cut ties. Andrev didn't say too much about his work but one name came up multiple times, Marko Zubkov.

Watson thinks the police may have outdone the sheer force they have brought out to surround Marko's home but Bell says that it's worth their safety. Marko has a long list of crimes and Bell doesn't put anything past him. A woman opens the door and lets Bell in. Sherlock and Watson come in as well and ask where he was three nights ago. He was in the hospital because on Saturday he was stabbed by a mugger.

Watson checked the hospital and Marko's story checks out. Sherlock finds many Russian mobsters who were connected with Andrev that could have been with him that night. He asks Watson what she will tell Jennifer about him. Sherlock examines photos of Marko's injuries and comes to the conclusion that the attack on Leo wasn't the first attempt on his life.

Toby, Sherlock and Watson meet Lara in the station. Sherlock shows a photo of Marko and states that she saved Marko after he had tried to kill Leo. Watson shows the tourniquet that was found on Marko. It matches the drapes in Lara's house. Sherlock states that Lara planned to meet with Leo at a spot where Andrev could kill him. She was the one who fired the shots as Leo made his getaway. Toby says they got a search warrant for Lara's home and they found bullets and bloodshed inside. If she doesn't admit to it she will be free and have to face the Russian mob. Lara says that Leo couldn't forgive her for what she did to make money to come to America. Leo asked her for a divorce and it would have ruined what they had. She knew there was a price on Leo's head so she made the call.

Watson meets with Jennifer to discuss Sherlock. Jennifer says that Sherlock already talked to her and she is fine now. Watson can see through her lie and knows that Jennifer has again slept with Sherlock.

When Watson returns home, Sherlock tells her that honesty is the best policy. She tries to trick him into believing that Jennifer is trying to get pregnant but he sees through her plan.