Season 2

14 :02x01 - The Path

After the operation, Eli appears to have lost his visions. However, when an incident with a crane puts Jordan's life in danger, it's Nathan that starts having visions that may save his life... if Eli can convince Taylor to listen.
Special Guest Stars: Sigourney Weaver as Eli's Therapist |
Guest Stars: Debrah Farentino as Ellen Wethersby | Dakin Matthews as Mather-Young CEO | Conor O'Farrell as Lt. O'Shea | Jodi Long as Judge Marcia Phelps | Ajay Mehta as Dr. Sanjay Rajapaksa | Michael Rothhaar as Dr. Langehan | Tom Amandes as Martin Posner |
Co-Guest Stars: Alice Dodd as Sarah Nave | Marc D. Wilson as EMT | Angela Sargeant as Nurse | Jack Axelrod as Patient | David Jahn as Suit | Christian Meoli as Janitor (as Christian J. Meoli)
Director: Perry Lang
Songs: Wil -- Big Life, Martha Reeves and the Vandellas -- Dancing in the Streets, Norman Kelsey -- Everyone's Ingenue, Matt Nathanson -- Gone

15 :02x02 - Grace

A non-profit attorney has a mysterious fate that leads her to Eli... and the two become romantically involved. Meanwhile, Eli and Julie take on the case of a father who wishes to prevent his dead son from being buried with military honors.
Special Guest Stars: Katie Holmes as Grace Fuller |
Guest Stars: Ken Howard as Thomas Hayes | Roxanne Hart as Emily Hayes | Gina Torres as Emily's Lawyer | Brenda Wehle as Judge | Tom Amandes as Martin Posner | Katey Sagal as Marci Klein |
Co-Guest Stars: Jarrett Sleeper as Daniel Hayes | Ewan Chung as Logan | Marcus Brown as Angry Fan
Director: David Petrarca
Songs: Duke Ellington -- Hit Me With a Hot Note, Jackie Greene -- I Don't Live in a Dream, Ray LaMontagne -- Let It Be Me, Lester Young -- That's All

16 :02x03 - Unwritten

While Eli takes on a lead paint manufacturing case that may take him to the Supreme Court, Jordan is forced to defend his sanity in court. Meanwhile, Eli discovers his father's diary and finds that it contains a disturbing revelation.
Guest Stars: Gwendoline Yeo as Joanna Kim | Randall Park as Chris Kim | Debrah Farentino as Ellen Wethersby | Todd Grinnell as Gibbons | Megan Cole as Judge Vivian Ryan |
Co-Guest Stars: Matthew Yang King as Tommy Woo | Wolf Muser as Stanley Mills | Matt Riedy as Tom Brevoort | Misha Huang as Leesie Kim |
Uncredited: Tom Amandes as Martin Posner | Katey Sagal as Marci Klein | Rob Nagle as Jeffrey Powell | Lou Beatty, Jr. as Judge Harris Grassian | Edward James Gage as Supreme Court Marshall | John Prosky as Alan Cook
Director: Vincent Misiano
Songs: Collective Soul -- Bearing Witness, David Vandervelde -- California Breezes

17 :02x04 - Should I Stay or Should I Go?

In the aftermath of Posner/Klein's departure, Eli tries to keep Matt with the firm by offering him a pro bono case concerning Homeland Security, and has a vision concerning Maggie's upcoming wedding.
Guest Stars: Parisa Fakhri as Sana Kahn | Jonathan Chase as Will Sonneborn | James Snyder as Carter Jameson | David Giuntoli as Scott Colby | Julie Dretzin as Catherine Booker | Rachelle LeFevre as Candace Bonneville | Omid Abtahi as Amir Khan | Michael Laskin as Judge Kettleman | Tom Amandes as Martin Posner |
Co-Guest Stars: Peggy Jo Jacobs as Assistant #1 | Claudia Choi as Assistant #2 | Angela Hughes as Intern | David Villar as Associate | Edward Stanley as Clerk | Evan Lai as Legal Assistant
Director: Jamie Babbit
Songs: Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings -- Be Easy, Spoon -- Don't You Evah, Steve Reynolds -- House I Built, Mutlu -- Livin' It, Darrell Black -- Without Your Love

18 :02x05 - The Humanitarian

Eli and Jordan take on a case to force the government to allow clinical trials of marijuana to cure MS. However, the billionaire philanthropist who backs them soon realizes that his own soon, suffering from MS, doesn't wish to participate. Meanwhile, Maggie and Matt try to determine who the mole is within the new firm that is luring clients to Posner-Kline.
Guest Stars: Steven Culp as Jim Cooper Sr. | Marshall Allman as Jim "J.J." Cooper Jr. | Deirdre Lovejoy as ADA Samantha Jarrells | Tonye Patano as Judge Flora Simms | Katie A. Keane as Jane Halston (as Katie Amanda Keane) | John Rubinstein as Damon Smalls | Jason Beghe as Rick O'Malley | Byrne Offutt as Rudy Conlon | Eli Goodman as David | Taraji Henson as Angela Dellacroix (as Taraji P. Henson) |
Co-Guest Stars: Matthew Yang King as Tommy Woo | Jeremy Glazer as Sharky Associate | Donna Cooper as Associate #1 | Gregory Wagrowski as Associate #2
Director: David Petrarca
Songs: Neil Halstead -- A Gentle Heart, Frederick Knight -- Blue Notes - Here After I'm Hereafter, The Weepies -- Hideaway, Jamie Lidell -- Little Bit of Feel Good, Tina Dickow -- Stains, Jim Croce -- You Don't Mess Around With Jim

19 :02x06 - Happy Birthday Nate

Eli has visions from his father's point of view of Nathan's 12th birthday. Meanwhile, Taylor has news for Matt about her pregnancy, and Keith suspects Patti's daughter of using drugs.
Guest Stars: Steven Culp as Jim Cooper Sr. | Marshall Allman as Jim "J.J." Cooper Jr. | Bruce French as Trevor Snyder | Amy Hill as Judge Uchimura | Taraji Henson as Angela Dellacroix (as Taraji P. Henson) | Thomas Cavanagh as Mr. Stone |
Co-Guest Stars: Curt Roland as Young Nate | Gattlin Griffith as Young Eli | Rosie Malek-Yonan as Nurse | Ashlee Ford as Girl | Cody Benjamin Lee as Boy #1 | Dakota Sky as Boy #2
Director: Perry Lang
Songs: Talking Heads -- Burning Down the House, The Police -- Every Breath You Take, Sam & Dave -- When Something Is Wrong With My Baby, Hayden -- Where and When

20 :02x07 - Help

Keith begins to doubt Angela's innocence, but Eli's vision leads him to believe she's innocent. When he understands what the vision truly means, he and Patti come to a turning point in their relationship. Meanwhile, Frank sets up Eli on a blind date, and Maggie gives advice to Matt on Taylor's pregnancy.
Special Guest Stars: Seal as Himself |
Guest Stars: Kerr Smith as Paul Rollins | Deirdre Lovejoy as ADA Samantha Jarrells | Lyn Alicia Henderson as Dr. Betty Lenz (as Lyn Alicia Henderson) | Peter MacKenzie as Dr. Stephen Goodman | Michael Kostroff as Judge Nelson | Reid Warner as Mark Young | Taraji Henson as Angela Dellacroix (as Taraji P. Henson) | Bridget Moynahan as Ashley Cardiff |
Co-Guest Stars: Jerry Hauck as Bartender | Kim Delgado as AA Meeting Leader | Mike Baldridge as Court Clerk |
Uncredited: Geoffrey Gould as Bar Patron
Songs: Seal -- A Change is Gonna Come, Seal -- Crazy, The Beatles / Loretta Devine -- Help

21 :02x08 - Owner of a Lonely Heart

While representing a Nobel Prize winner destined to find the secret of cold fusion in the future, Eli undergoes a dangerous procedure with Chen's rival acupuncturist to see if he has a future with Ashley Cardiff. Meanwhile, Taylor learns more than she wants to about her father while representing him in his divorce.
Guest Stars: Laura Benanti as Beth Keller | Debrah Farentino as Ellen Wethersby | Melinda Clarke as Dr. Lee | Jonathan Banks as Agent Jonathan Maine | Philip Anthony-Rodriguez as Michael Pelfrey | Michael B. Silver as Elliott Russell | Richard Gant as Judge Marlon Anderson | Jonathan McMurtry as Shop Owner | George Murdock as Future Wallender | Victor McCay as Irving Wallender | Danielle Panabaker as Genny Clarke | Bridget Moynahan as Ashley Cardiff
Director: Ron Underwood

22 :02x09 - Two Ministers

When Nathan asks Eli to be the minister at his wedding, Eli is forced to turn to Frank's rival to undergo the "Dark Truth" ritual and learn what his visions mean. Meanwhile, Taylor and Matt get unwanted news about their unborn child, and Keith and Eli defend a minister in a discrimination case.
Guest Stars: Laura Benanti as Beth Keller | Dallas Malloy as Rev. Michael Stills | Melinda Clarke as Dr. Lee | Stephanie Niznik as Delia Slater | Jonathan Walker (2) as Dr. Conroy | Lyn Alicia Henderson as Dr. Betty Lenz (as Lyn Alicia Henderson) | Alexandra Billings as Joanna | John Pleshette as Judge Nettles |
Co-Guest Stars: William Topputo as Ben Keller | Libby Mintz as Check-In Attendant | David Jung as Jury Foreman (as David S. Jung)
Director: David Petrarca
Songs: Billy Joel -- This Night

23 :02x10 - Sonoma

Eli, Matt, Taylor, and Maggie all find themselves in the small town of Sonoma, working on the same case from different sides... and dealing with the issues between them. Meanwhile, Jordan asks Patti to a charity dinner, and Nathan learns what Frank has been hiding.
Guest Stars: Kerr Smith as Paul Rollins | Debrah Farentino as Ellen Wethersby | Melinda Clarke as Dr. Lee | Michaela Watkins as Judge Leigh Rappaport | Suzie Plakson as Jesse Bates | Tom McGowan as Donnie Griffiths | Nina Siemaszko as Katie Bochner | Andrew Borba as Eric Danvers | Frank Novak (1) as Desk Sergeant |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Swan as Jeff Medearis | Ben Shields as Hotel Clerk | Paul Eric Jerome as Bailiff
Director: Vincent Misiano
Songs: Joshua Radin -- Friend Like You, UB40 (sung by cast) -- Red Red Wine, UB40 -- Red Red Wine, Toby Lightman -- So Natural to Love, G. Love & Special Sauce -- Wontcha Come Home

24 :02x11 - Mortal Combat

Eli and Maggie deal with the aftermath of the change in their relationship while dealing with the Bay West case. Meanwhile, Jordan tries tor resolve matters with Jordan and reveals how important winning the case is, and a new man enters Maggie's life.
Guest Stars: Jamey Sheridan as Sam Russell | Kerr Smith as Paul Rollins | James Morrison (1) as Dan Buckley | Suzie Plakson as Jesse Bates | Jodi Long as Judge Marcia Phelps | Wren T. Brown as Ryan Church |
Co-Guest Stars: Jill Somonian as Kimberly Chavez | Rafael Memoli as Gladiator | Adria Johnson as Associate | Carlos Cervantes as Jury Foreman | James Kiriyama-Lem as Bailiff
Director: Michael Schultz
Songs: Steve Reynolds -- Coming In Too Low, Mark Abis -- For a Woman's Love

25 :02x12 - Tailspin

Eli and Jordan represent 300 employees in a class action against a greedy CEO whose bad decisions cost hundreds their jobs. Meanwhile, Jordan and Posner compete for an award, Matt joins Wethersby & Stone, and Maggie gets a glimpse of the real Paul Rollins.
Guest Stars: Daniel Benzali as Judge Emmit Bortz | Kerr Smith as Paul Rollins | Kurt Fuller as Doug Stemple | Gina Torres as Mrs. Miller | Michael Reilly Burke as Clayton Wells | Todd Grinnell as Anthony Gibbons | Mandy Musgrave as Tessa | Steve Hytner as Business Commentator | John Sloman as TBD | Tom Amandes as Martin Posner | Thomas Cavanagh as Jeremy Stone |
Co-Guest Stars: Caryn West as Margot Stemple | Amy Motta as Grace's Mom | Sabrina Lucero as Young Grace | Heather Prete as Flight Attendant | Michael G. Hawkins as Businessman #1 | Richard Neil as Busienssman #2 | Eddie Driscoll as Airport Policeman | Isaiah Mustafa as Newlywed Husband | Angel Parker as Newlywed Wife | Carole Androsky as Jury Foreman (as Carol Androsky) | Perry Ojeda as Bartender
Director: Bethany Rooney
Songs: The Dimes -- Catch Me Jumping, Kim Taylor -- Let Me Down, Micah Wolf -- Muse, The Guggenheim Grotto -- The Dragon

26 :02x13 - Flight Path

Eli has a vision which leads him to believe that one of the Wethersby-Stone staff members will die in a plane crash. Meanwhile, he and Keith try to save a woman who has been denied a heart transplant because the donor's parents disagree with her religious beliefs.
Guest Stars: Jaime Murray as Diane Rundlet | Kerr Smith as Paul Rollins | Alanna Ubach as Cathy Borilla | Brenda Wehle as Judge Katrina Salvaty | Missy Yager as Vivian Carlisle | Tim Guinee as Andrew Carlisle | Gregory Smith as Todd Riley | Megan Hilty as Cheryl | Coby Ryan McLaughlin as Steven | Michael Benyaer as Dr. Lawson | Thomas Cavanagh as Aaron Stone |
Co-Guest Stars: Emil Beheshti as Paramedic #1 | Junko Goda as Paramedic #2
Director: David Petrarca
Songs: Joshua Radin -- Brand New Day, George Michael -- Faith, Ehren Ebbage -- Land on You
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama
Status: Canceled
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Saturdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: January 11, 2008
Ended: July 11, 2009
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