Pilot - Recap

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The episode begins with a girl sitting alone on a bench and having her snack and a female voiceover telling us as to how difficult being in high school is as she was geeky and had no friends; especially since she sweats profusely during debates which earned her a pet name ‘Pits’. Now the voice we hear is Emily Owen’s who is looking at the girl lone girl sitting on the bench which reminded her of her tough high school days. The lone girl asks Emily why she is staring at her and calls her a loser and runs off. Even today, Emily isn’t the ‘kick-ass girl’ she always wanted to be. She then walks into the Denver memorial hospital.

She rattles a whole lot of basics in her mind and then enters the hospital as a first year intern. She then meets will and is surprised to see him. Will tells her that working in a hospital is a lot like high school and first year interns are like freshmen. He then puts his arm around her and she warns herself not to spas out! But guess she does! In the locker room, she hears a voice calling “Pits” and she hopes it is not who she thinks it is; and it really is Cassandra Kopelson; her nemesis, her tormentor and the girl who played pranks on her and the one she debated with all through high school. Cassandra tells Emily that she joined DMH for Gina Bandari, a famous surgeon and Will tells Cassandra that Emily is here for the very same reason.

Cassandra notices will and starts flirting with him. She then tells Emily that this place is really cut throat. Nice start! Another fellow intern, Tyra walks to the briefing room with Emily. She tells her how hospitals are similar to high schools and how people are in different departments according to their characteristics, for example, jocks are in orthopedics, mean girls go to plastics, next door types are in OB, rebels are in ER, churchy types in peds and stoners are anesthesiologists. She knows all this as she is the daughter of Chief Resident, Dr. Dupre. Tyra also tells her that she doesn’t get along with her father as he doesn’t like the fact that he wanted a guy and he got a lesbian and also tells Emily that she shouldn’t believe his “consider me as a friend’ talk as he doesn’t mean it.

Dr. Dupre introduces the resident doctor Micah Ellis and Gina Bandari to the group of interns. Gina then starts walking and she tells them that they will not talk to her unless absolutely necessary. They will address their concerns to Micah and the pager they have is their life-line. They need to show up within 60 seconds of being paged. The first patient is a young girl named Julia and she has been admitted as she fainted in gym class for the second time. Gina hands over the charts to will and he starts reading. Emily starts thinking once again; about how gorgeous will is and admires his jaw line. Gina catches Emily daydreaming and asks her for her prognosis. Emily feels that it is stress which caused her pulse rate to fall and hence the fainting.

Gina assigns her the task of completing the discharge papers while the rest leave for rounds. Julia is happy and she tells Emily that she hope she doesn’t faint again if front of Cody; her crush. Emily says that the next time she sees Cody; she should sit done so that she doesn’t end up looking like a dork. As Emily I stalking, Julia passes out with her pulse at zero. She panics and calls for a doctor. A nurse reminds her that she is a doctor. She then reminds herself to follow protocol and she brings back Julia. Everyone is relieved and the interns congratulate her for her good work. Next, we see that Emily is looking for something and recounts the incident where Emily defeated Cassandra in a spelling test and since then she is being targeted by Cassandra.

She also knows that Cassandra was the one who stole her notes during the debate and that is why she ended up sweating profusely during the debate. But she couldn’t prove anything; and even now she cannot prove that Cassandra stole her pager as it is missing. She tells the nurse the same and Micah tells Ems to search for labs for 501. The nurse now knows the reason for her not showing up. Emily then attends to a DUI victim that is being brought in. Will and Emily are asked to talk to the driver (who is also injured) who tells them that they were drinking and drove only in the morning. He feels responsible for Dan being in this state. Gina pulls Emily out asking her why she isn’t answering her pages.

She then takes her to Julia’s room and Gina tells Julia’s mother that they are going to have to operate on Julia as there is fluid around her heart which needs to be drained. When they are alone, Julia asks Emily when she is going to tell Will, that she likes him; she also says that Will, too likes Emily. Come on, she is 12 and can figure these things! Really? Tyra finds Emily’s pager and returns it to her. In return, she needs a favor. She points out to a girl who is staring at Tyra and wants Emily to suss out whether she is straight or gay. And also she lied about her father knowing that she is a lesbian; he actually has a problem with her personality. Emily agrees but gets paged; so later! Emily asks Cassandra whether she found her pager and Emily confronts her.

Cassandra denies doing any such thing. Just then Micah arrives with a case of a 78 year old woman who needs to be operated and isn’t in a mental state to give consent. So he wants them to find the daughter. While trying to do the same, Emily and Cassandra get into an argument about the stolen pager and the old woman is missing! They go searching for her and Micah steps out of the lift with the old woman. When Gina arrives Micah handles the situation saying that the patient wanted to take a walk. Tyra tells Emily to talk to the receptionist and find out her ’preference’. And that woman ends up calling Emily a loser! Danny, the brother is critical and Micah is operating on him and the operation is successful. Danny wife then starts hitting the brother as he was the one who was driving.

But later, after looking at the wound marks, Emily infers that Danny was driving and the brother was in the passenger seat. He tells Emily that Danny was always the good one in the family and he wants to keep it that way. Next, Mary Ann, the old woman’s daughter arrives and tells Emily that she doesn’t want to do anything related to her mother as her mother no more recognizes her. Next, Julia wants Emily to be in the surgery room with her. Emily tells her that she could request for her to be present. On hearing this, Gina is pissed with Julia and Will comforts her. She takes this opportunity to tell him how she feels. He tells her that he doesn’t feel the same about her and hopes to remain friends.

Later, Micah finds her sitting on the stairway and she tells him that she is having the worst day of her life. He then tells her about few patients and the trauma they are going through. Later, Mary Ann arrives and Emily tries explaining that her mother needs her. Just then Cassandra arrives and deals with Mary Ann by telling her about her sick brother and how much she cherished the moments when he was fine and they spent time together. Emily is moved but Cassie reminds her that she is still a “bitch”. Just then Emily gets paged that she is supposed to observe Julia’s surgery. During the surgery something goes wrong and Gina asks Emily to help and Emily does a good job. Dan’s wife tells Emily that her husband turned himself in and she doesn’t know what to tell Leo.

Well, a sorry would do! In the locker room, Tyra apologizes for what happened with Jessica and now there is a rumor that Emily is a lesbian. Emily is about to leave for the day and she decides to take the stairs. She opens the door and finds Dr. Dupre kissing Jessica! She quickly retracts. Next, Micah enters room 501 to meet his mother and he tells her that she is having pancreatic cancer. Emily walks out of the hospital and the sees the lone girl once again. This time the girl notices that Emily is a doctor and it is cool! Just then she sees Will flirting with Cassandra. The episode ends.