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The Path - Recap

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Eli is visiting his therapist to regain certification to practice law, and claims that for the first time in six months he had a musical vision. However, the therapist realizes that he’s making it up to make the point that his life is back to the way it was. Eli still feels he’s capable of practicing law even without the visions. She wonders if he’s depressed but Eli insists that he isn’t. He explains he’s been back at the office for one week, where Patti has been trying to get him to pick numbers for the lotto. When he reminds her he had the aneurysm removed, she gives him a present of a MP3 player to hear music when he works.

The therapist notes that Patti might miss who Eli used to be, and asks what’s changed in his absence. Eli reveals that Jordan convinced a financial company to return to the firm, but Jordan is less than thrilled about the company’s selling predatory mortgages. He’s more interested in the pro bono department and Maggie asks for help. Jordan looks to Eli, who isn’t interested, and notes he isn’t recertified to practice law yet. The therapist wonders if Eli has reconciled his feelings to Maggie, and he says he doesn’t have any feelings. Maggie is overburdened with work while planning her marriage to Scott, and Eli directs her to Keith Bennett.

Eli admits he misses zealous advocacy and the therapist asks how Eli’s relationship with his brother is. It turns out Nate is moving in with Eli’s first love, Beth. However, Eli says everything is fine and the therapist signs off on Eli’s recertification. She warns that Eli is still missing something, but his law license won’t give it to him. She suggests he’s missing a sense of the divine in his life and he’s crazy not to realize it. She tells him that she’ll see him soon.

Nate goes in to see a patient… and finds himself in a vision of a bank. He looks around the lobby… and sees a crane crash through the skylight. He collapses to the ground… in the patient’s room.

Nate goes to Eli’s office and asks about Eli’s hallucinations. Eli realizes that Nate had a vision and believes him and asks for details. Nate realizes how crazy it sounds and figures he’s just suffering from stress.

Taylor talks to Jordan, who isn’t comfortable with helping the mortgage company avoid accountability for its predatory practices. He admits that he misses Eli’s behavior and the excitement it brings, then heads off for the signing meeting with the mortgage company… at the bank.

Eli visits Chen for the first time in four months, and Chen is selling smoothies to augment his acupuncture business. Eli tells him that Nate had a vision but Chen isn’t that interested, and notes that now that Eli no longer has visions, his life has become something less. Chen points out that Eli’s visions touched everyone and let others change their lives as well.

Jordan arrives at the bank and meets the mortgage company’s CEO for the signing. A few minutes later, the crane crashes into the bank.

Eli returns to the law firm to find everyone watching the newscast after the crash. He finds Jordan’s wife Ellen with Taylor and Matt, and they know Jordan was in the bank. The rescue teams haven’t found Jordan yet and Taylor and Ellen head for the bank. Matt suggests that Eli stay away from Taylor, as she doesn’t need to be any more confused with Eli around. Nate arrives and wonders what’s going on. Eli takes his brother to Chen, who uses acupuncture to help him relive the vision. Nate sees Jordan meet with the mortgage company CEOs and tell them that he refuses to represent their company. He goes to the elevator but decides not to wait and takes the stairwell instead… just as the crane crashes into the building.

Eli and Nate go to the bank to talk to Lt. O’Shea, the fireman in charge of the rescue. He doesn’t believe them and warns that the walls in that section are too weak and could destabilize the entire area. Taylor thinks Eli is nuts and tells him to leave. Eli has no standing and doesn’t know who to contact among the families of the missing. Ellen Wethersby comes to him and agrees to have Eli represent her to get an injunction against the rescue team. Maggie convinced her by telling her that Eli helped save Maggie’s fiancé. Posner gets word of Eli’s efforts and orders him to stop, but Eli refuses.

Eli, Maggie, Nate, and Ellen go to court and the judge is skeptical. Taylor, Matt, and Posner enter the court to represent the city pro bono against Eli’s case. Eli calls a structural expert and Matt and Taylor ask for an hour’s continuance. Outside, Taylor wonders why Eli won’t admit he had a vision and notes that if he won’t tell the judge, he must not believe it either. They’re interrupted when Nate collapses. They take him to the hospital where he undergoes a MRI test to see if he has an aneurysm. As they talk, Eli gets a call from the doctor that’s supposed to recertify him to practice law. Eli checks the recertification and discovers there’s no signature on it.

Eli goes back to the therapist’s office and finds that it’s been empty for the three months. He goes in and finds that it’s deserted. As he turns to go, the therapist appears behind him in the now-furnished office. Eli realizes he never learned her name and she wonders why he’s taking time out to see her. He wonders if she’s God and she notes that she might be a… fiduciary. She notes that Eli is meant for much more than normality, and that aneurysms are hereditary. Eli realizes that someone has to have the visions, and explains that Nate has a full life ahead of him, with a wife and children. He asks for the aneurysm back and the therapist says that from now on, Eli will have to lead. She disappears, and the furnished office with her.

In court, Taylor cross-examines the structural expert who admits she isn’t sure. The judge prepares to give a ruling when Eli returns and testifies that he did have a vision, and that he received it from a higher power. He contends that the court acknowledges a higher power as well. The judge admits she’d like to believe, but swore an oath to only rule on solid evidence. She refuses the injunction and outside, Eli asks to talk to Taylor and says that he knows she’s scared that Eli might be right. She believes him, and he asks her to talk to Lt. O’Shea. Taylor agrees and they go to the site. O’Shea searches in the stairwell and they find and rescue Jordan. Nate calls Eli to inform him that the tests show he doesn’t have an aneurysm, and Eli says they need to test him.

The doctor determines that Eli’s aneurysm has grown back in the last month. Nate realizes what Eli has done. Eli goes to see Jordan and runs into Taylor and Matt outside. She admits that she should have listened to him from the beginning but he thanks her for listening now. Even Matt is okay with Eli, at least as far as they’re both caring about Taylor. Eli goes in to see Jordan, who tells him that he was going to see him before the building collapsed. He needed to tell Eli that he knows what they have to do now.