Two Ministers - Recap

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Eli and Nate are discussing marriage and Nate notices Eli is acting strange as he discusses problems with marriage. Nate wonders if Eli is worried because Beth was the first woman Eli slept with. Beth comes in and they ask Eli to act as their minister.

Eli goes to Patti and needs her help to find a web site where he can become a minister. He’s reluctant to talk to Nate directly about his vision but thinks he can find out more if he’s their minister, rather than asking Nate directly. Patti doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Meanwhile, Michael Stills, formerly Michelle Stills before a sex-change operation, come to visit Keith and Keith doesn’t immediately recognize him as his minister. Keith admits he hasn’t been to church in a while and Michael admits he hasn’t been there due to his surgery. He admits that the church let him go. Keith goes to Eli, who notes it’s illegal for the church to discriminate. He figures Eli can help him and he’s too close to the situation. Eli suggests mediation but Keith is reluctant and Eli agrees to talk to him.

That night, Matt shows Taylor the pair of child’s skates that he bought for their child. Taylor is big on the idea of their child playing hockey. Taylor notes that she’s still not talking to Jordan after the recent revelation about her mother.

Eli goes over Nate’s vows and brings up Ben, and Ben’s father. Nate says he has to leave for the new clinic and Eli brings up whether Beth is upset at the extra hours. Nate thinks Eli has had a vision about his wedding and Eli denies it, insisting he wants the wedding to go well. Nate is still skeptical.

Back at the office Eli manipulates Keith into helping him with Michael’s case and Keith gives in. They meet with the church’s representative, Dr. Conroy, who says they’re willing to pay him to leave. Michael notes he wasn’t allowed to speak with the congregation even though he helped expand the church. Keith reluctantly suggests they let Michael give his sermon but Dr. Conroy insists Michael should do what is best for the parishioners. Eli shuts down the meeting and Keith asks Michael if he wants to go through the ordeal of a trial. Michael insists on doing so.

Taylor and Matt go to her obstetrician, Dr. Lenz, who says that tests indicate the baby has a high chance of having chromosomal problems. Lenz warns that the tests aren’t certain and they need to do a CVS to confirm. Matt takes a shocked Taylor home.

Nate calls Frank for an opinion on Eli’s behavior and Frank admits Eli hasn’t come to him or been around recently. Meanwhile, Eli goes over Beth’s vows as Ben plays quietly, and Beth talks about their first date and how it went badly. Eli notes they have a piano and Beth plays for him and Ben. As she sings, she grows more pensive and Eli lets himself out.

In court, Dr. Conroy testifies that they fired Michael due to a change in circumstances, not prejudice. Eli cross-examines and notes that nothing has changed, but Conroy notes Michael lied to them and hid his gender change for two years. Eli questions how the congregation feels and Conroy notes that Keith is a member of the church. Keith refuses to testify, and afterward Michael is angry at him. Michael insists he lied because he didn’t have a chance otherwise and he had the sex change to be a better pastor. He still wants a chance to address the congregation, and wonders if Keith is listening to him now.

Matt and Jordan discuss what to do if the baby has chromosome damage. Matt is shocked that she would consider abortion and Taylor gets mad at him. He tries to calm the situation down, refusing to have an argument.

Keith insists to Eli that he doesn’t necessarily disagree with Michael but Eli is skeptical, and says after his operation he was closer to who he really was. Beth comes in to show Eli the watch she’s bought for Nate. She wonders if things are okay with Eli and he reluctantly broaches the question if there’s anything that would stop her from going through with the wedding. Upset, she doesn’t answer and wonders if Eli’s doing okay. He says it’s just the case and the stress and she leaves.

Eli goes to see Dr. Lee again and undergo the Dark Truth technique, and he asks her not to tell Frank. She proceeds with the process and Eli finds himself watching Beth kissing… him. Nate walks in, astonished. Lee pulls him out, warning his convulsions were becoming too severe. As Eli goes back to his apartment, Frank confronts him and asks if he’s been undergoing the Dark Truth technique. Frank warns that Eli is wrong and shouldn’t go to Las Vegas where the vision could come true, but Eli refuses to listen.

Nate, Beth, Eli, and Ben arrive in Las Vegas and check into their hotel. Eli tries to get a room on the lower floor to stay away from Beth, and Nate wonders what’s going on, noting Eli has been avoiding Beth and she’s noticed. Eli denies anything is wrong and gets his room.

Keith goes to see Michael and admits that he hasn’t been there for him and promises to do so at the trial. Michael suggests he do so now and ushers him into the community center where he holds his Bible study. All of the members are transsexuals.

As they head for the wedding, Nate thanks Eli and admits that he’s lucky to have Eli as a brother and a best friend. They realize they can’t find the ring and Eli goes upstairs to get it.

Michael goes through his class and one of them, Joanna, wonders that if people are one in Christ, why people abandoned her. Michael talks of forgiveness and how they have to find it within themselves. Keith remembers him saying the same thing during a sermon and how it stayed with him.

Eli goes up to the hotel room and finds Beth studying the wedding rings. She says she doesn’t think she can do it and needs to talk to him. She doesn’t want to hurt Nate but she has feelings for Eli and can’t go on lying. Beth wants to know if he feels the same way and he says he doesn’t. Nate comes in and sees Beth crying, and she tells him she can’t marry him. Nate, furious at Eli, storms off.

The next Monday, Keith asks Eli if he can take over. Eli readily agrees. In the courtroom, Michael testifies what happened when he returned to the church, and how Conroy fired him before he could give a service. Keith notes Michael never gave his sermon and asks the judge to let Michael give it to the jury. Michael speaks of how he was a prisoner in a woman’s body for 30 years and sought a body that reflected his soul. He hoped the congregation would grant him understanding and tolerance in accordance with Christ’s teachings.

Taylor enters the restroom and starts to leave when she finds Patti there. Patti sympathizes with hormone issues and Taylor explains there’s a potential problem with the baby. Patti figure she had a fight with Matt, and Taylor admits she was thinking of herself instead of the baby. Patti thinks she’s right to do so and Taylor agrees.

Eli meets with Frank away from his shop and admits he screwed up. He talks about Michael, who wants a chance to explain his side of the story. Frank suggests Eli do the same with Nate, but Eli warns that Nate isn’t taking his calls. Frank points out that isn’t stopping Michael.

Taylor waits for Dr. Lenz to call and Matt realizes she had the test done on her own. She admits she isn’t mad at him and they have to keep talking no matter what. Lenz calls and informs Taylor the baby’s fine.

The jury finds in Michael’s favor but Keith suggests how they can avoid paying. Conroy agrees to let Michael address the congregation and Keith is there to encourage him. Much of the church is empty but Keith says they’ll come around: he did.

Eli uses his spare key to get into Nate’s apartment and confronts him when he arrives. Nate is still angry, and notes everything that’s wrong in his life is Eli’s fault. He thinks Eli didn’t tell him about his vision because Eli didn’t want to be alone. Now Nate doesn’t have the visions or a future with Beth, and Eli has taken everything he cares about away from him. Eli throws a pillow at him and insists that Nate forgive him, but he starts bleeding from the nose and suffering from dizziness. Nate calls for an ambulance as Eli starts to collapse.