Eli Stone

Eli Stone

Eli Stone (Jonny Lee Miller), a successful lawyer at a San Francisco firm, represents some of the biggest companies in America -- companies that have a tendency to screw over the little guy. But after a series of hallucinations, Eli begins to wonder if he was meant for something bigger in life. As he goes about his daily life seeking for a deeper meaning, Eli tries to not lose his job or lose his relationship with the boss's daughter, Taylor Wethersby (Natasha Henstridge). Everything changes when he discovers he has an aneurysm in his brain, forcing Eli to reflect on his life and decide if his condition is medical or if his life was meant for something bigger.

(foreground: Jonny Lee Miller; middle l to r: Natasha Henstridge, Victor Garber, James Saito, Julie Gonzalo, Loretta Devine; background: Sam Jaeger)

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Prev: 2x13 -- Flight Path (Jul/11/2009)

Eli has a vision which leads him to believe that one of the Wethersby-Stone staff members will die in a plane crash. Meanwhile, he and Keith try to save a woman who has been denied a heart transplant because the donor's parents disagree with her religious beliefs.

Jonny Lee MillerJonny Lee Miller
As Eli Stone
Natasha HenstridgeNatasha Henstridge
As Taylor Wethersby
Loretta DevineLoretta Devine
As Patti Dellacoix
Matt LetscherMatt Letscher
As Nathan Stone
Sam JaegerSam Jaeger
As Matt Dowd
James SaitoJames Saito
As Dr. Frank Chen
Laura BenantiLaura Benanti
As Beth Keller
Julie GonzaloJulie Gonzalo
As Maggie Dekker
Victor GarberVictor Garber
As Jordan Wethersby
Jason George (2)Jason George (2)
As Keith Bennett (Recurring S1, Regular S2)



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Great show to watchRating: 3 likes, 0 dislikes

I love this show because it has a nice and pleasant storyline and it's the same thing as Boston Legal but better William Shatner or not. Eli Stone has a little of everything and I like that and it has a little bit of the show Journeyman because Dan has a disorder just like Eli but the disorder is different. I only choose to watch this show because it has Victor Garber in it and he is my favorite actor. So keep this show alive because it's on a roll. Read more

Review posted on Friday, February 1st 2008 at 6:50 pm

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2x13: Flight Path recap: Eli is reading the news at his apartment and finds himself in a vision where he’s in a field. He sees a woman in white across the field and papers and debris start to fall from the sky. The woman cries out to him but Eli can’t tell what she’s saying. Eli looks up as a piece of debris slams next to him, followed by a plane crashing... read more.

2x12: Tailspin recap: Eli is doing laundry at his apartment and runs into a new tenant, Tessa. She starts to talk about her new life but Eli interrupts her to wonder why the dryer is making a loud rumbling noise. He finds himself on a runaway as a jet comes in to land. He yells and flinches, and Tessa quickly gets away from him... read more.

2x11: Mortal Combat recap: Taylor and Eli meet with Sam Russell, former KNIB news anchor, telling him about the settlement agreement from Bay West. Sam isn’t interested given there’s a non-disclosure statement involved. Meanwhile, Maggie, Matt, and Paul Rollins, meet with Bay West and Maggie warns that Eli won’t advise Sam to settle. The Bay West CEO, Dan Buckley, insists he doesn’t have the time to take the stand and Paul points out that will make the company seem unsympathetic. Sam insists that he was fired for making a commercial sponsor appear unsympathetic, and he’s standing up for other anchors who have done the same thing... read more.

2x10: Sonoma recap: Eli arrives in the office and tells Keith that he’s suffering from headaches. After he gets in the elevator, he emerges to find himself in a vineyard as his friends and staff sing “Red Red Wine.” Eli starts dancing along… and wakes up to find himself in the hospital. Nate and Frank tell him that the doctors have discovered that Eli has a second aneurysm. Nate is surprised when Eli asks if his visits to Dr. Lee and her use of Nahachi caused the aneurysm. Frank makes Eli swear that he won’t go to see Dr. Lee again... read more.

2x9: Two Ministers recap: Eli and Nate are discussing marriage and Nate notices Eli is acting strange as he discusses problems with marriage. Nate wonders if Eli is worried because Beth was the first woman Eli slept with. Beth comes in and they ask Eli to act as their minister... read more.
Recurring Guests

Tom Amandes as Martin Posner (11 eps)
Jason George (2) as Keith Bennett (7 eps)
Thomas Cavanagh as Mr. Stone (7 eps)
Jodi Long as Judge Marcia Phelps (6 eps)
Kerr Smith as Paul Rollins (5 eps)
Katey Sagal as Marci Klein (4 eps)
Ajay Mehta as Dr. Sanjay Rajapaksa (4 eps)
Debrah Farentino as Ellen Wethersby (4 eps)
George Michael (4 eps)
Patrick Breen as Paul Sweren (3 eps)

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