Emily and... The Alan Zolman Incident - Recap

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The episode begins with Emily practicing to say a “Hi” to Will after he turned her down. At the same time Emily’s voiceover tells us how the first guy she proposed to spit on her; literally; but that was due to his braces! She reaches the hospital and calls him Willy and everyone is shocked. She totally manages to embarrass herself; as usual. The interns are on their rounds and Emily has to tell Max that he is dying due to his cardiac condition and with extreme caution; he will live for a year. He cannot be operated due to his health and age; he is too old. Emily finds this the most difficult thing to do and Micah tells her that it will ease with time.

Next, a nurse directs Emily to room 513 which has a patient, Margo, with OCD. She is having chest pains after a particular surgery. Emily finds it very difficult to check her as she asks Emily to keep sanitizing her hands over and over again. The nurses have a good laugh at Emily. Tyra tells Emily that the nurses think that she is gay as she hit on Jessica. Emily corrects her by saying that she spoke to Jessica because Tyra wanted to find out her ‘preference’. Dupre talks to Emily and tells her to pretend as if she saw nothing. Just then she hears noises from max’s room. He is having a laugh with his grandson. While they are alone, Max tells Emily that he wants to be operated as he wants to see his grandson’s graduation. She tries to talk him out of it; but he insists. Next, Margo needs to run some tests and Emily is ‘disinfecting, the treadmill for the stress test.

Adam, her fiancé arrives. Next, Micah’s mother who is suffering from pancreatic cancer doesn’t want to go through chemo as she has researched that the survival rate for this sort of cancer is around 10%. Micah is frustrated and tells her that she will go through the procedure. Emily gets a letter saying that Max’s procedure won’t be approved by the company and Micah wants her to get it approved somehow. Adam arrives and asks Emily if his fiancé’s results have arrived. They haven’t and Adam tells her that her medications stopped working Margo went up so much that she wouldn’t let him touch her. He wonders how he would get married to someone who he cannot touch. Will arrives and turns away when he sees Emily. Emily needs to wipe out this awkwardness.

She confronts him and tells him that she is moving on. She says that she already has a crush on someone else. Clearly she is lying but she sees that will is buying her lie and he asks the name of the person she has a crush on; it is Micah. Cassandra hears this and Emily knows that her fate is doomed. Tyra tells that there are tweets about her crush on Micah. Now that is fast!! Next, she visits Margo and she snaps at her when she asks Emily to sanitize her hands. Emily apologizes and tells her that she is having a tough time dealing with the insurance company as they aren’t agreeing to pay and also she is dealing with some personal problems. The patient is a lawyer and she tells Emily what she can do to get the insurance company to pay. She fears that she is going to lose her fiancé.

Emily calls the insurance company and moments later Micah tells her that she did a good job in getting the cap approved. Tyra arrives with Margo’s cardiac results and the tests are normal. But Emily thinks Margo has gotten out of control as she is having writing troubles; Emily thinks that she to get an MRI done for the patient. But she sees that the patient is about to be discharged and she needs to meet Bandari to get an MRI authorized. But Bandari is in surgery and so she decides to ask Dupre to authorize the MRI. Dupre asks her to follow protocol and Emily brings up the topic where she thinks that she did not see anything; she ended up blackmailing the Chief of Staff!! Dupre signs the sheets and tells her that he doesn’t want to hear this thing again.

The MRI is on and the patient is having a tough time relaxing and wants Emily to talk to her. So, Emily begins telling her the story of Will and her when they were in college and how he makes her laugh and how she feels that her proposing to him have changed things between them. The patient now tells her that a little quiet would be great. The MRI imaging has arrived and there is a tumor. The doctor tells her that this is operable. She is relieved that she is going to have her life back with Adam as after this operation, her OCD symptoms will subside. Bandari is pissed off at Emily for going over her head and taking permission from Dupre. And she getting pissed at Emily twice in her first week of internship is not good. Emily arrives in the doctor’s room and Micah is sitting there.

She goes to talk to him. He tells her that Max’s operation did go well and the next 24 hours are critical. He then apologizes for snapping at her and tells her that the patient in 501 is his mother and she has pancreatic cancer. Cassandra arrives and finds the two. She smirks and tells them that she will leave them alone. Emily then explains what happened with Will and how she had to make up the ‘crush on Micah’ story. He tells her that he will have to spread a rumor that he shot her down. Well, she is used to it! Later, she confronts Cassandra and tells her to spread the rumor that she no longer has a crush on Micah. She sort of threatens Cassandra that she isn’t the old Emily anymore and won’t tolerate her doings.

Just then she gets a page. Max’s grandson is pissed at Emily that she talked Max into the surgery and now he is in a critical condition. In the OR, we see that Max has actually beaten the odds; he is a fighter!! Emily tells Max’s grandson that he is out of danger. He thanks her and apologizes for his earlier behavior. Next, Micah arrives to meet his mother and he sees Emily sitting with her giving her company. She is supposed to leave two hours ago. Emily says that it is okay and she leaves. Micah’s mother tells him that she is cute and he tells her that he did not notice. Next, Emily sees that Adam is in tears and she realizes that something terrible happened. She is told that Margo passed away due to hemorrhagic stroke. Emily is devastated. Bandari tells her that is why they maintain a distance with their patients.

She is on the roof and Will arrives as there is better cell phone reception on the roof. He is about to leave when Emily blurts out that she isn’t over it and she is trying. She asks him to man up and help her deal with it rather than running away every time he sees her. Fair enough! He asks her what happened and she tells him that she lost a patient. He tries to comfort her and they are back to those old days where they used to talk and laugh together.

We then see that she deletes an old message from Will where he tells her that they should date each other; a step towards getting over him. Or maybe not because later we see her calling customer service, trying to retrieve the message! The episode ends.