Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go - Recap

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After trying to return his engagement ring for Taylor without success, Eli calls up his brother Nate and admits that he misses her, but he did the best thing for her by breaking off their engagement. Nate disagrees and says that it should have been Taylor's decision. He warns his brother that he needs to get back with Taylor before it's too late and he spends his nights at home alone eating popcorn and watching late-night TV. After he hangs up, Eli sees a man on his TV saying "Help me, Stone" repeatedly on the screen. Eli tries to turn off the TV but the man appears in his apartment, wearing a hospital gown. He seems to disappear, only to reappear again directly behind Eli, startling him.

The next day, Eli tells Chen about what happened and the acupuncturist suspects that it's a "wait 'n' see" type of vision. Chen then sends Eli on his way, telling hi to wait 'n' see.

Jordan meets with an old friend and fellow lawyer, African-American Mason Andrews, and they chat briefly about Taylor and Eli. However, Jordan quickly realizes that Mason needs his help. Mason explains that he needs to retain outside counsel because a lawyer he interviewed but declined to hire is suing his firm for discriminatory hiring practices: a black lawyer.

Eli gets to the office to discover that everyone knows about the break-up. Patti is happy to hear about it and Eli asks her to find out if Taylor told her father, but Patti reminds him about the staff meeting. Eli arrives at the meting on time for once but Jordan is terse with him. Once the meeting begins, Jordan announces that they've taken on Mason's case and asks for volunteers for second chair. Everyone but Eli volunteers, but Jordan considers him for the case anyway.

Eli is distracted as he sees the man from his vision sitting in first Posner's chair and then Matt's. An upset Eli staggers out of the meeting, pretending he's having stomach problems. Eli goes to his brother Nate for medication. Nate's with a patient, Jake McCann: the man from his visions.

Later, Eli talks to Nate and tires to find out more about Jake. Nate reveals that Jake just woke up fro a coma after he fell off his roof cleaning gutters. Eli wonders if Jake is having any legal problems and Nate admits he isn't aware of any, but is concerned Eli's proving could lead to a malpractice suit.

The lawyer who is suing Mason, Keith Bennett, meets with Jordan and Matt and informs them he'll defend himself. Jordan suggests he drop the case without success, while Matt asks why Keith thinks Mason is racist. Keith notes that he thinks Mason is biased against the less successful and informs them to let him know when a trial date is set.

Eli stops by Patti's desk to see if she's gotten an answer to his earlier question. Patti notes that Taylor is standing right behind him. Awkwardness ensues and she says that she's meeting with her father for lunch. Taylor informs him that she'll be stopping by her apartment to get her things. Eli tries to apologize but she notes he's the one who broke up with her. Taylor leaves and Eli gets a call from Nate: Jake does need a lawyer.

Eli and Maggie meet with Jake who informs them that his wife Brook left him while he was in a coma and married his best friend and business partner, Adam Rivera. Brooke tripled the company's worth but Jake just wants his company back. Since Adam got the company through marriage, Jake wants to sue the church that granted the annulment when he was in a coma. They schedule a hearing where the judge notes that the state doesn't like to involve itself in church matters. Eli notes that the First Amendment doesn't protect the church against civil suits and that Jake didn't (and couldn't) receive notification of the annulment proceedings as required by law. The judge agrees to an evidentiary hearing with the priest who performed the annulment giving testimony.

Keith's case against Mason comes to trial, and he explains that Mason was once his hero. He speculates that Mason didn't like him from the start and notes that once Mason saw his appearance, and learned he was a public defender, he lied about having a court case and broke off the interview. Jordan cross-examines and notes that Keith is speculating, and didn't apply to Jordan's firm. Keith admits he didn't think it'd be a good fit, and Jordan counters that that's the same reasoning Mason used to refuse to hire him.

At the office, Maggie, a Catholic, is complaining to Eli about the fact they're essentially suing God. Brooke and Adam come in for an ex parte visit to complain that the lawsuit is ruining their own lives and that they had no choice but to move on. Eli gets them out and compjlains to Patti for letting them in, which she objects to. She passes on that Jordan wants to meet with Eli. Jordan informs Eli that he knows about the break-up with Taylor, and is concerned he might have influenced Eli's decision. Eli can't bring himself to explain the real reason he broke up with Taylor and Jordan dismisses him abruptly.

As Eli goes outside, he gets a vision of Jake in his hospital gown. He then sees dozens of Jakes, who go into a musical number singing "Good Lovin'." Eli founds himself drawn into the music and comes out of it to find himself standing on a table while everyone stares.

Mason is testifying about how he graduated first in his class but suffered discrimination from white lawyers because of his race. He asserts that his firm has the most diverse hiring practices in the country, and Matt has many of Mason's staff stand up in court to demonstrate their diversity. Keith cross-examines and asks if Mason refused to hire him because he had a less distinguished appearance and wore an unkempt Afro. He provokes Mason into complaining about the arrogance of some blacks that think the rules don't apply to them and come across as shiftless.

Eli has Father Housan testify and explain the Catholic Church's views on marriage. Meanwhile, Brooke asks Jake why he's pursuing the case. Jake insists that she doesn't love Adam the way she loves him, but she leaves with Brooke.

Jordan talks to Mason about the day he had the lunch with Kevin. Mason again insists that Keith's attitude and appearance confirmed to him that he wouldn't be suitable for dealing with corporate clients. He notes that Jordan does the same type of hiring, and Jordan responds by hinting that Mason might wish to settle. Mason is confident of the win despite Jordan's doubts and insists they continue to go to verdict.

Eli talks to Jake and notes that while they'll probably win the case but he might not get what he really wants: Brooke. Jake insists that he has feelings for his ex-wife but Eli notes that he knows something about living on borrowed time, and Jake might not want to lose more time after five years. Jake finally agrees to settle. Once he leaves, Maggie wonders about Eli's "borrowed time" comment but Eli dismisses it as a casual remark and insists he's fine.

Eli returns to his apartment to find Taylor as she packs up her things, and thanks her for not telling Jordan about his condition. Eli takes out the engagement ring and admits that he's having second thoughts after seeing how Jake's coma affected his marriage. Taylor admits that except for the one time she admitted she couldn't handle it, she's been there for him ever since. Eli kisses her but she wonders what it means and he admits he doesn't know.

The next morning, Eli wakes up to find that Taylor has left, with a note saying that she had to go to court. Eli hears the hallucinatory Jake calling for him to help again, and finds him lying on the floor. He goes to Nate and insists that his brother should check to see if Jake has a medical problem but Nate is skeptical.

Keith makes his closing arguments, noting that the same people that thought he was a defendant instead of a public defender looked at him the same way that Mason did. Jordan in his argument notes that Mason exercised discretion, not discrimination, and observes that if it were two white men there'd be no case in the first place.

Brooke comes to the settlement meeting… alone. She notes that Adam didn't want to be there. Jake reluctantly signs the paper and then tells Brooke he's glad she found someone else and wishes her a good life. However, as Jake leaves he collapses. Dying, he says "Help me, Stone." Later, Eli visits Nate, who informs him Jake had an undetectable heart condition that led to his death. An angry and depressed Nate asks Eli to leave, unhappy that he didn't listen to his brother's warning.

The jury finds in Mason's favor, but Jordan is clearly uncomfortable with his friend and his prejudices. After Mason leaves, Jordan approaches Keith and offers him a job at the firm, insisting they need great lawyers. Keith takes is card and considers the offer.

Later, Taylor confronts Jordan about talking to Eli and interfering in their relationship. He admits he's concerned about her getting hurt but didn't bully Eli into changing his mind. Taylor insists that she's going to fight for what she wants.

Eli sis at home when his brother Nate shows up, drunk. He wonders why Eli came to him and Eli admits he knew that Jake was in trouble. Eli admits that he doesn't think his visions are the result of an aneurysm but come from a higher power. Nate is skeptical but Eli describes how Jake was singing "Good Lovin'" in his vision, with lyrics about going to a family doctor. Nate doesn't believe him at first but then notes that he one went fishing with their father, who sang one song over and over during the trip: "Good Lovin'." He put a cassette of the song in his father's coffin, but no one else knew about it. Starting to believe, Nate tells Eli he needs to get back together with Taylor, and the two brothers bond over popcorn and a movie.